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Yanks to add 3B, but it is not Reynolds

From Twitter, Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News:

Mark Feinsand ‏@FeinsandNYDN 8h
Doesn’t look like Mark Reynolds will be back with Yankees. NYY only offered him minor-league deal according to source. He won’t take that.

Reynolds D, BA and his strikeouts aren’t good, but he would have provided the power lost in the A-Rod suspension. Maybe the Yanks are just looking for D there now that Alex is suspended for the entire year but they do need some kind of a stick there. Last year was pathetic, and A-Rod’s mediocre .244-7-19, ops+ 111 line in 44 games was the best of the bunch. Youkilis had just 28 games. David Adams, Jayson Nix and Luis Cruz are now gone and you didn’t get much offensively there. Nix got the most time of anyone at 3b last year, .236-3-24, 13 SB. OPS+ 71. Adams got 140 at bats, .193-2-13, OPS+ 48. Youk 105 at bats, .219-2-8, ops+ 78. Then you had Cruz, Chris Nelson, Brent Lillibridge and Eduardo Nunez… let’s hope 3b isn’t a rotating door like it was in 2013 and there is a constant there.

Which is why I wanted Reynolds re-signed. But if the Yanks are offering just a minor-league deal, as Feinsand reported, it ain’t happening.

But one guy who is taking the minor-league deal is Scott Sizemore. I can’t say I’m too thrilled. It looks like another bargain shop (if so, I hope they are saving the $$$ for Tanaka). Dumpster-diving. Sizemore doesn’t look like much of an upgrade over the likes of what was there last year in Cruz, Nelson, Lillibridge, etc.

Sizemore, 29, is a righty bat who can play 2B (60 MLB games there) or 3B (97). In his MLB career, 160 games (full season’s worth) he has hit .238-14-70. OPS+ 95. A little pop, not as much as Reynolds. Average not inspiring. The thing is, 110 of those 160 games played came in 2011. Since then he has been battling injuries. He’s played in just two MLB games since 2011, and so I think he isn’t the answer at 3B.

I am wondering how much of a shot 27-year-old Dean Anna may get in spring training. Anna has only played in 53 games at 3B in the minors. He has mostly played 2B and SS. But besides 2B and SS, the lefty hitter has also played 3B, LF and RF. He hit .331-9-73 for SD’s AAA team last year and .271-10-47 for their AA team in 2012. But you wonder if Anna could be like Adams—decent minor league numbers but when he gets to the bigs, nothing. The only way to find out is to play him and see what he has.

But I’m a bit disappointed that Reynolds wasn’t offered a major league deal. Maybe the Yanks do find a diamond in the rough by dumpster-diving. But I’m worried about 2014 being like 2013, where for most of the season it was a “bum of the month club.”

If they were only offering Reynolds a minor-league deal, and signed Sizemore to one, then I am guessing that there may be no interest then in Michael Young. We’ll see if I am right.

A-Rod decision soon?

Now that the HOF inductees have been announced, we wait for the decision on A-Rod, which could come as early as today. There are reports that Alex may accept a suspension if it’s less than 100 games, to which I say, wouldn’t that be an admission of guilt? Why fight as he has, if he IS guilty? Besides, after his 2009 mea culpa of using while with Texas, how stupid is he to go back on the stuff? Really, I wish he’d just go away.

The Tampa Bay Rays signed ex-Yankee utility IF Jayson Nix. Reports are that ex-Yankee A.J. Burnett may retire.

The BBWAA suspended that writer who sold his ballot to for one year and that writer won’t ever be allowed to vote for the HOF anymore. It’s too bad that they also didn’t do that for other writers, like the one who voted for Jack Morris and only Jack Morris, or the one who voted for Armando Benitez. Armando Benitez? Really?

Or, for that matter, kick off all 16 writers who did not vote for the winningest living pitcher, Greg Maddux. Maddux won 355 games, and never a whiff of PEDs. To find an MLB pitcher who won more games than Maddux over the course of their career, you need to visit a cemetery.

But then, 23 idiots did NOT vote for Willie Mays in 1979. TWENTY-THREE.

There will be someone who won’t vote for Mariano Rivera in 2019. I only wish we could identify that jackass now so that said jackass could have his ballot stripped from him NOW.

3 make HOF

Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas made the Hall of Fame today.

Maddux is the winningest living pitcher (by one over Clemens), with 355 wins. He got 97.2% (75 is needed) of the vote. Shame to the 16 who didn’t vote for him.

His long-time teammate, Glavine, also a 300-game winner, got 91.9%. Thomas, who hit .301 with 521 HR (the same # as Ted Williams and Willie McCovey) got 83.7%

Craig Biggio, who had over 3000 hits in his MLB career, missed induction by two votes. Two. One writer sent in a ballot listing Jack Morris and no one else. He voted for no one from the steroids era. Will this asshole (and I hope he reads this, for that is what he is) also NOT vote for Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera just because of the era they were unfortunate enough to play in? If so, then he is an asshole.

As for Morris, he got 61.5% and after 15 years on the ballot, drops off. Maybe he will be selected by the Veterans’ Committee. Mike Piazza got 62.2%.

Steroid, or accused steroid users Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens got 34.7 and 35.4% of the vote, respectively. Sammy Sosa barely stayed on with 7.2% and Rafael Palmeiro, despite 3000+ hits and 500+ HR, drops off after getting just 4.4%.

The rule of 10 (a voter couldn’t vote for more than 10) seemed to hurt some players. Mike Mussina got 20.3%, Curt Schilling 29.2%. Others, like Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell and Alan Trammell were hurt. With the steroid (or accused) steroid users staying on the ballot, there is a backlog of good players there and sometimes it is now hard to decide on the best 10. Trammell or Edgar Martinez? Raines or Piazza, etc.

Next year, Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez probably will be elected. Biggio is back, same with Piazza. Gary Sheffield, I think, will just miss next year despite his 500+ HR. I can’t see Nomar getting in. Smoltz, I think, will get in.

It’ll be a Braves weekend. Maddux and Glavine are most famous with their time in Atlanta and their ex-manager, Bobby Cox will be going in the same day. Joe Torre, getting in for his managing with the Yankees, played with and managed Atlanta.

As for Don Mattingly, he stays on the ballot but next year will be his last. He got just 8.2%.

Now for the decision on A-Rod.

Cashman pessimistic on retaining Cano?

Brian Cashman, in this NY post article

sounds pessimistic on the Yanks retaining Cano. Personally, if Cano refuses to budge from 9 yr. $250-$260MM (some $28-29MM/yr. to take him to age 39), let him go and go after Omar Infante or deal for Brandon Phillips. The Yanks offer of something like 7 yrs., $168 MM ($24 MM/yr to take him to age 37) is more than fair. There are other holes to fill and you can’t put all your eggs in Cano’s basket. Say he gets hurt? What then?

The Post also reports that the Yanks have offered Kuroda a one year deal to return. Kuroda was 11-13, 3.32 last year but is 39 and faded badly down the stretch. Still, the Yanks need him back, what with Pettitte retiring and Hughes going to Minnesota.

Another report is that A-Rod used the term “food” when texting or discussing PEDs with Biogenesis. It’s reported that the Yanks could be looking at bringing Eric Chavez back to play 3B if A-Rod’s suspension is upheld. Chavez played for the Yanks in 2011 and 2012 and his lefty bat translates to Yankee Stadium well, but he’ll be 36 soon and only once (2012 with the Yanks) has he played 100 games in a season since 2006. He’s too fragile in my opinion to be the regular, or possibly even a platoon 3B. Bring back Mark Reynolds, strikeouts and all. Reynolds enjoyed his brief time in NY late last year, can play 3b and has power. His low average and K’s are a problem, but you need someone who will be healthy, which you probably won’t get with Chavez.

Yanks targeting Japanese pitching star

Yeah, I know. You read the headline and are thinking about Irabu and Igawa and those memories just made you upchuck.

But according to the NY Post, the Yanks are serious about putting in a high bidding fee for 24-year-old Mashiro Tanaka of Japan. Tanaka’s team, the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, won the Pacific League championship, and Tanaka went 22-0, 1.23. Yes, those numbers are real. 22-0, 1.23. Tanaka turns 25 on 11/1.

The Yanks lost Pettitte to retirement, will lose Hughes to free agency, and don’t know what will happen with Kuroda. Pineda didn’t pitch in 2012, only 40 some innings in 2013 after shoulder issues. (In a recent column, I omitted Manny Banuelos. Why? Because he most likely won’t make the MLB team in the spring of 2013 after pitched only 24 some innings in 2012 and not pitching at all this year due to TJ surgery in 2012. Reports are that he is throwing and throwing well right now, and he turns 24 next March, but after a long period of inactivity, he probably needs to go back to AAA, where he’s only pitched 58.1 innings so far (2-4, 4.32). )

As for Tanaka, some think he’s better than Yu Darvish, and could be the best pitcher ever to come from Japan. Yankees fans have reason to be leery because Irabu was considered the “Nolan Ryan of Japan” and Igawa was a bust. Even Dice-K, who I hoped the Yanks would get, was only good for two years in Boston (33-15 in 2007-2008, 17-22 since then).

The Yanks could use pitching help. If this guy is the real deal, great. Go get him. The Yanks have been scouting the guy for a while, and I don’t believe it is with the same scouts who scouted Igawa (Just kidding. I sure as hell HOPE not!).

But if Yankees fans are wary about spending big bucks on another free agent pitcher from Japan, could you blame them?

The Tigers shut out the A’s in Game 5 and advance to play Boston in the ALCS. So the NLCS is Dodgers/Cards, the ALCS Tigers/Red Sox. All four of the teams four of the ORIGINAL sixteen teams (taking into account the Dodgers move from Brooklyn).

Nice piece by Phil Mushnick in the Post about Dick Stockton commenting on Marlon Byrd moving from one team to another over the past few years but not once commenting on his 50-game suspension. Why not, Dick?

I’m still working on looking at 2014, Part 3 (the infield/C/DH). Part 4 will be the outfield. Both parts should be coming soon, probably over the weekend.

Game 146. Yanks beat O’s 5-4

Robbie Cano’s 100th RBI of the season was a big one. A HR in the top of the 9th that broke a 3-3 tie as the Yanks beat Baltimore 5-4.

The Yanks scored in the first on a walk to Gardner, a SB (24) and a couple of groundouts.

Andy Pettitte gave up 2 in the third and another in the fourth.

He went 6 1/3, 3 R, 9 H, 1 walk and 3K. 4.04.

Granderson HR in the 5th cut it to 3-2 (5).

A-Rod HR in sixth tied it up (6, 653 career).

Kelley 2/3, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 1 K. 3.96.

Robertson the 8th. 1 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 0 walks and 1 K. (W, 5-1, 1.82.)

In the 9th, Cano, who had the RBI groundout in the first, hit HR #27 to put the Yanks up 4-3. It was RBI #100 on the year. Granderson tripled and Overbay got an infield hit to make it 5-3.

The Yanks needed that insurance run.

Mo got the first two guys in the 9th, but then gave up a double and single to cut it to 5-4. He then struck out Manny Marchado to end the game. Save #43 and #651 of his career.

1 IP, 1 R, 2 H, 0 walks and and 1 K. 2.34.

A lot of moves lately. SS Brendan Ryan was picked up for a player to be named later from Seattle. Good field, no hit and not postseason eligible. Jim Miller was DFA’d. Mike Zagurski (LHP) added. Jeter was shut down for the year.

Not only that, but the Yanks move from WCBS 880 AM to WFAN 660 AM next year.

Update: With the Rays’ loss to Boston late last night, the Yanks are just 1 game out of the last wild card spot. Go figure.

Game 124. D/N DH today. Lineup, stats, comments.

Marty Appel’s book Now Pitching For The Yankees is now available, and updated, in e-book form. You can read an excerpt here. Here is another link. I have the original book and can say that ALL of Marty’s books, like this, Munson and Pinstripe Empire (see the list of recommended reading on the right) are great.

The Yanks have a D/N DH today. Here is the lineup for Game 1:

Yanks 64-59, 8 g.b. in A.L. East, 4th place. 6 1/2 games out of a wild card spot. Three games better than Pythagorean record. OPS+ 88, ERA+ 106 (100 is average, higher the better).

BA/HR/RBI    SB/ total att.  OPS+   Comments in italic,
team leader in bold, significantly subpar in bold italic.

Gardner CF .271-8-42  21/28   105   Did you know Brett the Jet is the one leading the team in striking out?
Suzuki RF .272-6-29  17/20  83   3 hits away from 4000 combined Japan and MLB. Is today the day? 
Cano 2B .301-22-76  7/8  141
Soriano DH .264-25-77  13/20  114   As Yankee, 21 games, .306-8-26  3/5  OPS+ 154.  397 career HR.
Rodriguez 3B .319-2-6  1/1  146   12 g. 47 at bats. See below for further comment. 2916 hits, 649 HR, 1956 RBI.
Granderson LF .275-3-6  5/5  128   24 games, 94 at bats. Last year, I wondered where the SB went. He is stealing the bases I wanted him to last year.
Overbay 1B  .257-13-51   0/0  99
Nix SS .230-2-22  12/13   64  Nunez tight hammy.
Stewart C .230-3-20  4/4  66   Expect Romine in the nightcap.

Nova RHP 6-4, 2.99  ERA+ 135

Phil Hughes will start tonight’s game. The next game Mariano Rivera will pitch in will be #1100 of his career.

A-Rod. I’m sorry, I can’t support him. Not while he is appealing a massive suspension or while he’s thinking of not only suing MLB, but his employer, the Yankees, as well. How can you work for someone you are considering suing? Awkward. I don’t appreciate cheaters, and feel that any win the Yanks have right now is a “dirty” win if he is a significant contributor, and I don’t like feeling guilty about victories. I really wish A-Rod would just go away, and the Yanks would move on and forward. I’d like to get back to baseball but as long as the BIG DISTRACTION (A-Rod) is there, this won’t happen. His crime isn’t as serious as say, Aaron Hernandez’ or O.J. Simpson’s, but I feel the same. It’s as if a Patriots fan supported Hernandez or a Bills fan O.J., and still defended him. I don’t.

I was willing to forgive A-Rod after his mea culpa in 2009, but even after that would not put him in the HOF (and there is NO chance of him ever getting in there—same with Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, Clemens, Palmeiro, etc.). I don’t forgive Braun one damn bit either, esp. after he cried to high heaven after getting caught the first time and getting off on a technicality.

That said, I’ll be PISSED OFF if they put Big Papi in. Hasn’t anyone remembered that HE was named in that 2003 list?

I am heading up to the Stadium 9/1 and 9/22. I will cheer the honesty and integrity of Mo. Jeter too, if he’s off the DL by then. I won’t be doing that for A-Rod. If he’s in the lineup, I’ll most likely be booing him. I don’t care that he is in pinstripes now. To me, he’s disgraced them and I don’t like that one damned bit. I don’t like “answering” for him to fans who question me, as a Yankee fan, why he’s still playing. I don’t like being put in the position of trying to “defend” him (which I don’t) by fans of other teams.

I’d much rather talk of the talent and character of Derek and Mo than the disgrace of A-Rod.

I’m tired of the A-Rod saga.  I’m sure his teammates are too, but a lot just won’t publicly admit it.

Game 123. Yanks beat Boston 9-6.

CC wasn’t good again, but he did get the win in a game the Yanks won 9-6.

CC gave up two in the first, then some fireworks started because Ryan Dempster’s first pitch was behind A-Rod’s knees. The next two were inside, and then on a 3-0 pitch, it seemed like Dempster’s attitude was, “I’m probably gonna walk him anyway, so I might as well drill him.”
Which is what he did, and it was obvious that he was throwing at A-Rod.

Which I have no problem with. Quite frankly, I’d like the ground to open up and swallow A-Rod whole. He’s been an embarrassment to baseball, to other players and to the Yankees. His recent accusations, by his lawyers, seem to be throwing the whole organization under the bus to save his own skin. As Yankees’ president Randy Levine stated, the only thing A-Rod HASN’T done is talk about his own innocence or guilt in the Biogenesis case. He’s been making conspiracy talk, saying that the Yanks and MLB want him off the field, talk about them saving $, talk against the trainers and medical staff, etc. Cashman states that with the situation being litigious between the Yanks and A-Rod, he feels uncomfortable saying anything around Alex other than “hello” and “goodbye.” It’s a nasty situation that is getting worse.

So do I have a problem with someone on the other team throwing at someone who they believe is a cheater? Who is playing while appealing a 211-game suspension? No.

What I have a problem with is how the umpire handled it. By giving Dempster a warning, then warning the Boston bench and the Yankees bench. Why warn the Yankees? They didn’t do anything. Now you basically tell CC he can’t pitch inside? Why? What did HE do wrong?

The ump should have 1) ejected Dempster on the spot or 2) done nothing, let CC get some revenge and then AFTER CC gets revenge (like hopefully hitting Big Fatty on his big ass) giving warnings to both teams.

Warning a team that did nothing wrong was wrong. Girardi vehemently and righteously argued, and was tossed. But for Dempster to stay in the game and for the Yanks to be warned as well as Boston, when the Yanks didn’t do anything wrong, was incorrect. Baseball needs to change the rulebook or re-educate some umpires.

One other thing. David Ortiz’ name came up in that list of 2003 people. He had a press conference to say he got some bad supplements at a GNC or something. Yeah, right. He was nothing special before coming to Boston and buddying up with Manny Ramirez. I’m just saying that Big Papi isn’t exactly innocent. Yet ESPN and Fox and other announcers (not to mention Boston fans) give him a pass and never mention that his name was leaked off of that “secret” 2003 list. Why?

Having said that, I’m not defending A-Rod. I wouldn’t mind if all those caught got plunked in the ass. Cervelli, Peralta, Cruz, all of them.

After the HBP, Granderson doubled and Nunez singled in a run. Overbay tied it up with a SF.

A-Rod drove one in with a groundout in the third to put the Yanks up 3-2, but CC gave it right back in the third and gave up two more in the fourth. Then he gave up another run in the fifth. Awful.

Yes, CC was awful, but got the win. 5 1/3, 6 R, 7 H, 5 walks and 5 K. His line goes to 11-10, 4.83.

The Yanks came back from 6-3 down to go up 7-6 in the sixth by scoring four runs. A-Rod got his revenge on Dempster, hitting #649* (asterisk intended). Gardner had the big hit of the game, a bases-loaded triple.

An RBI single by Mark Reynolds in the seventh made it 8-6.

Shawn Kelley 2/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 1 K. 3.40.

Logan the 7th. 1 IP,  0 R, 0 H, 1 walk and 1 K. 2.86.

Robertson the 8th. 1 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks and 3 K. 1.74.

The Yanks tacked on a run in the 9th on an RBI single by Stewart.

Besides Alex, three other Yankees were plunked tonight.

Mo the 9th. Save #36, #644 of his career. 1 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 walk and 0 K. 2.38.

God, is Boston f/ugly with those beards. Ugh. You’d never see Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio looking like that. He had class, right down to his impeccable grooming. Get a razor, Boston.

The Yanks banged out 17 hits. Gardner had 2, with 3 RBI. Cano had 3. A-Rod was 3 for 4, 2 RBI. Nunez was 3 for 3 with an rbi. Ironically, Soriano was 0 for 6.

Game 122. Sloppy D, baserunning help doom Yanks, 6-1.

Some sloppy baserunning and defense (along with sloppy umpiring) helped doom the Yanks Saturday in their loss to Boston.

Two errors, one by Lyle Overbay, and one by Eduardo Nunez (his third in two games), along helped lead to giving Boston two unearned runs. A blown umpire call on a double steal gave Boston another extra out, and Alfonso Soriano was doubled off second on a blooper to the outfield that he thought would fall in, but did not.

All this helped add up to a 6-1 loss in Fenway.

Hiroki Kuroda went 5 2/3, 5 R, 3 ER, 11 H, 0 walks and 6 K as he fell to 11-8, 2.41.

Adam Warren went 2, 1 R, 3 H, 3 walks and 2 K. 3.57.

Boone Logan finished. 1/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 0 K. 2.94.

If you missed it, Preston Claiborne, despite having a great year (and he should get ROY consideration), was sent down to make room for Mark Reynolds. He’ll be back soon, what with 9/1 callups.

The Yanks offense stalled, getting just one run. The red-hot Soriano got two hits, and stole a base. He also was caught stealing (replays suggested otherwise). However in the second, with Soriano on second and A-Rod on first, a blooper by Granderson was caught by SS Stephen Drew. Soriano thought the ball might fall and got too far off the bag. He was doubled off. The Yanks did rebound to load the bases but weak-hitting C Chris Stewart flied out to end the threat.

Soriano had 2 hits and Overbay 3. In the fifth, the Yanks scored their only run when Overbay singled, Stewart doubled and Ichiro had an RBI groundout. Down 3-0, they needed to score two there, not just one.

But that was it for the offense. Sori and Overbay combined for five of the Yanks’ eight hits.

ESPN game tonight. CC on the hill.

My local newspaper screwed up. The put a list of current team leaders in wins in the paper and listed CC as the Yanks’ leader in wins instead of Kuroda. I guess they’ve been too busy lamenting the firing of a certain manager lately to get their facts straight.

The minors.

AAA: SWB won 2-1 in 12. Caleb Cotham 6 IP, 1 R. 2 1/3 scoreless for Dellin Betances (3.09). David Adams 3 for 6, rbi (now do it in the majors, Adams!). Mustelier and Johnson 2 h each, Neal w/3.

AA: 3-1 loss for Trenton. Jeremy Bleich 1 UE in 4 IP (2.72). Tommy Kahnle 2 scoreless IP (2.31). Word is the Yanks offered Kahnle to the Phils for Michael Young and offered to accept all of Young’s contract and the Phils turned it down. Don’t ask me why. The Phils’ BP sucks. They have an up-and-coming 3B in Asche. They get BP help which they need (Pimplebutt blew another save for them last night) and the Yanks would have assumed Young’s salary. Kahnle is 1-2, 2.31 at Trenton. So now we can only hope Kahnle develops and the Phils rue their decision.

High A: Tampa lost 10-4. Dietrich Enns gave up 8 R in just 2 IP. 3B Pete O’Brien solo HR. 1B Saxon Butler 2 H, 2 RBI.

Low A: Charleston completed a game started 7/7. They lost that one 2-0 despite getting 10 hits. They lost the regularly scheduled game 5-4. Brett Gerritse 4 R, 1 ER in 5 IP.  

Good article in USA Today. Is today D-Day for A-Rod? But the article states how Yankee fans may want to celebrate A-Rod’s suspension. Should he be banned, the Yanks do NOT have to pay his salary, the get under the cap for 2014 and their clock is reset to zero. Meaning they can spend like the Yankees again in 2015. … and some teams don’t like that. They feel as if the Yanks will actually be rewarded for Alex’s misdeeds. Which they very well could be.