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Boston wins WS

For the third time this century, Boston won the WS. It was the first time they won the clincher at home since 1918. David Ortiz was named WS MVP.

They can thank the Dodgers for that deal that took $250MM off the payroll and allowed Boston to restructure their team. You have to give them credit, they brought in the right players and manager this time around.

After going 69-93 and coming in last in 2012, Boston wins the World Series in 2013. I would guess that doesn’t make Bobby V feel any better.

Boston goes up 3-2.

The series returns to Fenway Park and Boston is up 3-2. St. Louis will have to win both games at Fenway, under hostile conditions, to become the 2013 World Series Champions. Tough order.

Meanwhile, Boston is one win away from “worst to first.”

Johnny Gomes’ 3-run HR was the big blow in Game Four Sunday night.

Jon Lester outduelled Adam Wainwright last night, 3-1, to win Game Five.

What I don’t understand is this… since when have pitchers turned into such wimps? I want to use another word, but you know what I mean.

David Ortiz is 11 for 15 in this World Series. But I see NO pitcher brushing him back off the plate. Meanwhile, there he is, with an elbow pad (as if the huge Ortiz needs it….hey, old-timers never used that), crowding the plate, and I NEVER see him brushed back. EVER. I’d like to see a fastball thrown at his ankles. Make him dance. Make him move his feet. Don’t let him get comfortable.

But I don’t see it. Instead, pitchers are wimps, let him dig in, and watch him go 11 for 15 against them.

Do you think Cardinals’ great Bob Gibson would have stood for that? Gibson would have knocked him down.

Which is what Cardinals’ pitchers should do in the next two games. Send a message. (Come to think of it, all AL pitchers should do it next year, including YANKEES pitchers). Make Ortiz uncomfortable. Come inside on him. Make him move.

Gibson would have done it, so too Drysdale, so too Early Wynn. All three of them are Hall-of-Famers. Even Sandy Koufax said “show me a pitcher who can’t pitch inside and I’ll show you a loser.”

I’m not advocating head-hunting. I’m not for that. But for crying out loud, can you hum one fastball aimed at his feet? Make him dance?

If not, expect to lose the World Series. And you’ll have asked for it.

It’s time for pitchers, not only St. Louis’ pitchers, to “grow a pair.”

WS Game 3.

Sorry, I’ve been busy. It’s my very busy time of year at work, lots of mandatory OT.

Anyway, to keep this short, St. Louis is now up 2 games to 1 over Boston in the WS after winning Game 3, 5-4.

And what a way for Boston to lose a WS game. On a walk-off obstruction call.

Series even after two games

Boston blew out the Cardinals in Game 1, 8-1, scoring five runs in first two innings as the Cards looked sloppy.

St. Louis came back in game two to even up the series, as a big Boston error by pitcher Breslow helped the Cards cause.

The Series switches to St. Louis, all even. David Ortiz of Boston has homered in each game.

In other baseball news, Jim Leyland resigned as Detroit manager, Dusty Baker was let go by Cincy, who replaced him with his pitching coach.

Andy Pafko, who played for the Cubs, Dodgers and Braves in the 1940s & 1950s, died recently at the age of 92. Pafko was an OF on the 1945 Cubs team, the last Cubs team to reach the WS. He was the LF for the Dodgers who watched Bobby Thomson’s HR win the 1951 pennant for the Dodgers.

With AEP going on for Medicare (my job), I’m really busy working OT. Updates when I can.

WS starts tonight.

The World Series finally begins tonight. St. Louis @ Boston, Wainwright vs. Lester.

St. Louis wins NL pennant

For the fourth time in the last ten years, the St. Louis Cardinals are going to the World Series (and they blew a 3-1 NLCS lead last year). They whipped the Dodgers last night to win the NLCS in six games. Michael Wacha was the NLCS MVP, winning two games.

The Cards were swept by Boston in 2004, but won the Series in 2006 and 2011.

Boston leads Detroit in the ALCS, three games to two. Game Six is tonight in Boston.

Playoff update

The Dodgers won 6-4 yesterday to stay alive in the NLCS. The Cardinals still lead three games to two.

Detroit beat Boston 7-3 to even up the ALCS at two games apiece.

Yanks targeting Japanese pitching star

Yeah, I know. You read the headline and are thinking about Irabu and Igawa and those memories just made you upchuck.

But according to the NY Post, the Yanks are serious about putting in a high bidding fee for 24-year-old Mashiro Tanaka of Japan. Tanaka’s team, the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, won the Pacific League championship, and Tanaka went 22-0, 1.23. Yes, those numbers are real. 22-0, 1.23. Tanaka turns 25 on 11/1.

The Yanks lost Pettitte to retirement, will lose Hughes to free agency, and don’t know what will happen with Kuroda. Pineda didn’t pitch in 2012, only 40 some innings in 2013 after shoulder issues. (In a recent column, I omitted Manny Banuelos. Why? Because he most likely won’t make the MLB team in the spring of 2013 after pitched only 24 some innings in 2012 and not pitching at all this year due to TJ surgery in 2012. Reports are that he is throwing and throwing well right now, and he turns 24 next March, but after a long period of inactivity, he probably needs to go back to AAA, where he’s only pitched 58.1 innings so far (2-4, 4.32). )

As for Tanaka, some think he’s better than Yu Darvish, and could be the best pitcher ever to come from Japan. Yankees fans have reason to be leery because Irabu was considered the “Nolan Ryan of Japan” and Igawa was a bust. Even Dice-K, who I hoped the Yanks would get, was only good for two years in Boston (33-15 in 2007-2008, 17-22 since then).

The Yanks could use pitching help. If this guy is the real deal, great. Go get him. The Yanks have been scouting the guy for a while, and I don’t believe it is with the same scouts who scouted Igawa (Just kidding. I sure as hell HOPE not!).

But if Yankees fans are wary about spending big bucks on another free agent pitcher from Japan, could you blame them?

The Tigers shut out the A’s in Game 5 and advance to play Boston in the ALCS. So the NLCS is Dodgers/Cards, the ALCS Tigers/Red Sox. All four of the teams four of the ORIGINAL sixteen teams (taking into account the Dodgers move from Brooklyn).

Nice piece by Phil Mushnick in the Post about Dick Stockton commenting on Marlon Byrd moving from one team to another over the past few years but not once commenting on his 50-game suspension. Why not, Dick?

I’m still working on looking at 2014, Part 3 (the infield/C/DH). Part 4 will be the outfield. Both parts should be coming soon, probably over the weekend.

Girardi to return.

Well, it seems that Part 2 came out right before Joe Girardi made up his mind. He accepted a four-year extension from the Yanks to return as Yankees’ manager.

The front office also indicated that they would like the whole coaching staff to return.

St. Louis is pounding Pittsburgh 6-1, late in the game and barring a miraculous comeback by the Pirates, will be playing the Dodgers in the NLCS.

Game 5 of Tigers/A’s is tomorrow night. Winner faces Boston in the ALCS.

Playoff update

I’ve been a bit busy at work and with various items since the Yankees baseball ended, but here is an update on the playoffs.

AL: Tampa Bay beat Texas in Game 163 to become the 2nd wild card. They then won the sudden-death WC game by beating Cleveland. They lost Game 1 of the ALDS to Boston 12-2 yesterday. The loss to Boston shouldn’t be much of a surprise when you consider that the Rays had a must-win game in Toronto on Sunday, a must-win game in Texas Monday night and another must win game in Cleveland on Wednesday night. Then yesterday’s game in Boston. They sure racked up the frequent flyer miles.

Detroit beat Oakland in Game 1 of their ALDS last night.

NL: Pittsburgh beat Cincy in the sudden-death WC game. Reds’ manager Dusty Baker was fired soon afterward. The Pirates are tied with the Cardinals at one game apiece in their NLDS.

The Braves and Dodgers are tied at one game apiece in their NLDS.

Meanwhile the Yanks have made an offer to Joe Girardi to stay on as manager. Girardi should make up his mind soon whether he wants it. If not, he can talk to other clubs starting next month and the Cubs are said to be pushing for him after they fired Dale Sveum.

A-Rod sued MLB. This is getting nasty and will get worse.