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Yanks ppd.

The Yanks and Cubs will play a day/night dH tomorrow (2 separate admissions) after they were rained out today in the Bronx. Game 1 at 1 p.m. with Tanaka on the mound for the Yanks, and Game 2 at 7 w/Pineda.

Don’t expect Cervelli for 2 months at least. 60-day DL. Murphy up. P Shane Greene down and 3B Scott Sizemore up.

Some trivia: The Yanks and Cubs have played just 7 games in the Bronx that count. The Yanks have won them all. 2 games in the 1932 WS, 2 in 1938 and a 3-game sweep by the Yanks in 2005 interleague action.

Derek Jeter has just one grand slam in his career. It came against the Cubs, at Yankee Stadium, in 2005.

Hal says no infield moves forthcoming. No Drew or Morales. I’m a bit concerned about that b/c there is no true 1b behind Teix.

What to do when, if, healthy?

We await word on some banged-up players and moves while the Yanks have off today.

But here is one thought. Once Mark Teixeira comes off the DL (he expects it to be Easter Sunday, next Sunday), what then?

Here is one thought: keep Solarte in the lineup and bench Roberts. You can put Johnson at 2B and keep Solarte at 3B (preferred) or vice-versa.

Roberts, who hasn’t played more than 77 games in a season since 2009, has back troubles right now. I don’t know if he is DL-bound or not, but his injury history since 2009 isn’t good. Besides, he is just 4 for 31 right now, all singles. He is 2 for 2 in SB.

Who knows how long Solarte will stay hot or when he cools off, how much and how long he will fizzle. Solarte is 15 for 42 (.357) and leads the AL with 6 doubles. Solarte is also 10 years younger than Roberts.

Meanwhile, you wonder about the fragility of the infield. Could Stephen Drew or Kendrys Morales be signed mid-season if they are still available?

Is Jeter primed for a comeback season?

David Phelps says that Derek Jeter looks “amazing” in workouts so far.

We’ll see if it translates to spring training and the regular season, because Yankees fans do have a right to be concerned. Jeter broke an ankle in Game 1 of the 2012 ALCS and was limited to 17 games and a .190 average last year. He turns 40 in June and well, you don’t see too many 40 year old shortstops.

In another story, when the Yanks were discussing catching needs, Gene Michael stated to get McCann, because he reminded Gene of Michael’s ex-teammate, Thurman Munson. High praise, indeed. When told that, Hal Steinbrenner’s response was “Go get him,” which the Yanks did at 5 years, $85MM.

You may recall that McCann blocked the plate last year when an opposing player went deep and then cursed at players while rounding the bases. You have to like that fire, intensity and commitment to playing the game right.

We’ve had too much snow and ice in the Northeast (where I live) lately. Bring on spring.

Happy b/day to Hank Aaron, who turned 80 yesterday. As for today, it was on this date that Babe Ruth was born in 1895.

Torre, Cox, LaRussa make the HOF

Joe Torre, who guided the Yankees to four WS Championships from 1996-2000, was unanimously selected to the Hall of Fame today by the Veterans’ Committee. Also selected were ex-managers Bobby Cox and Tony LaRussa, both of them unanimously as well.

I have to get to work soon, so I can’t elaborate further right now.

On the ballot, but not getting in were Billy Martin, Marvin Miller, George Steinbrenner, Tommy John, among others.


Veterans Committee to have tough choices this year

The HOF Veterans Committee will have tough choices to make this year.

Just consider three managers eligible for the HOF: Joe Torre, Bobby Cox and Tony LaRussa. Add Billy Martin to the mix, as well as labor negotiator Marvin Miller and Yankees’ owner George Steinbrenner.

Then there are players who are borderline HOF: Dave Concepcion, Tommy John, Dave Parker, Steve Garvey, Ted Simmons and Dan Quisenberry.

There are reports that A-Rod tested positive for stimulants in 2006 but wasn’t publicly identified because players face suspensions for banned substances only if they test positive more than once. You wonder if this helped factor into the decision for a 211-game ban.

A-Rod hit .290-35-121 in 2006, OPS+ 134, 15 SB. He finished 13th in the MVP voting that year. He won the MVP in 2003 (later he admitted he was on steroids while with Texas that year), 2005 and 2007.

Game 131. 650* for Alex but Yanks lose 5-2.

It’s easy to dump on Phil Hughes tonight, and he deserves it, for he falls to 4-13 and once again couldn’t go 5 innings. He leads the majors in that regard.

Hughes went 4 2/3, 5 R, 3 ER, 7 H, 3 walks and 3 K. He wasn’t helped by a rare error by Ichiro. 4-13, 4.91.

But let’s look at something else as well. For the third time in their last four games, the Yanks scored just two runs. They lost all three of those games, and in the one game in the last four that they DID win, they scored three runs in eleven innings.

That won’t get it done, even if you were pitching Ford, Koufax and Seaver in those games.

The Yanks struck out 11x tonight.

The Yanks scored in the first on a Gardner single, PB and a couple of groundouts.

Hughes gave up runs in the second and third. A-Rod tied it in the fourth with his third HR of the year, and #650* (asterisk intended) of his career.

Hughes then gave up 3 in the fifth and wasn’t helped by Ichiro’s error.

David Huff gave them a chance to get back in it, 3 1/3, 0 R, 0 H, 1 walk and 5 K. ERA to 4.26.

I’ve heard calls that Hughes should have been pulled earlier. How about he and CC pitch better? Girardi can’t pull people all the time in the 3rd or 4th inning and burn out his relievers. You can’t be pitching your middle relief guys 2 of every 5 games. It don’t work that way. Girardi actually manages the pen much better than Torre, or have you forgotten how Torre would burn out Sturtze and Proctor all the time?

As for calls of “Bring up the kids”  have you read my minor league reports? There are NO kids to bring up. It’s why Hal Steinbrenner had a meeting last week to address the minor league system.

The minors.

I won’t be recapping any of Friday or Saturday’s action (well, except for how a certain SS did) since I was away for 48 hours. Here’s Sunday’s action.

AAA: SWB (64-72) lost 6-5. That certain SS (Derek Jeter) didn’t play. He was in Toronto resting up since he rejoins the Yanks tonight. His first stint back last one game (quad) and his second just four games (calf). Let’s hope he is now good to go from here on out. Jeter has 3308 hits. Eddie Collins is at 3315 and Paul Molitor 3319. At least Derek can pass those guys this year. Maybe he can get 30-35 hits and end 2013 in the 3340 range. If so, and if he can stay healthy, he can target Carl Yastrzemski sometime in mid-2014. As for the game, SWB doesn’t have much pitching-wise right now. A lot of bullpen guys are starting and it’s bullpen by committee. 4 innings by this spot starter, maximum, 3 guys each go 3 innings, stuff like that. As for the bats, C Bobby Wilson 2 hits, HR, 3 RBI. 1B Dan Johnson 3 h, rbi. Four others with two hits each.

Jeter had gone 1 for 3 (single) on Saturday and 0 for 3 (walk) on Friday. He was 3 for 9 in this latest 3-game rehab stint.

AA: Trenton (69-64) won 3-2 in 10. Mikey O’Brien 6 2/3, 1 R, 9 K. 3B Reegie Corona 3 h, rbi. LF Ramon Flores GW walkoff single.

High A: Tampa (53-73) lost 11-2. Rob Refsnyder 2 rbi.

Low A: Charleston (71-60) won 8-4. C Jackson Valera 3 H, HR, 3 RBI. LF Dan Aldrich 2 h, HR, 2 RBI.

Apparently Hal Steinbrenner had a meeting recently expressing his concerns about the farm system. Good. It’s about time. The Yanks need to develop their OWN Puig’s, Trouts, etc. Where are they?

Can Yanks dump Alex? Yanks looking at Hafner

Joel Sherman today reported that the Yanks’ brass (and some of his teammates) have had it with A-Rod. As I stated yesterday, if A-Rod did dope it up AFTER his mea culpa in the spring of 2009, then he is a bigger dumb-ass than we thought.

He is too big of a distraction. Not only this, but the hitting on a model in the middle of a playoff game… the Yanks are looking for ANY reason they can find to void the $114 MM and 5 years left on his deal. They’ve had enough.

I can say that if he’s gone, good riddance. Especially if it helps them get under the cap.

Meanwhile, the Yanks are supposedly interested in Travis “Pronk” Hafner of the Indians to fill the DH role. Hafner will be 36 next June. He hit .228-12-34 OPS+ 121 in 2012 in 66 games. His lefty bat plays well in Yankee Stadium, but Hafner has not played the field since 2007. Since 2007, Hafner has averaged just 86 games a season, .259-12-43, OPS+ 117. His 162 g. ave for his career is .278-30-102, OPS+ 137 (great) but he never plays. I mean, 86 g. a year since 2007?

Hafner did finish 5th & 8th in MVP voting in 2005 & 2006 but that seems so long ago.

Hafner has been compared to Fred Flintstone in the way he looks and runs. I wonder, should he join the Yankees, if John Sterling’s HR call will be “Yabba Dabba Doo!”.

More holes created, and none are being filled.

Ok, the few names out there I wanted were Victorino, Soria and Keppinger.

All are gone. Keppinger went to the White Sox today.

Meanwhile, another hole to be filled. Chavez goes to Arizona.

Meanwhile, the Yankees haven’t added ANYONE. There were rumors about Schierholtz coming to the Yankees to be a platoon OF. He signed with the Cubs.

So the Yanks still have holes at C, 3B (and now Chavez is gone, along w/Alex out for 1/2 a year), SS (if Jeter isn’t ready on Opening Day), RF and DH… and Ichiro and Ibanez, granted both old, are getting restless waiting for the Yanks to make an offer (as Chavez probably was). Are they even interested in them?

When are these holes going to be filled?

Are the Yanks interested in Youkilis (would fill the 1b/dh/3b Chavez role) or Reynolds (likewise)? If so, Youk and Joba on the same team? Reynolds and all those strikeouts?

Are they interested in Ross?

What’s the Yanks move? Their plan? I can’t figure it out. All I can figure out is their sudden frugality.


Ruppert makes HOF, A-Rod to miss 1/2 of 2013

Jacob Ruppert was elected to the Hall of Fame today by the Veterans Committee. The Yanks’ owner in the Ruthian era built the original Yankee Stadium.

Meanwhile, GM Brian Cashman will need to do yeoman work to build a team. We already knew that a catcher and RF may need to be found, what with Martin’s departure and Swisher’s probable departure. Throw in DH if they don’t bring back Ibanez.

Now count 3B into the mix.

Alex Rodriguez will need surgery on his other hip (possibly explaining his poor postseason) and will miss half of the 2013 season.

You wonder if his body is breaking down. It sure appears so. Alex will be 38 in July. You also wonder if that steroid abuse while in Texas has anything to do with it.

You also wonder if he’ll even get the 53 HR he needs for 700. (He needs 99 hits for 3000 and 50 RBI for 2000).

Meanwhile, do the Yanks now bring back 35 year old Eric Chavez for 3B? He’s brittle and would need to platoon. But with whom? Where does Eduardo Nunez slot in, especially if Jeter isn’t ready for Opening Day?

The left side of the Yankees’ infield is now a mess. Two aging, injured players.

Do David Adams (26 in May, AA .306-8-48 in 86 games) or Ronnier Mustelier (28, .314-15-69, AA/AAA, 114 games) get a shot? Platoon one or the other with Chavez?

So now Cashman has to deal with a catcher (unless they are going with Cervelli or Romine), 3B (do you bring back Chavez, and who platoons with him?), possibly a SS if Jeter isn’t ready, a DH (do you bring back Ibanez?) and a RF (do you bring back Ichiro?) Do you sign someone like Cody Ross, Shane Victorino or Ichiro for RF? Trade for a Justin Upton or Mike Cuddyer? Give Melky Mesa a shot at a platoon role? Trade for a catcher? What about DH? Utility infielder?

Position-wise, there are some four positions there where things are a mess.

Cashman has some work to do.

Forget Mike Napoli at C (the Yanks never had interest). The power hitting, but weak defense C signed a 3-yr. deal w/Boston—-to play 1B.

I was kind of hoping that the Yanks would take a flyer on Joakim Soria, thinking that Soria, coming off TJ surgery, might be worth a shot to replace the expected-to-depart Rafael Soriano. Instead, Soria signed with Texas.