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Papelbon goes to Phils

Boston lost closer Jonathan Papelbon to free agency when he signed a 4 yr., $50m deal with the Phillies.

That now raises two questions:

1) What of Ryan Madson now? (the Phils reliever is a free agent)

2) Who will become Boston’s closer?

I don’t see Aceves taking the role, since he can start or middle relief. He can provide more innings. It could go to hard-throwing Daniel Bard.

Papelbon last year was 4-1, 2.94, 31 saves. That one loss, of course, was the last game of the year, and it knocked Boston out of the wild card spot.

Bard was 2-9, 3.33 with a save.

Update: Hmmm…. interesting bit of info from SI’s Jon Heyman on a tweet:

i cant see #redsox letting bard close. was
0-4 w/ 3BS and 10.64 ERA in sept collapse. #madson, #bell
Nice fastball reaching 100, but Heyman’s words and those stats…

Game 109. Yanks get early 13-1 lead, win 18-7, but AJ can’t go five for the W.

News in the NY Post today. The Yanks looked into a deal last month that would have sent Cervelli to Pittsburgh for 26 year old RHP Brad Lincoln. Lincoln has 12 games of MLB experience, 1-4, 6.29. His minor league record is 29-32, 4.07.

By hitting HRs from both sides of the plate last night, Teixeira set a major league record by doing that for the twelfth time in his career.

The Yanks will be playing exhibition games at the Marlins new Stadium on April 1st and 2nd of next year.

Tonight’s lineup: Yanks 66-42, 2d, 1 g.b. behind Boston in AL East.
7 up on the wild card. OPS+ 109, ERA+ 124.
Four games worse than their Pythagorean record.

Gardner LF  .275-4-27  32sb/42att OPS+ 101
Jeter SS .270-4-36  11/14  86   3022 hits, one behind Lou Brock
Granderson CF .272-28-79  20/29   145
Teixeira 1B .256-31-82  3/4  132
Cano 2B .295-16-70  8/9  123
Swisher RF .268-14-62  2/4  119
Chavez 3B .275-0-8  0/0  93   14 for 51
Posada DH .236-9-30  0/2  87
Martin C .226-11-41  8/9  87 

Burnett P 8-9, 4.23  ERA+ 100    had no wins in July. 

Sad NFL news today. Just weeks after ex-Colts star John Mackey dies, his teammate from the late ’60′s/early ’70′s, Bubba Smith, was found dead today at the age of 67.

Yanks get four in the first. Gardner and Jeter get bunt singles. (Jeter’s hit ties Brock on the all-time list at 3023, next up, Rickey Henderson at 3053). Granderson bloops a single to load the bases. Teix SF, Cano 3-run HR (HR #17 for the season).

AJ gives up a leadoff double and a bunt single, SF. 4-1, end of 1.

The Yanks add more in the 2nd. Gardner HBP, Jeter singles to pass Brock (3024) and Granderson, the AL leader in triples, does so for two runs. 6-1.

The Yanks break it open with 7 in the 3rd. Swish singles, and Chavez gets his 1st Yankee HR to make it 8-1. Posada doubles, Martin walks and Gardner loads the bases with an infield Hit. Jeter gets his 3rd hit of the game to knock in two. 10-1. A misplayed ball leads to Teix getting a two-run triple, 12-1. Cano singles. 13-1. End three.

AJ can’t hold it. He can’t get his first win since June. He can’t go five. Pretty pathetic when you have a 13-1 lead after three. He gives up five in the fourth. A double and three singles bring in two runs,  and Carlos Quentin hits a 3-run HR. 13-6.

He gives up another run in the fifth and is pulled with it being 13-7, 2nd and 3rd, one out. Wade gets out of it, stranding the runners.

Pathetic, A.J., pathetic. Maybe the choice of who to pull from the rotation shouldn’t be between Hughes and Nova but should be A.J.?

A.J.’s line: 4 1/3, 7 R, 13 H, 0 walks, 3 K. ERA to 4.54. Given a 13-1 lead after three, he can’t get the win. Have I mentioned pathetic?

Just saying. I hated it when the Yankees let Aceves go…and he goes to Boston. Aceves is 7-1, 3.19 for Boston.

Do you know what Aceves major league career record is right now? It’s 21-2. TWENTY-ONE AND TWO! 3.21 ERA. 2008, 1-0; 2009, 10-1; Last year 3-0; This year 7-1.

The Yanks get some insurance in the seventh. Double by Martin, infield hit by Gardner, SB #33 Gardner, two-run single by Granderson. 15-7. Cano singles, Swisher walks. Bases loaded. Chavez singles in two to make it 17-7 after 6 1/2.

So for the second time in less than two weeks, the Yanks score at least 17 in a game and in NEITHER GAME DOES THE YANKEES’ STARTER GET THE WIN. Odd.

Ayala in.

Wade 1 2/3, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks, 0 K. ERA to 1.89. He gets the win, going to 2-0.

5 hit game for Jeter tonight, after he doubles in the 8th. Granderson doubles him in for a 4-hit, 5-rbi night. 18-7. Cano 3 h, 4 rbi, Chavez with the same.

The way this game has been, go on Gameday, click on away and home hits, and watch all the dots come up (35 as I write this).

Soriano to finish the game. Ayala 2 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks, 0 K. ERA 1.56. He and Wade have been bullpen surprises.

Soriano has a 1-2-3 and his ERA goes to 4.76. The Yanks win 18-7.

The Red Sox got another Ellsbury walkoff. The Yanks stay 1 game back.

Game 59 Game Post. Yanks need to rethink, retool. Crushed By Boston again, 11-6

Ellsbury leads off the game with a single, SB to third on an E-2 by Cervelli and scores on a groundout.

The Yanks need to stop those tablesetters. Not only that, is Montero’s defense THAT bad that it has to keep his bat off the team? I mean, his bat is so much better than Cervelli’s, and Cervelli’s defense isn’t THAT impressive. It’s Cervelli’s twelfth game and already his third error.

Youkilis walks with two out and Ortiz HRs. No bat flip this time. One thing I hate. The Yanks don’t brush him back. I’m old school. Ortiz is too comfortable in the box. I’d like to see a Clemens/Gibson/Drysdale type brush him off the plate. Knock him on his ass. For crying out loud, don’t just let him keep digging in on you.

The Yanks go down 1-2-3 in the bottom of the first. 3-0 Bosox.

…and another E-2 on Cervelli on another SB attempt. See above. It helps lead to another Boston run in the second. 4-0.

From Sweeny Murti on Twitter:

In 2009 Cervelli threw out 13 of 21 base stealers. Since 2010 he has thrown out only 10 of 78.

Think I’m rough on Ortiz? Try this tweet from Dwight Gooden:

In the 80s Ortiz would be laying on his ass right now after the stunt he pulled last night

Three more Red Sox runs in the fourth make it 7-0. You wonder if AJ is going to “take one for the team tonight.” Yup, he is still in there for the fifth.

Alex got #624 in the bottom of the fourth. 7-1.

At least Cervelli has a couple hits tonight. Double and RBI single. 7-2. Jeter doubles to make it 7-3. Hit #2989. Good pop on that one.  Later, a SF by Teix makes it 7-4.

Bill Hall has cleared waivers and is a free agent. The now ex-Astro, Red Sock and Brewer was on Cashman’s wish list last winter. Will the Yanks have interest?

Out for a bit. Back later.

Ok, end of game recap. I’m going to post a separate post about some things.

With two out in the sixth, Logan comes in after AJ walks a batter. It’s still 7-4. Logan, a lefty, comes in to face a lefty in Ellsbury. There’s two out. Does he get out of it? No. He gives up a hit. I feared that Logan had a career year last year and am being proved correct. The loss of Feliciano has really hurt the Yanks. Logan then walks two consecutive batters and a run comes in. Pathetic.

AJ’s line? 5 2/3, 8 R, 7 H, 4 walks, 3 K. Not good. Not helped by Cervelli’s 2 errors or Logan’s mop-up in the sixth. Now 6-4, 4.37.

So it’s 8-4 and any chance the Yanks had at coming back in the sixth was snuffed on one bad baserunning play by someone who’s a fast baserunner. Cervelli singled in a run to make it 8-5. With one out, Jeter is up. Bases loaded, 8-5. There is a wild pitch. Gardner, one of the fastest runners in baseball, doesn’t break for the plate. Later, he says “I thought it hit Jeet.” Screw it, if it did, you’d score anyway, you dolt! Run! So instead of 8-6, 2nd and 3rd, one out, it’s still 8-5, bases loaded. Jeter GIDP. It’s a big and inexcusable turning point.

Logan has a scoreless seventh and gets the first batter in the 8th.

Logan 1 2/3, 0 R, 1 H, 2 walks, 3 K. ERA to 3.68, but not effective in trying to get that last out in the sixth.

Pendleton in. He comes in with a career MLB ERA of 0.00. He would not keep it. With two out in the ninth, Crawford homers, Scutaro doubles and Drew HRs. Pendleton’s ERA goes from 0.00 to 2.45.

1 2/3 for Pendleton, 3 R, 3 H, 2 walks and 2 K.

Teix got an rbi single in the 9th to make the final 11-6. The Yanks fall one game behind Boston.

Worse yet, it’s seven losses in eight games to the Red Sox this year. See the next post.

Rubbing salt in the wound? Alfredo Aceves goes 3 2/3, 1 R for the save. I never wanted the Yanks to let Aceves (3.29 ERA) go. With Joba, Soriano, Marte, and Feliciano on the shelf, don’t you think they could use him now?


Game 7. Hughes lousy again, Colon decent but gets the loss. Serious concerns about Phil here as Yanks lose 9-6.

Interesting storylines today. Boston’s home opener and the natives are restless after an 0-6 start to the preseason favorites. Meanwhile, Phil Hughes tries to bounce back from a awful start and put to rest questions about diminished velocity. It’ll be interesting to see what Hughes does when he gets two strikes on a batter today. Too often, he doesn’t finish the batter off right away and the at bat drags on for several pitches—a few pitches too long. Here is the lineup for this afternoon’s game. No surprises:

Brett Gardner LF
Derek Jeter SS
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Jorge Posada DH
Curtis Granderson CF
Russell Martin C

RHP Phil Hughes

The Red Sox have cut ties with Dennis Reyes and have activated Alfredo Aceves.


Poor job by Jeter in the first. Gardner walks, Jeter tries to bunt him over but pops it up. But after a walk to A-Rod, Cano hits a 2-run double.  

An interesting day today. Once again gloomy, cool and drizzling in the Northeast. I got some tickets to SWB/LV tonight, so after this major league game, I’ll be catching the AAA team (weather permitting) tonight.

The Yanks get it back in the 2nd. Doubles by Granderson and Gardner. 

There is a free week of the MLB package, so I’m able to watch it. NESN feed, though. Yuk. Mute on TV, radio on with John and Suzyn.

In the second, Hughes problems continue. This isn’t good. He’s only hitting 90, and he took 40 pitches to get a swing and a miss. Something isn’t right here. Hughes gets rocked good and gives up five runs in the 2nd. Boston 6-3 after two, and Garcia or Colon should get up NOW and come in NOW.   

Hughes will be pulled. 2 IP, 6 R, 7 H, 2 walks, 0 K. 1 HR given up and an ERA now of 16.50. Looking like Wang in 2009.

Another double by Cano leads to an RBI groundout by Swisher, 6-4 after 2 1/2.

Colon in. It’s night and day. Colon at 93, getting swings and misses. A 1-2-3 with 2 K’s. Hughes at 89-90 and getting just one swing and a miss in 47 pitches. Night and day. Colon will be 38. Hughes isn’t 25 yet. Cause for concern with Hughes? You bet. 6-4 after 3.

Gardner two-out triple, Jeter single makes it 6-5 in the fourth. Looks like we’re in for a battle today.

Another 1-2-3 for Colon in the 4th. One K. Six up, six down. 3 K. It’s like night and day how bad Hughes was to how good Colon looks.    

Alex hits #616, his 3rd of the year to tie it in the fifth.

A Teixeira error leads to an unearned run. 7-6 Boston after five.

…and wouldn’t you know it? In comes Aceves for Boston. The Yanks get two on, but Jeter GIDP. Remember, just one jack since June 12th last year (2 HR, but one was inside the park).

No matter what, Colon has been great. But he’s on the hook. 7-6 after six.

Checking some Twitter stuff now from start of game. Olney: Hughes fastball 89, cutter 85, change 81. As we know, that’s not enough separation.

Manny Ramirez retires. See the next post. Apparently he got caught juicing again and faced a 100-game suspension. What an idiot. Kiss the HOF goodbye, 550+ HR or not.  

Back to the game. Bottom of 7th. A-Gon beats out a bunt, Youk whiffs. Colon is out of there, Logan in. Great job by Colon today.

and poor job by Logan. Double and single. Two runs and it’s 9-6 Boston after 7.

Colon: 4 1/3 IP, 2 R, 1 ER, 2 H, 1 walk and 5 K.

Interesting line by Joel Sherman:

LH specialist Boone Logan has faced 5 lefties this yr: 3 singles, 2 BBs

Bosox released Dennis Reyes today. If Logan struggles, and Feliciano is 4 weeks away, will the Yanks take a look at Reyes?   

Robertson in for the 8th. Logan 2/3; 1 R, 2 H, no walks or K.  

Scoreless IP for D-Rob. 1 hit. To the 9th.  

and nothing.

Yanks lose 9-6. Boston was due after starting out 0-6. Colon, who pitched well, gets the loss.

But make no bones about it. Hughes was horrible. Serious concerns about why.  


S.T. Game #19. Banuelos, Betances a bit nervous(?)? Good stuff but a bit wild. Banuelos shows poise. Yanks lose 2-1.

Tonight’s game will be on ESPN2, 7 p.m. Colon scheduled to start.   

My fault. It was Mitre scheduled to start, I thought it was Colon.

But Mitre isn’t starting.

Be sure to tune in. For 20 year old (he just turned 20 yesterday) phenom Manny Banuelos will get the start. KILLER B alert!

Banuelos has opened everyone’s eyes this spring. Mariano Rivera has called him the best pitching prospect he’s ever seen.

With the game on ESPN2 tonight, you will get the opportunity to see Banuelos yourself. This will probably be the first time you’ll catch him. Just remember—Banuelos will be starting the year at AA, not even AAA. Also remember that he just turned 20.

Here is tonight’s lineup:

Brett Gardner LF
Ramiro Pena SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Nick Swisher RF
Eric Chavez 1B
Eduardo Nunez 2B
Ronnie Belliard 3B
Jorge Vazquez DH
Jesus Montero C

Manny Banuelos P  

Lohud reports:

Off the bench: C Austin Romine, 1B Jose Gil, 2B Kevin Russo, SS Doug Bernier, 3B Brandon Laird, LF Justin Maxwell, CF Melky Mesa, RF Jordan Parraz, DH Gustavo Molina

Out of the bullpen: Dellin Betances, Romulo Sanchez, Mark Prior, Luis Ayala, Ryan Pope, Steve Garrison and D.J. Mitchell.

We may even get to see Betances also. A double bonus?

Rule 5 Pitcher George Kontos was returned to the Yanks by the Padres.

Boston will be starting most of its regulars tonight. An added bonus for Yankees fans who miss Aceves? He’s starting tonight for Boston.  

I’ve read some things regarding the Red Sox. They could be looking for catching help come the deadline. They could be looking to move Scutaro and Cameron. Lastly, Dice-K isn’t looking good at all.

In the first, Pena singles and gets a SB but Swisher is robbed by Aceves, who catches his rocket up the middle. Banuelos walks 2, but gets a K and 2 groundouts. Nervous? Just 20. Understandable if he is.

‎2 2/3 for Banuelos. 0 R, 2 H, 3 walks, 2 K. Threw a change that made Youkilis look bad. Was in trouble but showed poise and got out of it. No one on Boston hit him hard. 1-0 Yanks in the 3rd on back-to-back doubles by Montero and Gardner.

Garrison goes 1 1/3, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks, 1K. 

Betances for the 5th. Still 1-0 Yanks.  I’ve said this before, Betances reminds me of J.R. Richard. He’s bringing it but was wild. HBP, walk, WP. 2nd and 3rd, no out. A comebacker for an out and a baserunning mistake turns it into a DP. Another WP brings the run home and ties the game. Then a weak groundout.

Banuelos and Betances aren’t and weren’t hit hard by Boston’s top lineup at all. It’s just youth and a bit of wildness. in 3 2/3 IP (so far) from the two, 2 WP, a HBP, 4 walks. But the two combined only gave up 2 hits and one was a bleeder.

Betances is bringing it, but his command is off. He only goes 1 1/3 as he hits his pitch count. Ayala in with one out and bases loaded in the 6th. He gets a force and a groundout. 2-1 Boston after six.

Betances 1 1/3, 2 R, 2 H, 2 WP, passed ball by Montero, 2 walks, 1 K and a HBP.

Ayala went 1 2/3, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks, 1 K.

Romulo Sanchez, 1 scoreless, 1 H, 1 K.

With one on and two out in the bottom of the 9th, Brandon Laird gave it a ride but not deep enough. 2-1 Boston is the final. Yanks now 6-11-2 in S.T.   


Red Sox sign Aceves

Aceves to Boston


After missing most of 2010 due to a back injury and then breaking his left (non-throwing) clavicle in a bike accident, the Yanks DFA’d Alfredo Aceves. They did want him back, but on a minor league deal. Guess they were worried about the injuries on the career 14-1, 3.21 pitcher. (ERA+ 142)

Aceves got a deal. A major league deal. With Boston, of all teams. 

Ouch. I always liked Aceves. I liked his versatility, and compared him to what Ramiro Mendoza was like in the late 1990s—a guy who can give a spot start, could give two or three of middle relief, could be a setup guy. Heck, the guy was 10-1 in 2009 with a 3.54 ERA. Another piece of a championship puzzle gone.  

With the Yankees needing more pitching, not less, losing Aceves, who could have eventually stepped into a fifth starter role the way things are right now, isn’t good. I don’t think he would be the answer at the #5 spot, but he was worth as much of a look as Garcia or (especially) Colon, if healthy.

I hate losing Ace. I suspect some Yankees aren’t happy about it either. If I recall, wasn’t it Jeter or Alex (or both) who when talking about Aceves, said “he knows how to pitch” ?   

O’s to get D-Backs Reynolds

A lot of power, a ton of strikeouts.

From MLB.com

The Orioles have agreed to a trade with the D-backs, pending a physical, that sends infielder Mark Reynolds to Baltimore in exchange for relievers David Hernandez and Kam Mickolio.

The Orioles and D-backs have not confirmed a deal is in place.

Reynolds, 27, hit 32 HR in 2010 but struck out 211 times and hit just .198. He owns the top three single season strikeout marks in baseball history with 223 in 2009, 211 this past year and 204 in 2008. He did have 44 HR in 2009. His 162 g. ave. is .242-35-100, 12 SB, OPS+ 108….and 221 strikeouts. 

BBD reports through Joel Sherman that the Yanks would like Aceves back but on a minor league deal. They may have competition from Colorado. Yanks’ concerned about Aceves’ health.



Mo coming back; while Cubs’ Santo dies at 70.

One down, a couple more to go.

MLB.COM is reporting that Mo is back with the Yanks on a deal worth $30M over two years. It isn’t confirmed yet, and apparently was done overnight.

Mo, with 559 career saves, is 42 behind leader Trevor Hoffman and should pass Hoffman in 2012. Rivera just turned 41 last week. Rivera is 74-55, 2.23 in his career and has another 42 saves in the postseason, where he is 8-1 with an unreal ERA of 0.71. His adjusted ERA+ of 205 (not counting playoffs) is the best all-time. Last year he was 3-3, 1.80 with 33 saves, and another three in the playoffs.

MLB.com also reported that even at 41, Mo drew interest (bold emphasis mine):

The News wrote that Cuza said the parties (Yanks and Mo) were progressing toward a deal and were “a little far apart,” but that the [Yankees] deal materialized, according to the Daily News’ source, when Rivera was offered a three-year deal and more money from another club.

And SI.com reported via Twitter that the mystery team was one of three clubs, including the Red Sox and Angels, that made Rivera three-year offers.

But the Yankees’ offer was good enough for Rivera, 41, who intends to retire in pinstripes.

“He wanted to stay loyal to the Yankees,” the source told the paper.

LoHud also reports on Mo. The deal could be official by the end of today.   

Meanwhile a Cubs’ legend and favorite has passed away. For years, Ron Santo has battled diabetes and heart disease and now cancer has taken his life at the age of 70. Santo already had lost both legs to diabetes. Santo has always been a good HOF candidate and I hope one day that he does get in. He hit 342 HR in his career, all but one with the Cubs (1960-1974). His final year was with the Chisox. Santo’s #10 was retired by the Cubs. His career BA was .277 (in a pitcher’s era; think of the 1960′s with Koufax, Gibson, Drysdale, Marichal, Seaver, Bunning, Short, Perry & more…). From 1961-1971, he rarely missed a game. Santo led the majors in triples (13) in 1964. He led the NL in walks four times, OBP twice. He was a nine-time All-Star. Four times he hit 30 or more HR in a year (1964-1967) and he topped 100 RBI four times as well. He also won five Gold Gloves.

His OPS+ was 125. I firmly believe that you have to judge players by their positions. As such, Santo, primarily a third baseman (he did put in very little time at other positions) was one of the best third basemen ever.

I hope one day he makes the Hall. His 162 g. average year (what he’d average if he played in all 162) was .277-25-96. His HOF monitor is a bit under the average HOFer, 88/100 and 41/50, but he was only 34 when he retired. A few more years of good health, and … ?    

Cervelli for Martin? BBD reports that the Yanks and Dodgers were talking a possible deal.  Good points made over there. Martin had a great 2007 (19 HR, 21 SB) but you wonder about the workload and injury (hip, same as what A-Rod had). He dropped off significantly from 2008 to 2009. I don’t think he’s worth the $5 M he made last year but he would (if healthy) be an upgrade over the offensively-challenged Cervelli (1 MLB HR in 365 AB) (101 OPS+ to Cervelli’s 82) and help to ease in Montero. He has been a 2x All-Star and has a Silver Slugger and Gold Glove. BBD also reports that the Yanks may want Aceves and Moseley back, despite the non-tendering. I happen to be an Aceves fan. He (if healthy) reminds me of Ramiro Mendoza—valuable as a starter, long reliever or short man. Versatile. Not only that, but Ace is 14-1, 3.21 in his MLB career.

Update: One guy that’s been on the Yanks’ radar has moved, but not to the Yanks. Scott Linebrink gets dealt from the White Sox to the Braves. Meanwhile, the White Sox re-sign Pierzynski.

More non-tenders and now free agents include Okajima (fine 2007 but his ERA has gone up each year since; 2.22; 2.61; 3.39 and 4.50; turns 35 Christmas Day). Jack Cust, Willy Aybar, Dioner Navarro, Lance Cormier, John Maine, Wang, Jose Veras, Ryan Church, Lastings Milledge (remember when he was supposed to be the Mets’ great coming?), Martin, Sherrill, Wil Nieves…     


Yanks non-tender Aceves, Moseley

Wow. I guess that bike accident pissed the Yanks off.

After missing most of 2010 because of back issues and having the start of 2011 going to be pushed back because of a broken left clavicle suffered in a bike accident this week, Alfredo Aceves was non-tendered by the Yankees. From 10-1, 3.54 in 2009 and a big part of the bullpen to this. I don’t know if he’ll be back with the Yanks, but I like Aceves.

I wonder if there is more to the back or the bike incident.

Dustin Moseley was also non-tendered.

They are now free agents.

Surgeries for Aceves and Gardner. For Aceves, another setback.

From the Lower Hudson Journal:

Just when Alfredo Aceves seemed to be coming back from his lower-back injury, he’s undergone surgery to repair a broken left clavicle, the result of a bicycle accident in Mexico.

Aceves had the surgery yesterday at New York-Presbyterian. It was performed by team physician Dr. Christopher Ahmad. Aceves has been prescribed six weeks of rest and will need a total of three months for a full rehabilitation (bold emphasis mine). At least it’s his left side, not his right.

Brett Gardner is also undergoing surgery. Gardner is scheduled for surgery next Tuesday, December 7, also at New York-Presbyterian. He’s undergoing a procedure for right wrist tendinitis — he’s had wrist trouble for a while — and is expected to be ready for the start of spring training.

Ouch. As LoHud states, at least it isn’t Aceves’ pitching side. Full rehab three months? That means he’ll miss a couple of weeks of spring training. That sets him back. Good guess? He goes to extended spring training and does not start 2011 with the big club but comes up later on.

Damn. Aceves was SO important in 2009. Heck, the guy has a 14-1, 3.21 career record. Now yet another setback.

Better news on Gardy. 

Update: Lohud has an excellent piece on Gardner, before and after getting hit by a pitch on June 27, 2010. Night and day before and after getting hit on the wrist.