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Since when is Robbie Cano Rodney Dangerfield?

So Robbie Cano at his press conference insinuates that he didn’t get any respect from the Yankees?

$170 MM over 7 years is no respect? Since when did Robbie Cano turn into Rodney Dangerfield?

I wish I was shown such disrespect.

Eat my shorts, Robbie.

Meanwhile, apparently Boone Logan is close to signing with Colorado.

Hello, Goodbye. A busy day for the Yankees.

Yesterday, the Yanks introduced their new catcher, Brian McCann. They hope he will add to the great Yankees tradition of Dickey, Berra, Howard, Munson and Posada.

Today, they wave goodbye to maybe the best Yankees second baseman of them all, Robbie Cano. It’s arguable who is best, Lazzeri, Gordon or Cano. Willie Randolph is probably a notch below.

Cano accepted a $240MM, 10 yr. deal with Seattle today.

I just can’t see it. You are paying a middle infielder (who probably won’t be playing that key position after the age of 37) $24 MM at the age of 40? Really? Would Robbie’s talents really translate that well to DH or 1B?

As I wrote earlier this week and wanted you to think about, and think about hard,


Read that sentence a few times. Let it soak in a little.  Can you think of any player, EVER, that would price himself off of the Yankees. The Yankees?

But that Cano did. Enjoy Seattle, Robbie. You may have kissed Monument Park goodbye. Not to mention Cooperstown.

As Steve Miller sang, ‘”Take the Money and Run.”

It’s all about the buck. Forget about being a team player. Forget that a 7 year, $170MM deal is more than fair. It was all about getting a tenth year. Heck, Seattle thought they had a 9 yr., $225 MM deal all wrapped up, when Jay-Z (ugh) wanted a tenth year and $250MM. Seattle’s owner balked, then caved in.

Let’s think about this.

Yes, the Yanks grossly overpaid for Ellsbury. The Red Sox’ deal w/Crawford was bad, $142MM for 7 years. So the Yanks gave Ellsbury, a similar type player, a $153MM deal for 7 years. More than Crawford. Ummm….

But let’s do some math, here. Cano by himself, 10 years, $240MM.

McCann $85MM for 5 years (option for 6 takes deal to $100MM) and Ellsbury for 7 years at $135MM means $220 MM. $20 MM LESS than what Cano signed for.

Cano for McCann and Ellsbury… at $20MM less.

You can’t put all your eggs in Robbie’s basket. The Yanks have more holes to fill. They could best do that by letting Robbie go. (We won’t get into A-Rod’s deal.)

The Yanks filled depth by signing Kelly Johnson to a 1 year deal, relatively cheap. He can play 2B, hit .235-16-52 last year for the Rays. He could take over at 2B, play 3B, LF, but I see him more as a utility guy.

They also re-signed Kuroda to a one-year deal at $16MM.

Then they made a splash, signing Carlos Beltran to play RF for 3 years (they didn’t want to go there but did) at $45MM.

So now you have an excellent defensive OF of Gardner in LF, Ellsbury in CF and Beltran in RF. Soriano moves to DH.

Some are suggesting Soriano, who started his career at 2B, go back there. Um, NO! He will be 38 next year and hasn’t played 2B since 2005.

BTW, Beltran has 358 career HR—–the same number as Yogi Berra.

You can see a big deal coming, hopefully for pitching. Right now, Ichiro and Wells are backup outfielders. I would rather keep Ichiro, but with two lefty hitters in Gardner and Ellsbury, and a switch-hitter in Beltran, he may be expendable. I hate Wells, but he is the one who could be kept for his lefty bat.

Some think Gardner may be dealt. If so, only to the Reds in a package deal for Brandon Phillips, who would take over second base. You could package a catcher in the deal along w/Gardner. The Reds are losing leadoff hitter Shin-Soo Choo to free agency. Gardner fills a need for a new leadoff hitter. The Reds lost a catcher this week, sending one to the Rays. The Yanks have catching depth behind McCann with Cervelli, Romine, Murphy and Sanchez. Gardner and one of the catchers could be a starting point to get Phillips to replace Cano.

Of course, Johnson could be at 2B, or could go to 3b. But it seems more likely that a trade could be done for Phillips, or the Yanks could be zeroing in on Omar Infante to play second.

Pitching is the key to the kingdom, however, and after re-signing Kuroda, the Yanks still have two rotation spots to fill after CC, Nova and Kuroda. The #5 spot could be a competition between Pineda, Phelps, Warren and Nuno. You could also sign someone like Roy Halladay or Johan Santana to a minor-league deal to see what each has left after major injuries set both back recently (think Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon a few years back, low-risk, high-reward). Matt Garza would be a nice addition for the 4 spot. Of course, I’d prefer Tanaka, but will he be posted at all? Plus, if there will be the $20MM cap for the posting fee, that means his salary then counts against the cap, hurting the Yankees.

Then there is the bullpen. Mo is gone, Logan probably too, and Joba. Some holes there as well.

Will Cano be missed? Sure. But by NOT putting all your eggs in Cano’s basket, you can fill other holes.

The A-Rod deal was a mistake. Both by Texas (original deal) and by the Yankees (renegotiated deal). The Pujols deal will be a bad one. Maybe the Ellsbury deal as well. As also Prince Fielder.

Yay for Robbie for getting the deal. I’d probably take it too. But as for legacy, as I wrote, Monument Park and maybe Cooperstown are maybe no more.

Expect to be walked and pitched around a lot in that lineup, Robbie.

But by not putting all their eggs in Cano’s basket, the Yanks filled other needs.

There will be more moves coming (for example, with the Brendan Ryan and Kelly Johnson deals, Nunez is probably on the block). Pitching needs must be met.

But by NOT caving in Cano, the Yanks can fill more holes than just Robbie, and that may help them get back to the postseason and World Series quicker.

It’s one thing to take the $$$. It’s another to be a team player, recognize that more holes need to be filled to make you a champion again and accept a very fair offer.

In the end, it was all about Robbie (as it is for most players). Robbie’s dad, Jose, mentioned that the Yanks weren’t showing his son much love.

I only wish I was shown 7 years and $170MM of love.

Enjoy Seattle, Robbie. You were great, maybe the best Yankees’ second baseman ever.

Yes, the Yanks probably overpaid for Ellsbury.

But you priced yourself out of the Bronx with your greed, and to that I can only say:

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

Yankees pull shocker! Get Ellsbury

I didn’t hear or read about this one anywhere. No one saw it coming.

It was expected that Carlos Beltran would be coming to the Yankees. On a 2 or 3 yr. deal. Beltran is 37.

Instead, the Yanks have agreed to a 7 yr. deal with someone younger (30) and faster, and in so doing, take him from their biggest rival—-Boston.

Jacoby Ellsbury.

You wonder what move comes next. I’ll elaborate on that in a bit.

Ellsbury hit .298-9-53 with Boston in 2013 and led the majors in SB. 3x has he led the league in steals.

Yankee Stadium should help his power. He finished 15th in MVP voting this year, but in 2011 was the runner-up to Verlander. That year he was a 30/30 guy. 32 HR, 105 RBI.

His 162 g. ave. is .297-15-71 with 55 SB and an OPS+ of 108. Of course, taking him away from Boston is a plus.

You wonder what this means for Robbie Cano. I think he is gone. Seattle is reported to be a big player for him. But consider this. Cano may have priced himself out of the Bronx.

Let me repeat that in big letters.


Think about that for a moment. Priced himself OFF the Yankees, of all teams.

For the amount that Cano wanted, the Yankees signed both McCann AND Ellsbury.

You know what? Serves Cano and his greedy pig agents right, then. Let’s see how Robbie does in Seattle and how much he hustles, then, when Seattle is 15 out in August.

It’s a shame. Cano may be the best 2b ever to play for the Yankees. Better than HOFers Lazzeri and Gordon, better than Randolph.

But $250-$260MM for 9 years? The Yanks picked up McCann for 5 at $85MM, Ellsbury for 7 at $150 MM.

That’s like making a trade. Cano for Ellsbury AND McCann.

I think Cano is gone. I’ll be shocked if he is back. If he is, he has to come back to earth regarding his demands. There is only so much $$$ to go around.

Now who to replace him? There are more deals coming. Is Cano’s replacement going to be free agent Omar Infante?

Will Ellsbury and Gardner be in the same outfield? Are the Yanks still after Beltran? If after Beltran, then Gardner is on the block.

The Reds may be losing Sin Soo Choo, who is a free agent. They could be looking for an OF and leadoff hitter to replace Choo. Could they have interest in Gardner? If so, would 2b Brandon Phillips be available to replace Cano?

Stay tuned.

Tonight’s deal for Ellsbury is a stunner.

Now to get pitching.


Cashman pessimistic on retaining Cano?

Brian Cashman, in this NY post article


sounds pessimistic on the Yanks retaining Cano. Personally, if Cano refuses to budge from 9 yr. $250-$260MM (some $28-29MM/yr. to take him to age 39), let him go and go after Omar Infante or deal for Brandon Phillips. The Yanks offer of something like 7 yrs., $168 MM ($24 MM/yr to take him to age 37) is more than fair. There are other holes to fill and you can’t put all your eggs in Cano’s basket. Say he gets hurt? What then?

The Post also reports that the Yanks have offered Kuroda a one year deal to return. Kuroda was 11-13, 3.32 last year but is 39 and faded badly down the stretch. Still, the Yanks need him back, what with Pettitte retiring and Hughes going to Minnesota.

Another report is that A-Rod used the term “food” when texting or discussing PEDs with Biogenesis. It’s reported that the Yanks could be looking at bringing Eric Chavez back to play 3B if A-Rod’s suspension is upheld. Chavez played for the Yanks in 2011 and 2012 and his lefty bat translates to Yankee Stadium well, but he’ll be 36 soon and only once (2012 with the Yanks) has he played 100 games in a season since 2006. He’s too fragile in my opinion to be the regular, or possibly even a platoon 3B. Bring back Mark Reynolds, strikeouts and all. Reynolds enjoyed his brief time in NY late last year, can play 3b and has power. His low average and K’s are a problem, but you need someone who will be healthy, which you probably won’t get with Chavez.

Baseball awards.

Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers and Max Scherer of the Tigers won the NL CYA and AL CYA respectively.

MVPS went to Andrew McCutcheon of the Pirates (NL) and Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers (AL), respectively.

The Yankees’ Robbie Cano finished fifth for the AL MVP.

There could be snags in the posting of Masahiro Tanaka of Japan.

Yankees give qualifying offers to 3

Mariano Rivera was named the A.L. Comeback Player of the Year today. Meanwhile, the Yanks gave qualifying offers to 3 players: Cano, Kuroda and Granderson. Should they sign elsewhere, the Yanks get a compensatory draft pick.

Cano is expected to refuse, since he can get over $14.1MM in free agency. Kuroda is anyone’s guess. It would be a $900K decrease from last year. With Kuroda, will he come back, retire, become a free agent or go back to Japan?

Granderson is iffy. Will he accept it? He did miss 100 games due to two broken bones (HBP twice) last season. Will he accept the offer and attempt to rebuild his value? Or will he take free agency instead? We’ll see.

Game 162. Yanks last game for 2013. Lineup, Stats, Comments.

Today is the last game of 2013 for the Yanks. Tied for 3rd going in, 84-77, 13 back in AL East. Six out of a playoff spot.

Cleveland has 91 wins heading into today’s last day. Tampa Bay and Texas each have 90.

From mlb.com:

If, for the first time in history, there is a three-way tie for playoff spots, the first tiebreaker would be played between the Indians and Rays in Cleveland at 4:07 p.m. on Monday, with the winner of that game earning a Wild Card berth. The loser would play against the host Rangers at 4:07 p.m. on Tuesday. All games will air on TBS.

The winner of the second tiebreaker would advance to the AL Wild Card game, which will take place on Wednesday.

If the Indians and Rangers end up tied atop the Wild Card standings, the Indians will host the Wild Card Game. If the Indians and Rays are tied for the top two Wild Card spots, the Rays will be the home team.

Whew. Got it?

The Yanks are five games better than their Pythagorean record, which suggests that they should have had a losing season, their first since 1992. They have scored less runs than they have given up. (645 to 670).

OPS+ 88 (100 is average, higher the better). ERA+ 102

Cano sits out. He ends the year at .314-27-107, 7/8 in steals, OPS+ 145. Will he be a Yankee next year?

Soriano out. A-Rod (will he ever play again?) out. So is Ichiro.

Will Girardi be back next year?

It’ll be an interesting offseason.

BA/HR/RBI   SB/total att.    OPS+   Comments in italic, team leader in bold (see above) and significantly subpar in bold italic.

Nunez 3B .256-3-26  10/13  84
Murphy C .158-0-0  0/0  14  3 for 19 in MLB career.
Granderson CF .227-7-14  8/10  98   Free agent. Last game as NYY?
Wells LF .237-11-50  7/10  75   God, I don’t want him back. Since May 15, .204-1-27 in 91 games. Ugly.
Reynolds 1B .221-20-66  3/4  96  As NYY, .240-5-18, OPS+ 104 in 35 g.
Hafner DH .205-12-37  2/2  87  81 g.  First game since July 26. Don’t expect him back in 2014.  
Adams 2B .194-2-13  0/0  47   42 g.  2B in 2014 if Cano departs?
Ryan SS .195-4-22  4/6  50   As NYY, 16 g. .208-1-1, OPS+ 52.
Almonte RF .230-1-9  3/4  58   23 for 100 in MLB career. had 7 for 12 start.

Huff LHP 3-1, 6.06  ERA+ 68.  As NYY, 10 g. 3-1, 5.16, ERA+ 79.

If we never see A-Rod again because of the suspension, he ends his career at .299.  654 HR, 1919 R, 1969 RBI,  2939 hits.

He went 4 for his last 43. That dropped his batting average from .300256 to .299348.

Game 161. Pettitte’s last game is a CG, 2-1 win.

Mo wasn’t available. Never would be again.

Before the game, Mariano Rivera announced that the popup he induced at Yankee Stadium would be the last pitch he threw, and that Jeter and Pettitte coming out to get him after that pitch would be it.  He announced the tank is empty and he would not be playing (even CF) in Houston. It was also revealed that he had an injured forearm and has been pitching through it for some time, not telling anybody. How great is he? With an injured forearm, and at age 43, he ends 2013, his final season, at 6-2, 2.11 and with 44 saves.

So Andy Pettitte didn’t have the guy behind him as his cushion. The greatest 1-2 win/save punch in MLB history didn’t have #2. So Pettitte just did it himself, throwing a CG, 2-1 victory in his final MLB game. It was at Houston, near his hometown of Deer Park. It came in front of family against the only other team he pitched for.

It was his first complete game since he pitched for Houston, over seven years ago.

With the victory (career #256, Yankees 219), Pettitte finished 11-11, 3.74 on the season and avoided a losing season. Pettitte NEVER had a losing season in his career (14-14 in 2008, 11-11 this year), and thus became the only man in MLB history to pitch 15 or more seasons and never have a losing season.

Andy went 9, 1 R, 5 H, 2 walks and 5 K. He gave up a run in the fourth on a single, groundout (runner to second) and another groundout in which the runner scored all the way from second.

The Yanks got two in the sixth. Stewart singled and after Granderson struck out, Nunez singled. Cano singled to tie it up. Soriano walked to load the bases. After a lineout, catcher Matt Pagnozzi tried to pick Cano off second with Almonte batting. He lost his grip or something, spiked the ball into home plate, and Nunez barely scored from third when the ball bounded away. What a way to win.

From there it was all Andy. Andy got two outs in the 9th and was a strike away then gave up a hit. With the tying run on first, Girardi came out to check on Andy. You’d have hated to see a walk-off HR there that would have made Andy a loser. But after asking Pettitte if he was ok and getting confirmation that he was, Girardi left him in there. It was Andy’s game, and he got a groundout on his last MLB pitch for the CG victory.

What a way to go out.


Game 159. Yanks lose 4-0 in Mo’s home farewell.

The score doesn’t matter, except maybe to Ivan Nova, since the Yanks were eliminated from playoff contention already.

Nova pitched well, 7 IP, 2 R, 8 H, 1 walk and 5 K but the Yanks’ offense apparently decided to shut it down for the season a week before the season officially ends. The offense got just 3 hits tonight in losing 4-0.

Nova ends the year at 9-6, 3.10.

Cano, who apparently wants 10 years and $305 MM, went 0 for 3.

Dellin Betances came in for the 8th and continued to unimpress. 1/3 IP, 2 R, 3 h, 1 walk and a K. 20.25.

Then came the special moment. Mo in his last home game. He came in with two on and one out in the 8th and got a fly out and a comebacker to the mound.

In the 9th he got another comebacker to the mound, and then the last batter he would ever face at Yankee Stadium came to the plate.

Yunel Escobar popped up to Robbie Cano for out #2.

Whereupon Mo was pulled from the game—-not by Girardi, but by long-time teammates Andy Pettitte (who made the move) and Derek Jeter.

Upon hugging Pettitte, Mo lost it.

That is when it hit him. That THIS was the last time he’d pitch at home, in the pinstripes. That his home career was over.

And he started crying. As did many of us Yankees fans who have loved him all these years.

The Babe Ruth of closers. It’ll never be the same and no one can ever replace him.

He may pitch in another game this weekend. I hope not.

But maybe he plays CF for one inning out in Houston.

I hope he doesn’t have to run up that damned hill.

I also hope he catches an out.

God Bless You Mo, it’s time for me to get another hankie.

It’s rare when I cry when a player retires. I remember doing it at seven when the Mick hung them up.

I’m doing it now.

For the record, Matt Daley came in for Mo. 1/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and a K.

And a moment Matt Daley can always tell his children, grandchildren and (hopefully) great-grandchildren about.

I pray that I can be in Cooperstown in 2019 when Mo gives his induction speech.

Game 159. Lineup, stats & comments.

It’s a regular lineup, even though the Yanks have been eliminated. The reason is because Tampa Bay is still fighting for something (#1 WC as opposed to #2). No A-Rod. You wonder if he’ll play at all again this year, and when if at all what with that suspension and the resolution of his appeal.

You may see more of a “spring training” lineup in Houston this weekend. Speaking of, there are rumors that Joe Girardi may give Mariano Rivera his one major league dream: to play one inning in CF. That may happen in Houston this weekend. I just hope Mo doesn’t have to run up that damned hill Houston has in CF.

Girardi’s contract is up and you wonder if he’ll be back.

Yanks 82-76, tied for 3rd, 13.5 out in AL East. Eliminated from WC. (They can only reach 86 wins and Cleveland, in the #2 WC position, already has 88; Tampa, #1 WC has 89, Cleveland 88 and Texas 87.)

The Yanks have a winning season. The last time they had a losing season was 1992. It’s just the second time since 1993 that they have been eliminated from the playoffs. (The 1994 strike kept them out of the playoffs. They had the best record in the AL that year).

They are six games BETTER than their Pythagorean record. They have scored 23 runs LESS than they have allowed this season.

OPS+ 89, ERA+ 101. Average is 100. Higher the better.

BA/HR/RBI  SB/total att. OPS+  Comments in italic, team leader bold
significantly subpar bold italic.

Suzuki RF .262-7-35  20/24  77
40 on 10/22. 2740 MLB hits, but do you really want him back in 2014 at $6.5 MM? I don’t, and I LIKE Ichiro.
Nunez 3B .260-3-26  10/13  87    in 86 g.
Cano 2B .315-27-106  7/8   146   Rumors are he asked the Yanks for 10 yrs and $305 MM. No bloody way do I give him that. Better to finish last and use the $$ saved from NOT signing him to build up the farm system. Yanks apparently offered 8 yr., $138MM, and I don’t like that because it takes him to age 38. He turns 31 on 10/22 (same b/day as Ichiro). I would give him 6 years and $120 MM. I think that is more than fair. $20 MM/yr and doesn’t go past age 36. If he don’t like it, let him walk. This could be his last game in pinstripes.
Soriano DH .255-34-101  18/27  112.   406 career HR, one behind Duke Snider on the all-time list. As NYY: 55 g., .256-17-50  8/12  129. 38 next Jan.
Granderson CF .234-7-14  7/8  102.  Just 57 games. Production down and had the two broken bones. Free agent. This could be his last game in pinstripes.
Overbay 1B .241-14-59  1/1  89   37 in January. With Teixeira due back next year, probably his last game as a Yankee. Stopgap this year. 5 for his last 39. 
Almonte LF .258-1-9  3/4  76    Good to see him get a look, esp. now that the Yanks are eliminated. 23 for 89. Beats seeing Wells (who I don’t want back in 2014) out there. Wells .237-11-50, 7/10, 76, turns 35 in Dec. Granted the Angels are picking up $18.6 of his $21 MM salary for 2014, but do you really want Wells back next year? I don’t. Since May 15th, Wells hit .204-1-27 and STILL was batting fifth in the lineup vs. lefties this month! Ugh.  
Ryan SS .201-4-22  4/6  54   As NYY .250-1-1  0/0  82.  11 for 44.
Murphy C  .154-0-0  0/0     2 for 13 in MLB career. May as well look at the kid. He is just 22.

Nova RHP  9-5, 3.13   ERA+ 129

Soon, I’ll be writing about 2014 and the prospects for that year (I don’t like them and think the Yanks are in for a dry spell for a few years). I’ll discuss who I want back and who should go.