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Game 9. Yanks lose 5-4. When the hell will Girardi call for a squeeze?

I like Girardi as a manager. There is one fault he has. Torre had the same fault.

When the hell will he ever call for a squeeze play? I am livid with Girardi about this.

Bottom of the 8th. Tie game. One of the fastest runners in the game on third with one out in Gardner. One of the fastest runners in the game at the plate in Ellsbury. Hell, not only can Ellsbury get the go-ahead run in with a well-executed squeeze bunt, he may even beat it out. 

I can’t remember the last time the Yankees squeezed a run home. 15 years ago? 20? The point is, you have to get the run in any way you can. Bottom of 8th. Tie game. Fast guy on base, fast guy at the plate. No attempt at a squeeze play. No small ball. Ellsbury pops up. Beltran is intentionally walked, and McCann, who has done nothing so far this year, flies out.

You can’t sit and wait for 3-run home runs all the time. You have to make things happen. Billy Martin would call for a squeeze. He must be spinning in his grave right now. No one plays BillyBall anymore.

Masahiro Tanaka had a strong outing. He did give up a 3-run Hr in the second to put the Yanks down 3-0. But he went 7, 3 R,  7 H, 1 walk and 10 K. He set a Yankees record for most K in his first two starts (18), beating out El Duque (16) and Al Leiter (15).

The Yanks got HR from Beltran (1) and Kelly Johnson (2) in the second to cut it to 3-2. A double by Beltran (3 hits tonight) and a couple of get him over and get him in outs tied the game in the fourth.

Matt Thornton got an out in the eighth, and Adam Warren two outs. Shawn Kelley gave up the two in the ninth to lose the game.

Maybe Kelley would have spit the bit anyway. But wouldn’t it have been better to give him a little bit of a cushion? And to do that, use ALL your weapons, which sometimes may be the squeeze play.

Game 3. Scrubs lead Yanks to 4-2 win. Torch passed.

Joe Girardi put out a different lineup vs. a lefty pitcher tonight. He sat Ellsbury, McCann and Kelly Johnson. He played Soriano in LF (didn’t help. Sori is now 0 for 11). He DH’d Beltran and put Ichiro in RF, Cervelli C and Solarte at 3B.

Ichiro and Solarte helped the Yanks to a 4-2 win tonight over Houston.

Ivan Nova struggled but got the win. He gave up a run in the first, but it easily could have been more. He went 5 2/3, 2 R, 6 H, 5 walks and 1 K. Not pretty, but a win.

Adam Warren was an unsung hero tonight. Great job. Four batters, four outs. 1 1/3, 2 K.

Shawn Kelley a scoreless 8th. 2 K.

Then…. the torch officially got passed. No more Mo for the 9th. Robertson pitched a scoreless 9th & got the save.

The Yanks are still looking for their first HR of the season.

Derek Jeter got hit #3318 tonight. He is now one behind Paul Molitor on the all-time list.

Five of the Yanks’ seven hits tonight came from bench players. The 40-year-old Ichiro got two hits and scored three runs.

Yangervis Solarte, who stole Nunez’ job away from him, got his first three MLB hits in his second MLB game.

It’ll be interesting to see what becomes of Nunez, who was DFA’d by the Yanks when they decided to keep Solarte over Nunez.

Meanwhile, Opening Day at the Stadium on Monday will see a tribute to the “core four.” Pettitte and Rivera will be throwing out the first pitch(es) to Posada & Jeter.

Game #1. Opening day and CC don’t agree…again…. Yanks lose 6-2.

For as often as Joe Girardi trusts his binder, you think he would trust certain numbers and NOT start CC Sabathia on Opening Day. For if Joe looked at the numbers, and forgot this “ace” b.s., or loyalty or whatever, he would see this…

that CC stinks on Opening Day.

CC lost to Houston today, 6-2. He has started 11 Openers in his career, has just one win and a 6.12 ERA. If that isn’t a pattern (which Girardi loves to follow), what is? CC gave up 4 runs in the first inning and two in the second to doom the Yanks. Down 6-0 after 2.

CC went 6, settled down after the first two, but the damage was done. 6 IP, 6 R, 8 H, 1 walk and 6 K. Dellin Betances pitched a scoreless 7th, 2 K, and Vidal Nuno pitched a scoreless 8th, striking out the side.

The Yanks offense did little tonight as well, scoring both their runs in the 8th. Derek Jeter got hit #3317, putting him two behind Paul Molitor on the all-time hits list.

S.T. Game 30. CC’s last tuneup a good one. Yanks win 4-2.

CC Sabathia threw four shutout innings in his final tuneup before he starts Tuesday on Opening Day vs. Houston. The Yanks beat the Pirates, 4-2.

As I predicted yesterday, Preston Claiborne did not make the team. He’s being sent down to AAA.

After CC’s four innings, Dellin Betances, Adam Warren and Vidal Nuno each pitched a scoreless inning. David Phelps gave up 2 R in 2/3 of an inning, and Cesar Cabral pitched 1 1/3 scoreless. It looks as if Nuno and Cabral are the two left for a “second lefty out of the bullpen” job.

Ichiro, who one scout yesterday described as awful this spring training, woke up with 3 hits, scored two runs and drove in another. Eduardo Nunez had three hits and an RBI. Zoilo Almonte was 3 for 3 with an RBI.

Nunez, Anna, and Solarte all started. Two of the three will make the team, what with Brendan Ryan being put on the DL. Manager Girardi wanted to get a good look at all three today. While Nunez got three hits, both Anna and Solarte went 0 for 4.

Mark Teixeira is down to .091 this spring.




S.T. game 29. Yanks lose to Toronto, 10-6.


For most of 2013, Preston Claiborne was a revelation. From his MLB debut on May 5th, right through Sept. 3, his ERA was 2.74. 38 games, 0-1, 2.74. Solid.

But in his last six appearances, from Sept. 3rd on, he was 0-1, 18.69. That is as ugly as ugly can be.

Today he got no one out and gave up six runs as the Yanks lost to Toronto 10-6. His S.T. ERA is 14.29. It’s safe to say he won’t be making the team.

You wonder if he is healthy. What a dropoff.

For the second day in a row, Joe Girardi pitched a bunch of scrubs as he lines up his rotation to start the season. Scott LeRoux started and gave up 2 R in 3 IP.

Matt Daley got an out, and Fred Lewis, who had an outside shot at the 2nd lefty in the bullpen role, probably blew it by giving up 2 in 2/3 of an inning.

Then Claiborne could not get any one out and gave up six runs.

Jim Miller, Dellin Betances,  Danny Burawa and Yoshinori Tateyama each pitched a scoreless inning. It would be shocking if Betances, who has had a great spring, does not make it.

Carlos Beltran had two hits and 2 rbi.  Kelly Johnson drove in 2 runs.

With Brendan Ryan hurt, Dean Anna and Yangervis Solarte each have a shot at making the team. Solarte was 1 for 1 today, raising his spring average to .459— but he is NOT on the 40 man roster. Anna was 1 for 2 with an RBI and has hit .297 this spring. He IS on the 40-man. Zelous Wheeler doesn’t play SS like the other two can. He has hit .324 this spring.

One scout states that the 40-year-old Ichiro has looked terrible this spring. The Yanks would like to dump him and would pick up part of his salary. If they do dump Ichiro,  Adonis Garcia has hit .419 this spring, and Zoilo Almonte .361.


Yanks rotation set, and the value of patience

Although the #5 starter hasn’t been officially named yet (it appears to be Pineda), Joe Girardi announced his rotation for the first four games. It’ll be CC, Kuroda and Nova to begin the season in Houston. Tanaka goes in game 4 at Toronto in his first MLB start.

From Jack Curry of YES:

As noted, w/ Tanaka starting April 4, he’s in line to go April 9, 15, 20, 26, May 2, meaning extra rest 3 times in 1st month.

Meanwhile, I got into a discussion with someone on another blog. I can’t believe someone has this little patience. The person called J.R. (John Ryan) Murphy a third-string catcher who can’t hit. I reminded the person that Murphy has a total of 26 MLB at bats and hasn’t turned 23 yet. Their response was that Trout is a superstar.


I reminded this person that by their criteria, that

1) they would have given up on Mickey Mantle. After all, the 19 year old Mantle was sent down in the summer of 1951.

2) they would have given up on Sandy Koufax. After all, in spring training of 1961, Sandy was a 25 year old lefty who (1955-1960) had a career record of 36-40.

3) they would have traded Mariano Rivera. For on 11/29/1995, Mo’s 26th b/day, Rivera had an MLB line of 10 starts, 9 relief appearances. 5-3, 5.51.

4) I did not mention this one.  In spring training of 1977, a 26 1/2 year old Ron Guidry had this MLB line:   1 start, 16 relief appearances. 0-1, 4.55.   ‘

I don’t know if J.R. Murphy WILL amount to anything. But this person wants to give up on him after 26 at bats in the majors and before he turns 23?


Thank God this person isn’t Brian Cashman.


Yankees retain coaching staff

My CPU fan is shot, and I’m working a lot of OT right now so I don’t have time to get it fixed and I’m keeping updates to a minimum until I can get it fixed.

Just a short note to say that the whole coaching staff is coming back in 2014.

We wait now to see if anyone actually accepts the qualifying offers.

As for A-Rod, Girardi doesn’t expect that situation to be resolved for another 4-5 weeks or so.

Girardi to return.

Well, it seems that Part 2 came out right before Joe Girardi made up his mind. He accepted a four-year extension from the Yanks to return as Yankees’ manager.

The front office also indicated that they would like the whole coaching staff to return.

St. Louis is pounding Pittsburgh 6-1, late in the game and barring a miraculous comeback by the Pirates, will be playing the Dodgers in the NLCS.

Game 5 of Tigers/A’s is tomorrow night. Winner faces Boston in the ALCS.

Looking at 2014 with trepidation. Part 2.

Before we get into the position players, we have to look at the manager. Joe Girardi is a free agent and although the Yanks have made an offer, will he accept it? Will the Cubs outbid the Yanks for Girardi’s services? Let’s not forget that as of now, the Reds and Nationals also are manager shopping.

It can be said that the Reds and Nats are better situated right now than the Yankees for immediate success. The Reds lost the wild card game this year while the Nats, although not making the playoffs, have young, superb talent that it can be said that the Yanks don’t have yet.

The Yanks are in rebuilding mode. Two legends have retired. There will be more missing players if certain free agents walk. Some are expected to go (Joba, Hughes) while others are uncertain (Cano, Granderson). Some returning players like Ichiro and Jeter are old. Whoever is manager for 2014 and beyond may need a lot of patience as the Yanks rebuild. Girardi did a good job with a talentless team in 2006 for the Marlins. Will he want to do another rebuilding stint, or does he want to win and win now?

If Girardi does walk, who then becomes the next manager? Tony Pena, the bench coach, would be a good choice. He, Girardi and Mattingly were the three interviews after Torre left. But could Pena go with Girardi?

What about others on the coaching staff?

Willie Randolph is an ex-Yankee great who has NY managerial experience.

Larry Rothschild was the Rays’ first manager. He dealt with building an expansion team. But could he go with Girardi?

Frankly, with some young catchers on the horizon, Pena and Girardi would seem to me, to be best. They could develop Romine, Murphy and/or Sanchez and hopefully you get the next long-time Yankees catcher.

Whatever happens, it (as the NY Post reported) must happen soon. For the Yanks have a lot of work to do this offseason, and they need their hierarchy (managers and coaches) set. They all (managers, coaches, front office and owner) must then be on the same page with a vision of how to rebuild.

So for now, they need to know who that manager and his coaches will be.

There’s no time to waste. For a major rebuilding job has to happen.

I’ll look care of the position players next.

Playoff update

I’ve been a bit busy at work and with various items since the Yankees baseball ended, but here is an update on the playoffs.

AL: Tampa Bay beat Texas in Game 163 to become the 2nd wild card. They then won the sudden-death WC game by beating Cleveland. They lost Game 1 of the ALDS to Boston 12-2 yesterday. The loss to Boston shouldn’t be much of a surprise when you consider that the Rays had a must-win game in Toronto on Sunday, a must-win game in Texas Monday night and another must win game in Cleveland on Wednesday night. Then yesterday’s game in Boston. They sure racked up the frequent flyer miles.

Detroit beat Oakland in Game 1 of their ALDS last night.

NL: Pittsburgh beat Cincy in the sudden-death WC game. Reds’ manager Dusty Baker was fired soon afterward. The Pirates are tied with the Cardinals at one game apiece in their NLDS.

The Braves and Dodgers are tied at one game apiece in their NLDS.

Meanwhile the Yanks have made an offer to Joe Girardi to stay on as manager. Girardi should make up his mind soon whether he wants it. If not, he can talk to other clubs starting next month and the Cubs are said to be pushing for him after they fired Dale Sveum.

A-Rod sued MLB. This is getting nasty and will get worse.