Game 131. Boston in for probably the last time at this Stadium. 7-3 Boston as Alex, Andy are awful.

Recap: At one point in the game, the Yanks top 3 hitters were 6-10, but the Yanks had just 3 runs, two on two solo HRs by Johnny Damon. Which tells you how Alex and the big G were with runners on base. Awful again, and Alex heard the boo-birds, who were angry at seeing the 9th DP from Alex in his last 19 games. Pettitte gave up 6 in 4 2/3, the victim of questionable umpiring, a couple flukey hits, and Boston doing what the Yanks haven’t done all year—get the big hit. The Yanks needed a sweep. They won’t get it. You can hear the funeral music. Hit more for more news, and a great quote from the “Yankee Truth”…

Barring a playoff or ALCS matchup (both highly unlikely), this will be the last series that Boston plays the Yanks at the “House that Ruth Built” before the Yanks move across the street.

YANKEES (70-60, 5 out of a playoff spot; On pythagorean. OPS+ 105, ERA+ 99)
BA-HR-RBI-SB-OPS+ (100 is league average)

Damon CF .312-9-55-23-121
Jeter SS .293-8-60-9-100
Abreu RF .297-15-82-14-121
Rodriguez 3B .312-28-78-16-160
Giambi 1B .250-25-77-2-133
Nady LF .320-8-23-0-159 as Yankee (103 AB). Total .328-21-80-1-146
Matsui DH .311-9-38-0-127 (273 AB)
Cano 2B .269-12-58-1-89
Molina C .227-2-14-0-60
Pettitte LHP 13-9, 4.17, ERA+ 102.

Andy looks for win 215, which would tie HOF Stan Coveleski and Jim Perry (Gaylord’s brother) on the all-time list.

See Joel Sherman’s column today. Lester Thursday, then Halladay and Burnett over the weekend. The bats, dormant for most of the year, need to wake up.

Twins pick up “Everyday Eddie” Guardado for the stretch drive.

The Vets Committee will consider 10 players whose careers began pre-1943 for the HOF on December 7th. I’m rooting hard for “Superchief,” Allie Reynolds, to get in. Others to be considered include Yankee great 2B Joe Gordon (1942 MVP), ex-Brown and Red Sox SS Vern “Junior” Stephens, Bill Dahlen, Wes Ferrell, Sherry Magee, Carl Mays (who, despite being a good pitcher is remembered mostly for one tragic pitch), Mickey Vernon, Bucky Walters (the 1939 NL MVP), and Deacon White.


1st. Welcome back off the DL, Wakefield. JD leadoff HR.

2nd. What crap. Back-to-back “swinging bunt” singles, both with two out, for Boston. It costs, as Ellsbury then singles in a run.

Yanks come back with 2-out singles by Godzilla, Cano and Molina (RBI).

3rd. Damn it Andy, hold the lead. He gives up two runs, and Boston takes the lead. Those bleeders sure didn’t help.

4th. Goodness gracious, three beautiful pitches by Andy and the ump calls all three low. They sure looked good.

Girardi talks to Pettitte. The ump doesn’t want to come out to break it up. Chicken. Now he comes out. Girardi can’t argue balls and strikes, but… he probably had a sarcastic comment.

And it works, apparently. A ball outside is called a strikeout. Intimidation? Pettitte talks to ump Reynolds. Probably wants to know (nicely) where those pitches were.

Nady and Matsui just miss HRs in the bottom of the 4th. After 4, 3-2 Yanks. Yanks need a sweep.

Red Sox get another run. All with two outs. They get the RISP hits. Yanks this year? Nope.

No luck. None. Hit off the 3rd base bag, a run, and Giambi pulls a rock to let in the 2nd run. 6-2 Bosox. Bruney in. Gets out of it with a great play by A-Rod. But Andy? 4 2/3, 6 runs. Ouch.

JD hits his 2nd HR of the night. Alex then comes up with 2 on. When has he last done something against Boston?

Short flyout, and Alex hears the boos. Amazing what a year can do. Boos in 2006, Cheers in 2007, Boos now….and the Big G makes out as well. The good OPS+/bad RISP boys do what they’ve done all year.

6th. Bruney walks the bases loaded then gives up a SF. 7-3 Boston.

7th. Robertson in.
Bottom 7th. 7-3. 1 out, Bases loaded. A-Rod up. Now, Alex?

GIDP. Figures. The boo-birds are out. Edwar got work. Now “Great” Britton.

Quote of the night. From Josh “the Yankee Truth” Imboden.

Chris Britton makes
Colter Bean look
like Calista Flockhart.

Calista Flockhart/Colter Bean?

22 responses to “Game 131. Boston in for probably the last time at this Stadium. 7-3 Boston as Alex, Andy are awful.

  1. As per a conversation we had a while back Mike, Joe Gordon should be in the Hall. He was a monster before WW2 and, while his average tailed off near the end, was MVP and a heck of a two-way second sacker when not a lot of second basemen were. I’d certainly add Reynolds, who was nothing short of tremendous–131-60 as a Yankee, two no-hitters in 1951, huge Game 1 start in 1949 against Newcombe. They should be shoo-ins to me. Stephens deserves consideration as well–a devastating hitter throughout the 1940s especially when paired with Ted Williams, the most RBIs in a season for a shortstop (159 in 1949).

  2. Pettite was undoubtedly getting squeezed. I agree Mike. Girardi did a good job sticking up for Pettite with a conference at the mound that seemed to take half an hour. It seemed to pay off with the strike 3 call on Ellsbury.

  3. Like Gordon, but my #1 choice is Allie. Very partial to Superchief. Check out Reynolds’ great WS record. 7-2.

  4. Nice going, Giambi. As if Pettite’s two-out woes weren’t bad enough, Giambi’s stupidity just cost the Yanks a sixth run when he seemed to miss that the runner was called safe (an obvious call), and walked off as if the out was made. Either that, or he didn’t trust his sad rag arm to throw home. Pathetic, though his swipe tag helped. But watching Giambi at first is too often like watching an elephant on roller skates.

  5. That was one heck of a play by A-Rod to cleanly field the carom off third base. Incredible reaction.

  6. JD tees off again, 6-3.

  7. Well, at least he is making 20 mil. for that kind of play.

  8. LOL Pauly. I can’t deny that. Too much, but the Yankees knew that when they signed him.

  9. Yeah but they at least thought he would give some MVP offense to offset it.

  10. lol And there is what 50 mil buys now a days. Two crappy pop ups

  11. No doubt Pauly. One truly excellent offensive year from Giambi–his first. The others saw his average compromised more and more.

  12. Yeah, the lack of a big inning when it’s really needed. Pettite’s two-out woes didn’t help, either. This team has left me shaking my head so many times this year it’s remarkable.

  13. Funny. They just showed Beckett in the dugout, who always acts like a tough guy. How come the tough guy has such a wimpy looking beard?

  14. …and Bruney gets squeezed. Girardi is barking. I’d expect an ejection tonight, just as Kay is mentioning.

  15. Too bad there are two on. I’d love to see Bruney come up and in on YUK-ulis.

  16. Walks the bases loaded. Sheesh.

  17. Kotsay? Kay says is reporting Red Sox about to get Kotsay.

  18. Sorry Mike. I was helping the kids with homework and we have a new dog, a real sweetheart, so I’ve been tending to the kids and her while watching. No doubt Bruney squeezed, though not on the 3-2 to Ortiz. That was a ball. I’m surprised Girardi didn’t get tossed for his arguing with (Jim, not Allie, whose impact on the strike zone was radically different) Reynolds.

    Jeter has had a good game.

    LOL about Beckett, Mike. That’s like crabgrass on Beckett’s face, bad thatch.

    Two on, one out for Abreu. They need runs now.

  19. A-Rod has absolutely killed the Yankees with RISP. That’s 9 GIDP in the last 19 games, disgraceful.

  20. Leave it to Josh. Great quote (for those of you who remember Colter “Butter” Bean).

  21. Comes down to one thing A-Choke. The Dan Marino of baseball. Any pressure and he chokes like a dog. The most overrated player in baseball, with all of his hollow stats, can’t hit a beach ball with any one on base. The only difference is he’s started early instead of gagging in the playoffs. I can see him pass Barry Bonds hitting a home run in a 10-0 blowout. I don’t give a shit about his home run totals anymore. Could you have any more meaningless milestones? I can see him passing out at the plate from nerves trying to pass Babe Ruth. Maybe he’ll accept a trade back to a last place team and he can hit 57 home runs and MVP’s and not worry about choking in the playoffs

  22. Can’t argue that, Mark. See the minor league post for the A-Rod image of the day. As Josh always says, “Hitters not sluggers.” A look at top sluggers and how many rings they got: Bonds, 0; Aaron, 1; Mays, 1; Sosa, 0; Griffey, 0; McGwire, 1; Killebrew, 0; Palmeiro, 0; A-Rod, 0; Schmidt, 1; Ted Williams, 0; McCovey, 0…

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