Games 147 & 148. The final homestand. The last DH? Yanks, Moose lose opener 7-1; win nightcap 6-5.

Day/night separate admission DH. I’ll try to keep in touch while also catching the PSU-Syracuse game on ABC this afternoon (and, if it’s the blowout it’s expected to be (PSU by 26) catching some of ND-Michigan) .

My mom has a cousin in the Houston area. Hopefully he is safe.

YANKEES (77-69 2 games behind Toronto for 3rd)

See yesterday’s post for details.
Damon CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B

Giambi 1B
Nady LF
Matsui DH (see yesterday’s post. Why? Get the surgery now, Godzilla.)
Ransom 3B (A-Rod scratched with stiff neck).
Cano 2B
Molina C
Mussina RHP (17-8, 3.48, ERA+ 122). Mussina looking to tie Jim Palmer on the all-time list with 268 wins. NY Post reports that should Mussina win, he would have the EXACT same w-l record as Palmer.

Same lineup as it would have been for Ponson last night. I’d expect Pudge to catch Game 2 tonight with Ponson on the mound.

Pete Abe reports that Hughes has been called up. He may (should?) get the start on Wednesday. In his two playoff starts for SWB, Hughes pitched 13 innings (would have been more but last night was a blowout and Hughes was pulled after 5 with an 11-1 lead), 1 R, 8 H, 4 walks and 23 Ks. Outside of two bad outings vs. Lehigh Valley, his minor league outings weren’t that bad, and he was getting better each time out.  We’ll see. He needs innings and will be going to the Arizona Fall League this winter.

Various places are now reporting what I wrote yesterday…that Pettitte has been scheduled for Tuesday and then will start the Stadium finale. The appropriate choice. Pettitte, of course, has had more on his mind. Deer Lake, TX is outside of Houston, and Andy went home to bring his family to NY.

Has anyone noticed WHY Toronto has passed the Yanks for 3rd (besides the poor Yankees RISP, the better pitching [Burnett, Halladay] of Toronto and other matters)….could it possibly be Cito Gaston? Cito is 44-28 (.611) since taking over the Blue Jays this year. It’s amazing to me how this guy wasn’t hired by ANYONE from 1997 until this year, when the Blue Jays brought him back. I mean, how many other guys out there have won two World Series or took his team to four postseasons? To me, it is inexcusable that he wasn’t hired by anyone for eleven seasons. As much as I hate seeing the Yanks in 4th, I’m glad that Cito is basically telling all those who passed him by to stick it. Good for him.

Yanks face Shields in Game 1 (weather permitting, and it appears good) and Garza in Game 2. Pete Abe reports that Evan Longoria may come off the DL today and that David Price has been called up by the Rays. Tampa # for eliminating the Yanks from the division title is 7. Boston’s is 9 for eliminating the Yanks from the Wild Card.

I’ll be in and out tomorrow. A VERY busy day. My parish has their annual picnic (hoping for good weather) and I’m scheduled to work for a few hours tomorrow afternoon during the Yankees game. I should make it home in time for YFCR (pausing to gorge myself with food at the picnic beforehand of course) and then comes the Steelers-Browns game tomorrow night. I’ll have to mute Olbermann though.

I’m a Steelers fan in Eagles country. Talk about going overboard, a Philly TV station (ABC of course, being that ESPN—associated with ABC—has the Monday night Dallas/Eagles game) is hyping the game as the battle for first place. Never mind it’s the second game of the season. Give it a rest, for crying out loud.

DH, Trenton (Game 3 of AA Championship), PSU…a busy day for me. I hope you enjoy today as much as I hope to enjoy today myself.

Forgot to mention. SWB goes to Oklahoma City for a one-game showdown with the PCL champ on Tuesday. It’s nice to see on Pete’s blog that an award from the game has been named in memory of Bobby Murcer. 

Listening in. A-Rod scratched with a stiff neck.

End of 4. Yanks offense collectively has a stiff neck. Moose down 2-0. Moose more or less needs this for any shot at 20.

IF I HAD A VOTE: AL CYA: Cliff Lee. MVP: Tough call, but I’ll go with Pedroia. In a year where Manny has been traded, Varitek has been horrible, Ortiz has missed 50 games and is at .265, Beckett is 12-9, 4.10, Wakefield 8-10, 4.11, the Red Sox are still playoff-bound. Pedroia leads the league in BA, hits, runs and doubles and sets the table for the team. 17 for 18 in SB, too. Hence my vote.
NL CYA: Tim Lincecum. 16-3 for a lousy team. Leads in ERA and K’s. MVP: Delgado. The Mets were 39-39 when he had his 2 HR, 9 RBI day vs. the Yanks. His revival and the Mets’ revival happened at the same time. No offense to Pujols, but without Delgado’s revival, where are the mostly Pedro-less, Alou-less and now Wagner-less Mets?
5-0 Tampa in the 5th. Forget this one. Forget 20, Moose. Yanks have just two hits through 4, both by Jeter. 7 to tie now, 8 to pass Gehrig for most hits at the Stadium. Looks like Moose is gone for the game, too.
May as well prep for the PSU game. Later.

Yanks lost the opener 7-1. Only run a HR by Abreu in the 9th. He and Jeter had 5 of the Yanks 8 hits. Jeter’s 3 hits mean that he needs 6 to tie Gehrig for most at the Stadium, 7 to pass him. Here is betting that he does it.
Moose gave up 5 in 5 IP. Giese gave up 2 in 2 IP, 1 ER. Britton went the 8th.
PSU up 38-6 at the half.

PSU won 55-13. ND beating Michigan, so Ty and Joe must be happy. As for PSU, I’ll have to see what happens when they get into the Big 10 schedule.

Jeter up to .299, Abreu .298 going into Game 2. Abreu’s 17th HR means most since 2005.


Gardner is in CF, leading off. Ransom at 3b, but Alex is DHing. Betemit at 1B, Pudge C.

During the PSU-Syracuse game, the announcer said that during his days at Brown, Paterno was coached in basketball by Weeb Ewbank. Fine. He also said that Paterno guarded Boston College guard Bob Cousy. The announcer should have done his homework. Paterno could have guarded Cousy, and most likely did at one point, but Cousy went to Holy Cross. 

Two walks, a balk and a SF by Alex in the 1st. 

Trenton up 1-0. HR by A-Jax. Game 3 of their Eastern League Championship and Trenton looking to defend the title they won lat year. Series even at a game apiece.

Robertson is up and available.

Gardner strikes out in the 3rd with two on. I knew he K’d a lot in the minors, ok. But too many K’s I’m seeing are of the caught looking variety. Swing the bat, Brett. Even if fooled, if the guy hits a 40 foot nubber, he beats it out. Swing the bat. 

Another hit for Jeter. 5 to tie, 6 to pass.

Ponson gives up a granny in the 4th. Coke in. Yanks offense non-existent again. This team seems to have rolled over and died, and that is an indictment of the leadership.

Trenton is up 3-1 in the 8th.

Betemit HRs. 4-2 Rays.

Gardner RBI groundout. 4-3. Jeter gets another hit. He’s going after that record like on a Mission from God. 4 to tie, 5 to pass.

2 2/3 scoreless from Coke. Nice job. Scoreless 7th for Marte.

ANOTHER hit for Derek. He’s attacking that record and a .300 average with a vengeance. 3 to tie, 4 to pass. Is there any doubt now that he will get it? Tie game in the 7th due to a Tampa error.

…and Nady unties it with a hit. 5-4 Yanks.
Joba has a 1-2-3 8th. Going to the bottom of the 8th, then Mo.

RBI single by Abreu. Insurance run. He and Alex with RBIs in this game in their drives for 100.

Mo saves it. Melky came in for D. Gardner shifted to LF. Mo gives up a run (rust shows in Mo’s 2nd outing of the month) but Yanks win 6-5.


16 responses to “Games 147 & 148. The final homestand. The last DH? Yanks, Moose lose opener 7-1; win nightcap 6-5.

  1. one could make an argument for morneau this year for MVP ( a better case than 2006 even) but i’d go with pedroia as well. i think i’d go with david wright for MVP–he’s been the guy through thick and thin this year

  2. so-little G has shown some stuff tonight–

    i’m just trying to enjoy every minute i can watching the last games at the stadium.

    at least tonight they look like they are playing with some pride–great to see jeter finally putting it together and i’m really rooting for him to break the iron horse’s record

  3. but yeah the little one should have swung the bat before, but he made up for it with the RBI in the next at bat

    i like what i’m seeing from coke

  4. maybe i was a bit hasty with the “playing with pride” accolade…it looked like they had something going for an inning…

  5. another hit for jeter–he’s really turning it on.

  6. signs of life! thank you X

  7. jeter up again-little G steals…

  8. Yes, Coke is showing that they could have two lefties (he and Marte) in the bullpen next year. Could be good competition. You figure on 4 righties then to go with Mo. Melancon and Robertson are two babes in the mix. Then the Yanks decide on who they want to keep, who to get rid of between Rasner, Giese, Edwar, Veras, Bruney, Albaladejo, Britton… and who knows, maybe Claggett and Sanchez. It’s looking like Joba could be starting in the ‘pen in 2009, then going to the rotation again (innings problem). The thing is, it also appears that once someone else gets HIS innings in, that once Joba goes to the rotation, then Humberto Sanchez could be coming up to take Joba’s role as the setup man. Lots of competition for 2009. It’ll be interesting to see how things shake out.

  9. watching little G turn on the jets is amazing

  10. i’d have to go with giese as the long man. i think we had a full look at rasner this year–a longer look than anyone of us would have liked–maybe an NL team could use him.

  11. mo vs iwamura—-classic

  12. Yup. Easiest way to get back on top….shore up that pitching. Especially the rotation. I’ve listed a ton of guys for the bullpen. But a rotation (as we’ve seen this September) of Pavano, Rasner and Ponson….you aren’t going anywhere with that. Granted the injuries to Wang and Joba and the poor performances then injuries to Ian and Hughes necessitated it, but all those starts made by Rasner, Pavano, Giese, Ponson…you aren’t going anywhere with them. Giese good long man, but like Rasner, you don’t want more than say, six spot starts from him.

  13. 2nd outing of the month for Mo. Rust showing as he gives up a run. I’m hoping Mo keeps that ERA under 2.00….for what would be the 8th time (no other closer had more than four).

  14. nice win for the team–well for the fans at least. nice to see some pride and jeter leading the way

  15. interesting stat on mo’s ERA. thanks

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