Game 151. Jeter sets mark, but Pettitte’s mark in dire jeopardy as Yanks lose 6-2.

Yanks 80-70, tied for 3rd.
2 games better than Pythagorean.
OPS+ 104. ERA+ 98 (probably won’t change much from here on)

Damon DH .305-14-63-28-OPS+ 120 (100 is average)
Jeter SS .304-11-68-108 (needs that one hit)
Abreu RF .301-17-89-19-123
Rodriguez 3B .305-34-100-17-157 (2 HR off the AL lead)
Giambi 1B .251-30-92-2-134
Nady LF .283-11-33-0-123 as Yankee. Total .314-24-90-1-135
Cano 2B .260-13-61-1-81 (don’t do it again)
Molina C .218-2-15-0-53
Gardner CF .170-0-10-8-22 (No Melky…Brett getting a look, better start hitting. 88 AB).
Pettitte LHP 13-13, 4.52. ERA+ 95. Andy is tied with Pedro and Rick Reuschel on the all-time wins list. His next win ties Jim Perry and Stan Coveleski.

From Pete Abraham:

This release from the Hall of Fame:

Ten former major league players, whose careers began in 1943 or later, will be considered for election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2009 by the Veterans Committee, with results to be announced December 8 at baseball’s Winter Meetings, it was announced today.

Dick Allen, Gil Hodges, Jim Kaat, Tony Oliva, Al Oliver, Vada Pinson, Ron Santo, Luis Tiant, Joe Torre and Maury Wills will be considered for election by the Veterans Committee for enshrinement in 2009, with votes to be cast by Hall of Fame members this fall. Any candidate to receive 75% of the vote on all ballots cast will earn election to the Hall of Fame and will be enshrined on July 26, 2009.

There were 21 players considered, with the screening narrowed to 10. The entire list:

Allen, Ken Boyer, Bert Campaneris, Rocky Colavito, Mike Cuellar, Steve Garvey, Hodges, Kaat, Ted Kluszewski, Mickey Lolich, Roger Maris, Lee May, Minnie Minoso, Thurman Munson, Oliva, Oliver, Pinson, Santo, Tiant, Torre and Wills.

Also in December, a 12-member voting committee will consider the candidacies of 10 former major league players whose careers began in 1942 or earlier: Bill Dahlen, Wes Ferrell, Joe Gordon, Sherry Magee, Carl Mays, Allie Reynolds, Vern Stephens, Mickey Vernon, Bucky Walters and Deacon White. Any candidate to earn votes of 75% of ballots cast will earn election to the Hall of Fame, with enshrinement on July 26, 2009.

As for post-1943, all have plusses and minuses. I’m kind of partial to Santo. Diabetes, both legs amputated, 342 HR (in a pitchers era) and considering the small number of 3B in the Hall…When Santo retired, I think only Mathews had more HR for a third baseman. As for pre-1943, I’m partial to Allie Reynolds.

Remember this is for playing careers only, especially as it relates to Hodges and Torre. Maybe they should have a “lifetime achievement award” for the two, but the managerial career, I don’t believe, is listed here. Note the wording of the HOF release: players.

I’ll be on the phone with a friend tonight and taking care of other things. There is a huge job fair in my area tomorrow which I’m preparing for and researching and printing resumes for, and I received some sad news from a friend today regarding a mutual friend of ours. So I’ll try to be in, but I do have a full plate tonight. I will be checking up on the Yanks and SWB tonight.

1st. Jeter does it. A hit (official scorer decision) is #1270 for him at the Stadium, passing Gehrig for most hits by a player at Yankee Stadium. Although Damon and Jeter lead off with hits, they are left stranded. Abreu had a hot shot which looked like a ribbie, but it was speared. No Dp, though. A-Rod whiffed before the Big G ended the inning. 

Quick notes and recap: The Yanks lost 6-2, scoring two runs or less for the 48th time this year. Andy Pettitte, once 12-7, 3.76, falls to 13-14 and the 4.52 he entered the game with will go up. In order to keep that mark he shares with Ruth, that of being the only pitchers with 10 or more years to have a winning record in EVERY season they pitched in, Andy will need to win both of the starts he has left. Sunday night in the Stadium finale, then up in Boston.

Brett Gardner had a single and double, scored a run and stole two bases. The two steals gave him 10 for the season (in 11 attempts). A significant number. How so? It’s one more than Melky had all year before the Melkman found his way to the doghouse and AAA. I don’t ask for much from Gardner, and know he doesn’t have power. I just wonder, if he can hit .270, how many steals could he get? Between AAA and the majors this year, 47 steals.

The other Yankee run came on a solo HR by the big G. #31 on the season, and #395 for his career, one behind Joe Carter. But typical of the 2008 Yanks, the HR is solo. Later, with the bases juiced and two out, he whiffed.

When Jeter sacrificed early in the game, Michael Kay drove me nuts. He hated it, and gave the “because he’s Derek Jeter” line. God how I hate that line. Hell, Mantle bunted every so often. I loved how Flaherty liked the bunt and that the former player put the non-player (journalist/broadcaster) in his place so to speak. Has Kay forgotten how the Yanks won in all those years he was next to Sterling broadcasting the championships? Through unselfish play. Just the line “because he’s (fill in the blank)” speaks, to me, to a selfishness that has to be struck from the team. Flaherty remarked about littleball, making something happen, giving yourself up to get the runner over…all things the Yanks have been lacking in over the past few years and all things it seems like Kay forgot about. Good for Flaherty.

Watching Pettitte falter, I’m reminded of how we were concerned about Pettitte faltering or whatever not only from age, but because we were worried about possible subpoenas and the possible distractions of testifying in the Clemens’ case. We haven’t heard anything or much from Roger lately, have we? Not since Mindy anyway. I guess he went to the same island McGwire is on…along with the Skipper, Gilligan and company.

I’m waiting for Hank to now tell Andy to “pitch like Moyer” like he did with Mussina.

Veras, Giese and Robertson finished up. Veras and Giese gave up runs. Robertson gave up a hit and a walk, but K’d the side.

Griffey wants to continue on, but I think this should be it for him. He is tied with Sosa with 609, and I hope he passes Sammy. But it’s amazing to think that since the trade to Chicago, Junior has just one HR in over 100 at bats. Junior, if that isn’t telling you that it’s time to retire, then nothing will.

2 responses to “Game 151. Jeter sets mark, but Pettitte’s mark in dire jeopardy as Yanks lose 6-2.

  1. good luck with the job fair mike–sorry to hear about your friend as well…

  2. Agreed on the players, to which I’ll add Joe Gordon as per our previous conversations on him. Torre should enter as a manager/lifetime. Kick ass at the job fair and I’m sorry about your friend.

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