Talk about your hangovers.

I don’t want to add too much. I probably will. We all probably still want to take it all in, and that will be for quite a while as we await six of the most anti-climactic games in Yankees history.

It kind of feels like a hangover right now. For me, I mean that literally. Between the significance of last night and a bad cold, I went through lots of Kleenex, and with the cold medicine and lack of sleep, sure feel “hung over.”

I kind of feel sorry for Mike Mussina. He needs to win tomorrow night in Toronto to keep any hopes of a twenty-win season alive. Would anyone blame him or the rest of the Yanks if they come out flat tomorrow night? I mean, really…

It’s interesting what Moose wants from the ballpark. The flagpole. He’d have it sent home in pieces, weld it back together, and fly a flag from this weekend on it. As big as that flagpole is, we’ll all now know where Montoursville, PA is (it’s near Williamsport).

One thing though. Moose can get the flagpole. The bronzed Lou Gehrig bat on top of it? I hope not. That should go on the NEW flagpole.

I suspect that Jeter would want that sign of the Joe DiMaggio quote that hung in the runway between the clubhouse and the dugout. His final Yankee Stadium II hit count? 1275.

Andy’s first K last night was #2000 of his career. Pete Abe had some bones to pick with some of the ceremony. He didn’t like the actors portraying late legends. Especially the fact they stood in the outfield for an hour. I look at it this way. They were playing the ghosts. For one more hour, I didn’t think those ghosts minded. As for the dissing of Torre, I don’t know how they could have honored him. Should they have? Probably. But the honoring of Huggins came via an actor when they announced the 1923 starting lineup. Other actors, symbolizing Monument Park coming to life, stood in for McCarthy and Stengel. Girardi as the current manager was announced almost as an afterthought. He was shown in the video tribute and announced as a catcher. There was no video tribute for managers. Billy Martin Jr. was representing his dad at second base. There was no mention of Ralph Houk. Come to think of it, there was no video tribute for the front office either. I’d have to review the tape, but I don’t recall any mention of the man who built the place, and I don’t mean Babe. I mean Jacob Ruppert. I don’t recall Barrow or Huston mentioned. Nor George Weiss. So where they’d have fit in Torre, I don’t know.

It’s too bad George wasn’t there. It might have and probably would have been too much for his health. Hal (the real power) was there. Hank, the Mouth that Roared, wasn’t. So can the media stop treating every word from him like it’s newsworthy? I don’t know if he was taking care of his dad or what, but the guy wasn’t at the All-Star Game or the Finale. He’s Sonny Corleone (or, shall I say, Fredo?) to Hal’s Michael.

Jeter’s speech was beautiful, heartfelt, and non-rehearsed. I saw him come out of the game, but missed Melky replacing Damon. Nice touch by Girardi getting the Captain an ovation. As I mentioned last night, what a spot for Phil Coke. From AA to that, and the kid did ok. For someone like him or Brett Gardner (who scored the last run) it’s like Bogie and Bergman in Casablanca when they mention that they’ll always have Paris. We don’t know what kind of careers Gardner or Coke will have. If nothing else, they’ll have last night.

A bit disappointed in my Steelers. Maybe next week they’ll remember to block.

Congratulations to those MLB teams that have clinched a playoff spot and those who will in the next week.

If they can get over the hangovers, A-Rod can still become the AL HR champ for this year (1 behind Quentin and Miggy Cabrera), Giambi needs 6 RBI and Abreu 5 for 100.

Matsui will be operated on today. At least he got a hit last night. He ends .294-9-45 in 93 games. Basically, he will have ended up missing 65 or so. A couple players are between .299 (Abreu) and .307 (Damon), so the .300 batting average is something to watch, as is 20 for Moose and a winning season for Pettitte (if he isn’t shut down). Jeter is at .301, and I wonder how that hand is. Heck, let him keep the .301 and shut him down…now. Let his last game of 2008 be last evening’s.

Nady’s been fading lately. Pudge has more SB for the Yanks than RBI.

Some guys may get their first hit….Cervelli? Miranda?

But as I wrote, anti-climactic. There are a few numbers for individual players to shoot for, but for most of us—and I presume for them too in most cases— the season ended last night with the Stadium.


6 responses to “Talk about your hangovers.

  1. great wrap up mike–last night meant a lot to me…i’m sure all of us..

    a couple of things…i didn’t like those actors playing the 1923 line up either—just thought it was weird. i’m told that they showed a greeting on the screen from both torre and mattingly between innings so pete abe was wrong yet again..

    willie’s slide was a highlight–paul o’neill and of course bernie…what a moment. i loved jeter’s speech – it was heartfelt and the lap around the field was wonderful.

  2. I know they wanted to honor the first lineup and the “ghosts.” I don’t know how else they could have done it. Stengel and McCarthy were childless. DiMaggio’s only child was a vagrant who died not long after Joe D. did. As for the others, who knows. Maybe it wasn’t the best way, but they wanted something done to remember them.

    I heard Colin Cowherd talking about the ratings being low and that Cowboys-Packers did better and no one cared, etc.

    Well, sorry Colin and the rest of the country in that Louis-Schmeling wasn’t fought at Wrigley Field, or that the Kingdome had no really great memories outside of Game 5 1995 or a Bo Jackson MNF game. Sorry that Wrigley hasn’t seen a Series game since 1945 or that when I visited Chicago and didn’t see Wrigley that people who did see it called it a dump. Sorry that the Brockton Blockbuster’s last fight wasn’t in Fenway Pawk but in Yankee Stadium. That it was Colts-Giants in 1958 and not Colts-Browns (the Giants beat the Browns in a playoff for the Eastern Conference title that year). I guess the popes should apologize for not having the Masses in the Astrodome. Criiticze Ali-Norton for not having Ali-Norton III in Dodger Stadium or so.

    Yes, it may not have been the 1923-1973 original, but the site had more great moments than any other. Love or hate the Yankees, but its too bad that most great moments were held at 161st and River in the Bronx.

    Nice touch by Torre and Donnie. As for those who weren’t there, I hope people up in years like Henrich and Houk are ok.

  3. A great one last salute to Yankee Stadium. I will watch the last 6 games just out of habit. I should also announce I won’t be aroun in January, my next stop on the world tour is the cradle of civilization itself. I am heading to Israel.

  4. Mike:

    This was a good season for me, but only because I found your blog and got to know the fellow Yankee fans. I am looking forward to next year already. Later all.

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