Rays, Red Sox each go 2-up, and look at K-Rod vs. Mo and Papelbon.

I didn’t see much yesterday, as I had somewhere to go yesterday afternoon and caught a film (rare for me, I’d love to see more) last evening. I needed that.

One thing I hate about going out to a film. The movie time was 7:35, which we know is bogus. I deliberately got there at 7:40, figuring that it wouldn’t be sold out, I’ll get a ticket, and miss the previews. Nope. Do you know what time the feature actually started? 8 p.m. Twenty-five stinking minutes of sitting through “previews of coming attractions.” Ridiculous.

After a shaky 1st, Scott Kazmir settled down. Akinori Iwamura hit a 2-run HR to give the Yanks the lead, and Dioner Navarro chipped in with 2 RBI as Tampa beat the Chisox 6-2 to go up 2-0 in their series.

The Red Sox got a 3-run HR from Jason Bay in the 1st and took a 4-0 lead, but the Angels battled back to tie it in the 8th. J. D. Drew hit a 2-run HR in the 9th for Boston to beat the Angels 7-5. Typical Angels, 11th straight postseason loss to Boston. Even in a year when they won 100 and went 8-1 vs. Boston, they still can’t do it come postseason time. The past several years are funny. The Angels can beat the Yanks in the postseason but not Boston. Drew and Bay each had 3 hits and 3 RBI. Why the difference vs. the Yanks and Red Sox? For one reason, Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez.

K-Rod can have that 62 save record forever. The “excitable boy” will be pursued heavily in the offseason, and I’d expect the Mets (what with Billy Wagner out for 2009 and possibly finished) to do everything they can to get him. I’ll take Mo (or Papelbon) over K-Rod. Papelbon is 2-0, 5 saves, ERA 0.00 in 11 postseason games. A 1.84 ERA for his short career. ERA+ 253. Mo’s postseason numbers are unreal. 76 games. 8-1, 0.77. 34 saves. A 2.29 ERA for his career. ERA+ 199. His adjusted ERA (ERA+) for this year was 308, the highest of his career, just edging out the 307 of 2005. How so? In 2005 his ERA was 1.38, the league ERA 4.23. This past season he had a 1.40, but the League had a 4.31. Ratio. Oh yeah, 482 saves in the regular season for Mo too.

As for K-Rod, 208 saves and he is only 26. Helped the Angels to their 2002 title. 2.35 ERA, ERA+ 189. But his postseason stats pale to Papelbon’s and Mo’s. 5-4, 3 saves, 3.23 in 20 games. Those four losses stick out like a sore thumb compared to Mo and Papelbon. He lost Game 4 of the 2002 WS. In Game 6, he gave up a WP to allow an inherited runner to score, then later a HR to Bonds (not a crime…what Bonds was doing then was more of the crime). Then another run before the Angels remarkable comeback. Game 2 of the 2004 ALDS vs. Boston, he took the loss, giving up a run in 2 IP. 2 wild pitches. Forced to pitch a 3rd inning in a do-or-die Game 3 of that ALDS, he took the loss when Jarod Washburn replaced him with two out in the tenth, runner on 1st and Ortiz coming up. Not K-Rod’s fault, but Washburn promptly gave up a HR to Ortiz and K-Rod took the loss, giving him an 0-2 record for that series. Last year, K-Rod pitched in just one postseason game. He came into a tie game, man on 2nd, one out in the bottom of the 9th at Fenway. He got Youkulis to strike out, then intentionally walked Ortiz. Manny ended the game with a 3-run HR.

Now this year. 1 1/3. Gives up the game-winning HR to Drew.

Unfortunately for Yanks fans, K-Rod has been great against them in the postseason. 2-0, 2 saves, 9 IP, 3.00, 10 K.

For Boston fans, a different story altogether. 0-3. NO Saves. 6 1/3 IP. 8.53 ERA.

He’s good, no question about it. But those four losses (3 vs. Boston) stick out like a sore thumb when compared to Mo and Papelbon (and Papelbon went 2 and won last night’s game). He can have the 62 saves. I’m sure Angels fans would want to trade a few of those for saves vs. the Red Sox.


2 responses to “Rays, Red Sox each go 2-up, and look at K-Rod vs. Mo and Papelbon.

  1. K-Rod is a great closer, perfect signing for the Mets. Comparing him to the greatest closer of all time in Rivera not fair to him. Papelbon is very good, but being from Boston watching him people are starting to figure him out. Personally I’d take both of them first as well, K-rod may not be the best but he will be the highest paid.

  2. Maybe. My point is more the postseason, where Papelbon has been perfect to date, Mo near-perfect (of course Mo has 7x more games than Papelbon!). The point was that between Mo and Papelbon, there have been close to 90 postseason games and what two screwups? K-Rod has 4 losses charged to him in 20 games. Boston apparently has his postseason number.

    The one thing about being a closer. No margin for error in the postseason. Which makes Mo’s accomplishments all the greater.

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