Morning Musings.

Hmmm… Mike Vaccaro gets a fact wrong, and it’s a big error. Nice piece by him about how the Rays became men on March 8th (known to Yankee fans as the Cervelli incident—the collision at home, broken wrist…led to the Shelley incident, etc.). He makes the point of 3/8 in sports history,  stating that Joe D. died on 3/8/99 and the first Ali-Frazier fight was 3/8/71. One thing though, Vaccaro. Frazier did NOT knock Ali OUT in that fight. Frazier won a 15 rd. decision. He knocked Ali DOWN in the 15th. Ali was up at the count of three. Big difference.

Wait a sec. Mike Timlin tied Mo for ALCS games pitched? Timlin? Toronto, Seattle and Boston…and the first game came in 1991.

The names of Bowa and Randolph come up in King, George A. III’s column regarding Meacham’s replacement as 3B coach. As I’ve stated, Bowa seems happy in LA with Torre, and Randolph would be like the “Sword of Damacles.” (Check out what it is if you don’t know….in short, a sword hanging by a thread ready to kill the person below on a moment’s notice). Younger readers may not remember this, but after Billy IV (you need terms or upgrade numbers for the Yankee managers of that era) ended in 1985, Billy went to the broadcast booth while Lou 1.0 had its reign. Sure enough, Billy criticized a Lou move on the air and trouble ensued. Should Willie be a 3B or bench coach, what do you think would happen at the first four-game losing streak? There would be all kinds of talk about the sword (Willie) about to fall on Girardi. No one can work under that kind of cloud or pressure. Sure enough, in 1988, Lou 1.0 was followed by Billy V, soon followed by Lou 2.0. Having someone looking over your shoulder is NOT good.

Interesting column by Sherman as I continue to peruse the Post. Comparing Manny to Bonds as far as problems (tanking vs. steroids), popularity in the clubhouse, home and away, the fear factor in being pitched around, and now age vs. money and contract. Good analogy. Someone said that they saw a report stating that Manny was Bronx and homeward-bound. I refuted it. I don’t know if the individual got mad or not that I refuted it, but I basically told him his source was full of it. You have to consider some things here.

Where would he play? He is a bad OF. DH? Then you have to move Matsui, and Matsui is coming off surgery. Think Godzilla would be easy to move? Think Manny and Girardi could get along? It could be worse than Billy and Reggie. Age. Manny is 36 and Boras wants a six-year deal for $20 to $25M per year. A-Rod is locked up into his forties. Posada, Rivera. Jeter probably will be too. You already have six guys, the youngest of whom turns 34 next July (A-Rod), making $106.1 million for 2009. Six. Now they are going to add a guy they don’t need (probably at the expense of the pitcher or 1b that they DO need)? I heard it was Comcast making this report. If so, they have absolutely NO clue what the hell they are talking about. Irresponsible reporting. Just taking a superstar and Yankee money and throwing them together without doing any kind of research or analysis. Pathetic.        

I don’t know if reader Mike F. is still in L.A., but if he is, apparently he has seen or heard that the lovefest LA had with Torre is on the rocks after Torre’s managerial decisions in Game 4. Apparently the criticism of his bullpen moves isn’t just confined to NY and the end of his Yankee days. It’s an LA thing now.

Speaking of LA, I see that Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia Brady on the Brady Bunch, now has a book out in which he says she dealt sex for cocaine. It also says where she lives now that she’s cleaned up. Not exactly what I wanted to read. I have family in the town inhabited by Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Hoo-boy.

On a last note, nice piece by Bart Hubbuch in LA in comparing the spunk Victorino is giving the Phils in 2008 to that of Lenny Dykstra in 1993. I do have lots of reservations and suspicions about “Nails” and some others from that 1993 “Macho (or whatever) Row” however. But good for Victorino, who just lost his grandma last week.


3 responses to “Morning Musings.

  1. not everyone in LA feels as you do.
    from Bill Plaschke from the LA Times:

    Torre, who was too patient with Lowe in Game 1 and was burned by it, said he was trying to stop trouble before it started.

    “He had to work hard every inning,” said Torre. “We were probably only going to get one more inning out of him anyway.”

    I don’t blame Torre. Given the history and circumstances, he made the right move.

    If you want to blame someone, blame the organization for having to start Lowe on short rest in the first place. The Dodgers have one of the best pitching staffs in baseball, yet don’t have a fourth pitcher for a playoff rotation?”

  2. Mike:

    Saw Shane Victorino play in Scranton for the Red Barons in 2005. Made some great plays in centerfield, showed power with his bat and was basically their best player before the Phillies called him up in September of that year. He’s been quite a sparkplug for the Phillies, who lost Aaron Rowand to free agency after last season.

    Joe P.

  3. Fair enough, Mike. I tend to disagree. Of course we all are aware of Plaschke from “Around the Horn.”

    The point I made the other day wasn’t a knock on Torre as far as Penny and Schmidt were concerned. Torre had nothing to do with that. The point was more “what if they DID have Penny and Schmidt”? Obviously one of them would be that 4th pitcher in the playoff rotation.

    As for Lowe, after struggling in the first, he seemed to be settling down.

    One thing I believe in is the rhythm of a game. Maybe I’m getting too musical, but it is something I’m strong on. Knowing how the tone of a game is going. The rhythm. Not changing for the sake of change, especially when the tempo is in your favor.

    So often I see everything going a team’s way. Then a (as I see it) unnecessary change. Like going from “Roll Over Beethoven” into a polka in the middle of the beat, rhythmically speaking. I’m one who believes that you don’t mess with a good thing in the middle of a game. If someone is in a groove, ride him as long as you can. Just my style.

    Thanks, Joe. Do you remember the fan club meetings from 3 years ago when (before the Yanks signed Damon) I pushed for a trade for DeJesus or Victorino? I need to check my archives on this site. I have to see how far back they go. If they go back to the winter of 2005/2006, check what I wrote on Victorino. I pushed for him three years ago. If only I had a hotline to Cashman!

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