Moose, Maddux… more?

Coming home from work and listening to the radio, I heard that Pitt won today. Win #9. The announcer said it was Pitt’s first 9 or more win season since 1982. The rest of the story? You know what 1982 was, don’t you? Dan Marino’s senior year. (My senior year at PSU as well. PSU beat Pitt 19-10 at Beaver Stadium in the last regular season game that year before beating Georgia 27-23 in the Sugar Bowl for the national championship.)

Mussina and Maddux have retired, but what of Maddux’s other two amigos? Maddux is 42 and in 2008 he probably had the best year of the three, going 8-13. At least he had a full season. Glavine had elbow and shoulder surgery. He’s a few weeks older than Maddux. If he comes back, it’ll be at age 43. He was 2-4, 5.54 in 2008 in 13 g. ERA+ 77. 270 wins retired with Mussina. 355 with Maddux. Glavine has 305. I’m not done. What about John Smoltz? Smoltz is a year younger than his former teammates. He’ll be 42 next May. He got into just six games in 2008. 3-2, 2.57, ERA+ 165. 210 wins, but remember he closed for a few years. 154 saves. 15-4 in the postseason, better than Maddux and Glavine. Imagine a HOF ballot in 2014 that has Mussina, Maddux, Glavine AND Smoltz on it. Who knows, maybe even Frank Thomas if no one picks him up. As of now it looks like Griffey will be back, but with whom? Pedro? Schilling? The point is, we have seen Mussina (who should be a HOF) retire, and Maddux (who will be one) do the same. Are there more coming, so much more that the ballot for the 2014 induction will have a ton of first-timers who are worthy? Pedro says he wants to play (MLB Trade Rumors), but who’ll have him after he has been 17-15 since 2005, with only 48 games pitched in those three years? 5-6, 5.61 this year (ERA+ 75)?

Dec. 1973 to Dec. 2008. From celebrated hero to sentenced convict. (Should have been done in 1995, but…) Finally O.J. gets his. Speaking of, is it me or does anyone else think of Rollie Fingers every time they see Fred Goldman?

Fred Goldman

Kevin Kernan has an article on Ian Kennedy in the NY Post. Most interesting is that Ian went back to USC, where he starred in college, to work with Tom House, who has been the Trojans’ pitching coach for the past two seasons. If that name sounds familiar, it should be. House was a major league pitcher, but is most remembered for a catch. As a member of the Braves, he was the one who caught Henry Aaron’s 715th HR on April 8, 1974. Nolan Ryan has praised House’s work.

Jonathan Albaladejo continues to do well in the Puerto Rican Winter League.

A-Rod will be playing for the Dominican Republic in the WBC, along with Big Papi.

Rafael Furcal has turned down an offer from the A’s.

Interesting. MLB Trade Rumors has an article that six teams are interested in Randy Johnson and one of them is the Dodgers. Torre wants him? That would surprise me a little.

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