Pinstripes for Big Men; CC a Yankee

The story goes that Jacob Ruppert put pinstripes on the Yankee uniform to make Babe Ruth look slimmer. David Wells tested that theory. Now it’s C.C. Sabathia’s turn.

Breaking news from ESPN is that C. C. Sabathia has accepted the Yankees deal. Late last night, GM Brian Cashman left Las Vegas for S.F. A third meeting with C. C. Three meetings in three days meant something was close, and supposedly the deal is now done. Six years, $140M. We will find out the particulars later.

The Yanks have their ace. Not that Wang wasn’t one, as Wang after all, is 54-20, 3.79, ERA+ 117 for his career. But Wang is better slated as a #2 or #3 starter. Sabathia, 17-10, 2.70 (ERA+ 162) for the Indians and Brewers last year, is 117-73, 3.66, ERA+ 121 for his career. Both he and Wang turn 29 next year. Both in their primes. C. C.’s 162 g. average for his career is 15-9, 3.66. The 2007 CYA winner teams now with Wang to give the Yanks a 1-2 punch, and the Yanks now turn to two other pitchers. Re-signing Pettitte to be the #4, in front of Joba’s #5 (I know Joba could move up quickly, but we won’t rush him) is one step to hopefully be done soon.

Now for the #3 in the rotation. As written by Pete Abraham, the Yanks can now “play Burnett, Lowe and Sheets off each other and make the best deal.”

Which then leaves Kennedy and Hughes in AAA to get more experience (which is why I would only give Pettitte a one-year deal), and that’s not a bad thing. They, along with Aceves, could be “on the ready” just in case.

One thing I read a few days ago and Pete Abraham confirms on his blog: the Yanks have interest in free agent Nick Punto as a utility infielder. Punto can’t hit (.252, OPS+ 74 for his career) but he does have some speed (61 SB in the last four years) and can play 2B, SS and 3B. Besides, with Cano, Jeter and A-Rod, barring injury, how much does a backup infielder play? Punto, or Ransom? Your call?

One great thing about being a Yankees fan—we care right down to the 25th man.

Now to get that other pitcher.


One response to “Pinstripes for Big Men; CC a Yankee

  1. obviously thrilled about CC-

    punto did hit better last year than previously, but agreed- he’s not much withn a bat, but i absolutely love watching him make plays. i can remember him practically levitating sideways to throw out matsui at 1st base in 2007. he’s a web gem practically every night

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