Forget Freddie…Garcia to Mets

MLBTR states that Freddy Garcia has signed a minor league deal with the Mets as he continues his comeback. So cross him off the list as a potential #5 for the Yanks. (Are you getting as p-o’d about Pettitte as I am? Damn it Andy… )

Interesting talk about Jeff Kent today. Most talking about him as a HOF but then Colin Cowherd read an email saying not. If Kent does get in it won’t be on the 1st ballot, that’s for sure. Granted Kent wasn’t a great fielder, but Cowherd said only 5x an all-star in 17 years in the majors. Still, I look at the position. If Kent played LF, not a HOF, but he was a 2B. At 2B, he put up offensive numbers rarely seen by 2B. Granted if given the choice between Robbie Alomar or Kent, I’d take Robbie. Same with Hornsby, Sandberg, Mazeroski (not the bat, but what a glove), Eddie Collins, Jackie Robinson, etc. I don’t know about that enabler bit. That Kent only benefitted from Bonds behind him. Surely it didn’t hurt, but give Kent his offensive due. .290 with 377 HR and an OPS+ of 123 is pretty damned good for a 2B, as is 8 100-RBI seasons.

Looks like the Celtics are out of their funk.

Now Mark McGwire’s brother is coming out against his brother Mark, saying that McGwire started with the steroids in 1994. As ESPN News has on as I write this, the Pre- and Post-1994 numbers on McGwire are quite different. McGwire did have good seasons before 1994 (49 HR as a rookie in 1987) and he also had some clunkers, despite the power. 1989-1991, .235-.231-.201. And in 1989 the A’s won the WS, 1990 the pennant. Granted the HRs were 33, 39 and 22 but not HOF numbers at all then. He bounced back with a solid 1992 before injuries cost him most of 1993 and 1994. Those who want to put Big Mac in the Hall have to admit that his pre-1994 numbers do not merit HOF consideration. Granted he had nice power numbers, but those BA’s of 1989-1991 are sickly. It’s the post-1994 numbers (1995-2000) that do. Those, combined with the pre-1994 give the 583 HR. Even at that, the career BA was just .263. Reggie had a .262 with 563 HR but Reggie’s numbers don’t bear the brand of suspicion that McGwire’s does. The accusations by McGwire’s brother won’t help his cause. What’s that? You choose your friends but your family you are stuck with? It’s sad. McGwire’s power should override his BA, and that 162 OPS+ is superb. But he (and Bonds, Clemens, etc.) wear the scarlet letter. You wonder with the problems that McGwire had, if he could have come back at all from the injuries if not for the juice. If he couldn’t have, then there would definitely be no HOF talk about him.

But with the McGwire/Bonds controversy, you wonder what Maris’ family thinks. I know what ex-YFCR co-host Joe thinks. He’s a huge Maris fan.

Speaking of, do you know McGwire never won the MVP award? The year he hit 70, 1998, he finished 2nd. Sammy Sosa (another story there … 600 + HR and more suspicion) won the award that year.

You hate to play judge and jury. But you also hate the suspicion. Not only that… the “cheating” belittles the accomplishments of a Mays or Aaron. Trying to compare Sosa’s 609 HR to Mays 660 or Griffey’s 611 is not fair to Mays or Griffey. Not fair at all.

I see that Dante Lavelli, a great Browns WR from the late 1940s/early 1950s, passed away earlier this week.


2 responses to “Forget Freddie…Garcia to Mets

  1. I wish Pettite would sign with the Yanks but, regardless, I didn’t want Garcia.

    The Celtics bossed around a very good Orlando team last night, this time on the road after bullying them by 21 in Boston earlier this season. They still need bench strength, and injury concerns with Perkins’s shoulder again make me wonder if the front line can match a beefed-up Lakers and defensively tough Cavs. I also think they miss Posey and should have ponied up the cash for him to shore up that bench. Posey can hit big shots and can guard three positions. But man, when KG is on offensively as he was last night, they’re so tough. Plus, I can’t say how impressed I am with Pierce. He picks his spots offensively and lets the game come to him as well as anyone I’ve seen in a long time. Kudos to Big Baby for a great game and especially 4th quarter. If he can score, he’ll go a long way to solving Boston’s bench concerns.

    It’s a good analogy between Reggie and McGwire, Mike. Reggie has the rings and was always better in the clutch than McGwire ever was. I’m not of the opinion that McGwire is a Hall of Fame player–steroids for one, not good in the clutch, not a good hitter for average, not a good fielder (one Gold Glove in 1990, yes, but committed a lot of errors for a 1B). On your point about the injuries, I say no, he couldn’t have come back from the injuries without steroids. He had bad knees, really bad late in his career. And I totally agree about the unfairness to Mays, Hammering Hank, and Junior–all of whom were also great two-way players, unlike McGwire. Junior should be a Hall of Famer when the time comes hands down.

    Second that about Maris. I never saw him play, but he was another excellent two-way player–great in right, had to endure way too much nonsense from fans and especially a rabid, shallow media, and got screwed by the Yankees in the mid-1960s when they failed to properly disclose the extent of his injuries to him. He became permanently disfigured from a broken hand that the team lied to him about. Maris still doesn’t get his due.

  2. It’s a sin about McGwire—I recall feeling bad for him when he lost most of those 2 seasons. I know it spurred him to juice. I was around for the Maris-Mantle Derby & admit I was rooting for Mickey. When he had to go on the DL for that abcess, my heart broke. I’d been hoping Roger would hit 59 & Mick 60—because I wanted him to match Babe, NOT go past—though I’d have lived with it. In those days I did not like or even appreciate other teams players, especially if they’d ever beaten the NYY in the WS. As far as I am concerned I still have no affection for anybody but Yankees. The 2 exceptions now are Jackie Robinson for obvious reasons & Satchel Paige for just being 110% amazing.

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