Game 106. Big win. Yanks beat Jays/Halladay, 5-3.

A big win. Andy needed to match Halladay pitch for pitch and did. The Yanks got 2 in the first, the big hit being an RBI double by Alex.

The Jays got one back in the fourth. Andy went 6 2/3, then with two out and two on, needed a K by Phil Hughes to close out the seventh.

In the 8th, with two out, Damon and Teixeira went back-to-back to give the Yanks a 4-1 cushion. They needed it. For although Hughes got two outs in the 8th—both by K—he also gave up two hits. Mo came in for the 4-out save. Remember what I told you about this time of year being Mo’s “kryptonite”? After giving up two hits in the 8th to put men on 1st and 2nd, Hughes K’d the next two hitters. At this point Girardi went to Mo.

Why? Hughes had just shown his mettle, K’ing two with two on and two out. I know it is Mo, but Hughes just struck out two straight batters. Why the switch? Wouldn’t you be more worried BEFORE he K’d two then after he did that?

Anyway, Mo gave up a 2-run double to his first batter, Vernon Wells. Those of you with good memories (like … ahem… me ) remember a walk-off HR Mo gave up to Wells not too long ago. Anyway, Mo got Rios to ground out. 4-3 Yanks.

Godzilla gave much needed insurance with a HR in the 9th.

Mo—remember I warned you that this is his “down” time—gave up two hits in the 9th, but save #513—31 of 32 this year—is in the books. ERA down to 1.96.

For Andy, FINALLY (it’s been a while) win #224 of his career, tying Senator Jim Bunning and Catfish Hunter on the all-time list.

A rare off night for Halladay, who went all the way, giving up all 5 runs, 4 earned…and 3 gopher balls. 

Ugh. My arm is still giving me problems. My chiropractor gave me the three letters I feared today. M-R-I.

Yup, a visit to the Carl Pavano Memorial Tube.


3 responses to “Game 106. Big win. Yanks beat Jays/Halladay, 5-3.

  1. Jose Veras looking for work again, cut by the Indians 7.50 era with cleveland.

  2. Thanks for the info. I see 1-1, 7.62 and a Veras-like (of course) 9 walks in 13 IP.

  3. Sorry not to be around more, Mike, but I’ve been hosting Frank. Lots of fun, though. I’m with you on Wells and that at-bat with Mariano last night, and Frank and I discussed that very walk-off homer Wells hit off Mo, which I believe was 2006. Hughes really put it to Lind and Millar, then got pulled. It worked out, but was questionable.

    Sorry also to hear about your arm troubles. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Funny crack about Pavano.

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