Game 111. How Sweep it is! Yanks bust Boston, 5-2.

After losing the all of the first eight games played this season to Boston, the Yanks turned the tables, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The four-game sweep of Boston put the Yanks 6 1/2 games up on the Red Sox and reduced the Yanks’ magic # for an AL East title to 46 (I know, too early, but just giving the facts).

Once again, Boston bats were silent. The scoreless streak went to over 31 before Phil Coke gave up a 2-run HR to Victor Martinez.

Prior to that HR, A-Rod hit #574* in the bottom of the 7th to break a scoreless tie. Pettitte and Lester had a great duel, and Lester broke. Alex’s HR enabled him to pass Killebrew on the all-time list. Next up, McGwire’s 583*.

In the 8th, Coke gave up the dinger to Martinez, putting Boston up 2-1. I was upset at Girardi’s use of Coke vs. Martinez there. Hughes did pitch in the previous two games, but didn’t pitch long at all in either one. What was it, one batter each? A four-pitch K of Green the day before? I would have had Hughes in there. No way would I have had Coke (who has a propensity for giving up the dinger) pitching to Martinez.

Questionable decision aside, the Yanks came back with four in the bottom of the 8th, as JD and Teix hit back-to-back HRs and Swisher added a 2-run single. 5-2 Yanks and enter Sandman. The great Rivera closed it out.

The lead is 6 1/2. Flash those pearly whites and smile broadly, Yankees fans. 


One response to “Game 111. How Sweep it is! Yanks bust Boston, 5-2.

  1. Privately, after the first two wins and especially the 15-inning classic, I started thinking sweep. But I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. I also knew that three of four would be very good and would open up a considerable lead. Yet as C.C. was dynamite Saturday, winning the first three would be best culminated with a sweep. There was no way around thinking it. That Lefty matched Lester was tremendous, as were the eighth-inning heroics of JD, Teixeira, and Swish. Part of the sweep feel after Friday was that, just as with Boston Massacre III in 2006, Frank the Sage was in town for an August visit. Actually, we’ve never watched or listened to a Yankees game together that they’ve lost.

    A sweep seemed too much to ask for, but that’s what we as fans got. What a tremendous series and stretch for the Yanks, and for us to witness. A privilege.

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