Game 142. O’s @ Yanks. Jeter gets record, but O’s get victory, 10-4.

YANKEES (91-50)

Magic #’s: Division 14; Playoffs 12; Best record in AL 17;

Pythagorean +7; OPS+ 119, ERA+ 104

BA; HR; RBI; SB/attempts; OPS+  *=team leader **=league leader
Jeter SS .330*-17-62-25*/30*-128 (one hit from being Yanks’ all-time hit leader) 
Swisher RF .254-26-78-0/0-129
Teixeira 1B .280-35*-106**-2/2-139 (also leads in total bases)
Rodriguez 3B .283-24-80-10/12-141* (577* and counting)
Matsui DH .271-23-76-0/1-125
Posada C .285-21-75-1/1-133 (242 HR, 8 behind Nettles’ Yankee total)
Cano 2B .314-23-76-4/6-123 (as I think Hershiser pointed out, so many numbers in the lineup are so similar. It is like everyone is .270-.285, with 20-25 HR and 75 RBI. Balance.) 
Cabrera LF .279-12-58-10-12-100
Gardner CF .266-3-20-20/25-92 (hopefully the ABs he needs in coming back from the broken thumb get him right for October; 4 for his last 29 drops him from .287 to .266)

Pitching: LHP Andy Pettitte (13-6, 4.10). ERA+ 109

According to Pete Abe (who gives the lineup Girardi posted), Damon is out because his back locked up. A wise thing to keep him out. As I wrote in the previous blog, today is miserable. Cool, windy and rainy. Ugh.

On the pitching side, CC co-leads the AL with 16 wins. Mo is one short of Fuentes for the saves lead. CC is 2nd in IP.

AJ leads the AL in walks. Joba is tied for #2. Joba leads in HBP. Hey, Eiland did want them to throw inside….

Did you know… You know that Gehrig was the Yankees’ leader in hits. You probably knew that he is the Yankees’ doubles leader and RBI leader and is 3rd on the HR list (behind Ruth and Mantle). But did you know that Lou is the Yankees’ all-time triples leader?  


Jeter struck out in his first at bat. The game started 75 minutes late.  Swisher walks, Teix singles and Alex hits #578*. 3-0 Yanks. 


Jeter got a single in the 3rd to break the record and added an RBI single later, but Pettitte struggled to get through five. He did leave with a 4-3 lead, but Marte and Edwar reminded us of how bad the bullpen was in the beginning of the year before Aceves and Hughes righted it. With Hughes most likely rotation bound next year (and remember, no Wang until August and you don’t know what you’ll get when he comes back), one priority this offseason for the Yanks may very well be shoring up the bullpen. The ageless Rivera does turn 40 this November.   

Marte came in and gave up 4 runs in 1/3 of an inning. Albaladejo got the last two outs but then Edwar came in got two strikeouts and then couldn’t close out the inning, giving up three runs. Melancon and Dunn finished up. 10-4 Orioles. Boston was ppd., as was Texas. The Angels won. The Yanks magic #’s stay the same.

SWB lost Game 3 of their first round playoff series, 8-5. They are still up two games to one. Igawa 5 R in 3 IP, Humberto Sanchez 2 R in 2 IP.





4 responses to “Game 142. O’s @ Yanks. Jeter gets record, but O’s get victory, 10-4.

  1. Sorry to read that you won’t be making the LVYFC sojourn to Yankee Stadium, Mike. I’m glad they’re playing tonight. Here’s hoping Jeter breaks the hit record tonight. Congrats on your Steelers last night. PSU grad Collins played a heck of a game in a losing cause for Tennessee last night.

  2. That is one hell of a shot from A-Rod into the wind. A hell of a shot.

  3. What a great moment for Jeter and the Yankees. I am so proud of him and all he has accomplished, all with an unfailing degree of humility and unselfishness. To me, he and Mariano are solid gold.

  4. My sentiments exactly, Jason.

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