Game 144. 8-run 8th seals win for Yanks, 13-3. M&M boys (Melky and Matsui) bring home the win.

CC went 7, giving up 3 R in 7 IP, 5 H, 4 walks and 1 K as he goes to 17-7 in his quest to lead the AL in wins. With 18 games left (the Yanks are now 92-52), CC has a shot for 20. Hughes went the 8th (it was still 5-3 then) and Bruney and Edwar split the 9th. 17-7, 3.42 for CC. Hughes ERA drops to 3.10. Mo was set for the 9th but when the Yanks got 8 in the 8th to break the score from 5-3 to 13-3, he was not needed.

Down 3-1 in the 5th, Melky drove in two to tie it. A 2-run single by Matsui tied it in the fourth. In the 8-run 8th, Godzilla hit a 3-run HR. 5 RBI for the day. Melky drove in two more, for 4 RBI of his own. 92-52, back to 40 over .500.

Alex and Girardi both got chucked. The ump? The same one who had a terrible call on Jeter a couple of months ago. Bad Blood (cue Neil Sedaka, 1975).

Jeter had 3 hits. Closer to 3000. Teix had 2 RBI. But the game came to the M&M boys, Matsui (5 RBI) and Melky (4). Teix drove in two.

Tomorrow (Monday) is a makeup vs. the Angels.

24 HR, 81 RBI for Matsui. He won’t be back, but Yankee fans should give him a Standing O each time up from here on in. Classy and productive. It is too bad his knees prevent him from playing the field. A great, classy Yankee who deserves cheers now and at Old-Timers games in the future.

I may be a PSU grad, but I am honest. Right now, after wins of 31-7 over Akron and 28-7 over Syracuse, PSU is NOT a top-5 team. They played well enough to win. Let me see a convincing win. Two weeks from now they play Iowa at home. Convince me. Blow them out. Right now PSU is good, but not top-five.

Magic #’s. For the division, 13. For a playoff spot, 10; for the best record in the AL, 15.  




One response to “Game 144. 8-run 8th seals win for Yanks, 13-3. M&M boys (Melky and Matsui) bring home the win.

  1. I agree about Penn St., Mike. Their moving up was a product of others’ dropping, not their own high-caliber play–not yet, anyway. I hope that comes soon, and their own schedule starting with cupcakes has, other than padding wins, little value. I know scheduling is a complicated thing, with short and long-term agreements factoring in to this. But I am of the opinion that early tests are better ones, in general.

    Unfortunately, I agree about Matsui not being back, too. His not playing the field is a hindrance to the team’s flexibility, and the contracts and age limitations of others getting filtered into the DH removes that as a viable spot for Matsui. That said, the Yanks will not have an easy time replacing his continued productivity. I just love the guy, one of my all-time favorite Yankees. I’d love to see them get the hardware for him this year. He deserves it.

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