Wrap it up, I’ll take it. Yanks weekend sweep of Boston (4-2) clinches East, best record. Win #100.

Yes, I’m home. I called in and had to take a day. The shoulder was killing me and I didn’t feel too well. I know you probably aren’t buying it. True, though. I spent the afternoon half asleep with an ice pack on the shoulder.

So I did catch the Yanks clinching the division and best record in the AL with win #100 today.

Yanks wrap it up
The Yanks join the Thunderbirds
as being Fabulous.

Boston got runs in the first and third off Pettitte, but Andy gave 6 IP of 2-run ball and the bullpen shut down Boston in the Yanks 4-2 win. For Pettitte, it’s win #14 of the season and #229 of his career, tying Sam Jones, Luis Tiant and Will White on the all-time list.

Bruney pitched 1 2/3 scoreless and Coke came in for one batter, whiffing the Big Popup.

Then Mo in the 9th. He gave up a hit and another runner reached on an error by Cano, but Mo locked her down. Save 44 of 46 this year and # 526 of his career is the one that gives the Yanks the 2009 AL East title. ERA drops to 1.82.

The comeback from down 0-2 started with a solo HR by Melky in the third, #13. Matsui got a 2-run single in the sixth to give the Yanks the lead and Matsui a 90 RBI season. Teixeira got a “cheapie” HR in the 8th for insurance. #38 for Teix puts him one behind injured league-leader Carlos Pena. His 120th RBI.

Some huge falls in college football. 10 spots or more. Ole Miss 4 to 21. PSU 5 to 15. Cal 6 to 24.   

Is it me, or isn’t it ironic that Roman Polanski gets picked up in Switzerland for that gross misdeed he did in 1977 the very same week in which ex-Manson follower Susan Atkins (who was one of the butchers of Polanski’s ex-wife, Sharon Tate) dies.

Danged Steelers. Lose another in the end.  


One response to “Wrap it up, I’ll take it. Yanks weekend sweep of Boston (4-2) clinches East, best record. Win #100.

  1. Mike:

    How sweet it is. Saw the game on ESPN. Andy is my favorite pitcher including and since the 1996 WS Champion season. He is a money pitcher. We started off 0-8 vs. Red Sox and wound up sweeping last seven at the stadium and two of three at Fenway vs. Boston to wind up at 9-9. And, of course, won at that other house of horrors, Anaheim, 2 of 3. If we get starting pitching in the playoffs, we’re champs. We have the hitting and relief pitching.

    Hope you feel better and glad you got to see it.

    Joe P.

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