It’s the Twins!

The Twins win a hell of a ballgame in 12 innings to become the Central Division champ and send the Tigers (and Verlander) home for the year. The Twins have won 18 of their last 22. The Tigers become the first game ever to have a 3 game lead with 4 to play to blow it.

Brian Duensing (I know…who? 5-2, 3.64) vs. CC tomorrow. (It’s not official as I write this, but after a 12 inning game and a plane ride to NY, don’t you think the Yanks will want to put an emotionally drained, exhausted team on the field ASAP?)

Pavano vs. Burnett in Game 2 on Friday? I was AT the Pedro “Who’s your Daddy” game in which that was chanted all night. If you think fans wanted Pedro’s hide that night, what do you think will happen Friday? Fans won’t want to just beat the American Idle….they want him knocked out and EARLY. After what it seems like ripping the Yankees off for $39.95 million over four years and producing just nine wins for that four-year deal, Yankee fans don’t want to just beat Pavano. They want blood. They (and I) want to see a line like this:

1 1/3 IP. 8 R. 10 H. 3 Walks and 0 K.

We want total embarrassment. God help us, let it be so. Especially after what he didn’t give 2005-2008. Since Eddie Lee Whitson, is there a more hated ex-Yankee (even more so than Kenny Rogers? Yes, I do recall that Rogers got his revenge in 2006, please don’t let it happen with Pavano too!)

All in all though, Yankee fans got want they wanted. An extra inning game. An emotionally drained team with a worn-out bullpen.

Better yet…no Verlander.

Miggy Cabrera HR’d for Detroit (least he could do after this weekend). Mauer (the probable MVP) hr’d also.

While I respect the Twins, Mauer, 18 of their last 22 and Nathan as their closer ….no Morneau.

With Morneau, the Yanks still were 7-0 vs. the Twins this year.  

Twins ERA+ just 92. No offense to the Twins but a Minnesota win in the ALDS over the Yanks would be a monumental upset.

Giving the Twins a game. (After 7-0, law of averages) Yanks in 4. A sweep wouldn’t surprise me (even though Josh, “The Truth” is wary of the hot team).              


One response to “It’s the Twins!

  1. I too said the Yanks in four, Mike. No offense to the Twins either, and I respect that bunch and the particular guys whom you mentioned, but the Yanks at their best should certainly win. My understanding is that the Yanks did not wait for the game to end to pass along their desire to start tomorrow, which I think is a great idea. It also worked out well, with the extra-inning game taxing their bullpen, making Mauer catch 12, an even later flight after the requisite celebration, using Nathan for 1 2/3. Behind C.C. tomorrow, the Yanks look good. As Frank the Sage said last night in a spirited chinwag, all is aligned for them. All that is left is the doing.

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