Rockies even series, LA up 2-0, Angels go one up.

The Rockies evened their series against the Phils by winning 5-4 today. I heard a bit as I was coming home from work.

Now as you know, I’m a huge baseball fan, but I had to turn the station off at times. ESPN Radio had Berman and Sutcliffe doing the game. I could NOT take Berman. A few minutes and off he went. WAY too much bombast.

Sorry ESPN, but please… on TV I could mute Berman. I can’t on the radio. Off he went. Between him and Sutcliffe…sheesh.    

Goodness what a way to lose. St. Louis is one out away from a win. Wainwright (8 ip, 1 R, 3 H) was brilliant. Loney hits a liner to Holliday, who botches it for a two-base error. A walk. A game-tying single by Belliard. A PB. Another walk and Mark Loretta turns what should have been a 2-1 Cardinals win into a 3-2 Dodgers victory.     

6th inning. Angels up 3-0 on a Torii Hunter 3-run bomb. 

Interesting news from Sam Borden. 

Update: The Angels finished off the shutout of Boston, 5-0.


2 responses to “Rockies even series, LA up 2-0, Angels go one up.

  1. Yankees will need every bit of luck to win game 2 v. Minn. The odds are against them making it 9 straight with the added negativity of the Burnett/Posada bs. I like these guy but they are often more like 12 year olds when it come to emotions. Posada can still be important off the bench. But screwin gw/Burnett’s pitching style for 100+ pitches could kill all chances for the W. They will need every break to beat LAA or the Rat Sox.

  2. The Yanks did get that luck. See my game post for game 2.

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