Yanks going old school with ALCS rotation?

Those of us who remember baseball before the Divisional or Championship Series—when there was no divisions, and the league winners played in the World Series (pre-1969), remember when there were 3-man rotations. Your ace went in 1-4-7, #2 went 2-5 and #3 went 3-6. Remember, say, Bob Gibson in 1967 and 1968 for example? Heck, Burnette (1957, 1958), Gibson (1964), Koufax (1965), Lonborg (1967) and Lolich (1968) all went 2-5-7 with various success.

It appears the Yanks could be going old school. With an off-day both before and after Game 5, this could be the setup. Off course, weather permitting:

Game 1 Fri (CC)
Game 2 Sat (AJ —with Molina?)
Game 3 Mon (Andy)
Game 4 Tue (CC on 3 days rest)
*Game 5 Thu (AJ, normal rest, with Molina?)
*Game 6 Sat (Andy, normal rest)
*Game 7 Sun (CC, normal rest) 

 *= if necessary.

Game 4 could see a strict pitch count on CC. A lot will depend on how the first three games go and how heavily taxed the bullpen is in those games, but with Aceves, Joba and Gaudin, the Yanks figure to have the sixth and seventh covered before turning it over to Hughes and Rivera for the 8th and 9th. Bruney could be in the mix as well, replacing Marte.       


2 responses to “Yanks going old school with ALCS rotation?

  1. Lost in getting past the Twins is how poorly the NYY have played over the last few weeks. Yes, some outstanding moments—but that can’t be relied on v. the @#%&*! Angles[sic]. AND again this year—the Fall Classic is the Fallen Classic, as the weather will be a major factor & make it horrendous for baseball. Sad how the greed & myopic nature of suits & unis will not find a solution. Pathetic. Hope the Yankees get hot to balance the cold…

  2. I don’t know about the playing poorly. Including the ALDS, they have won 4 in a row. They lost 3 in a row before that (post-clinching letdown)? But won 7 in a row before that. So they have won 11 of their last 14.

    For playing poorly, check 2000, when they lost 15 of their last 18 regular season games.

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