Game 1. Lee, Utley lead Phils past Yanks, 6-1.

First. Two easy outs for CC then trouble. Walks Utley. Howard doubles. Walks Werth. Gets out of it when Ibanez bounces to Cano. Yanks go down 1-2-3, Jeter and Teix by K. Damon by bunt-out.

2nd. Much better, CC. 1-2-3. Yanks get a hit by Posada, nothing else. Lee with 4 Ks.

3rd. Utley, with 2 out, works CC and eventually gets his pitch. HR. Earlier, Melky made a nice running catch on a Rollins drive.  1-0 Phils. Jeter gets a two-out double, but nothing. The Yanks have to concentrate on taking Lee the other way.

4th. CC’s best inning. Meanwhile, T&A both whiff.  So does Jorge. 7 K in 4 IP for Lee. Yanks must concentrate on going the other way on him. Too many swings way out in front. 

 Update: Had to leave, saw end of game elsewhere.

In the sixth, Utley once again homered off CC, and once again with two strikes. I didn’t like the pitch selection there at all.  

As I wrote above, I felt the Yanks needed to go the other way on Lee. Is it any surprise that the master of going the other way, Jeter, had three of the Yanks’ six hits?

Any fears Phillies fans had or have about their bullpen have been put to rest this postseason by Lee, who once again this postseason went all the way. In this Game 1 he struck out 10 and allowed only an unearned run.

CC went 7, 2 Runs. Struggled, but kept his team in the game. If not for Utley…

The Yanks’ bullpen failed and let the game get away. Hughes walked both batters he faced and had something to say to the home plate ump (some pitches did seem like…well…) but both runners scored. Robertson gave up a two-out (Marte got them) walk to load the bases then a hit and two runs. In the 9th, Bruney was charged with two more runs. Coke gave up a double. A bit disturbing. We have to remember, as good as some guys are, Robertson, Joba and Hughes are all less than 24 years old.

The way Lee was going, what the bullpen did in the last two innings didn’t matter much anyway.

The bats have to wake up. Let’s face it, in many ways (Games 2 and 3 of the ALDS, Game 2 of the ALCS) the Yankees rode A-Rod’s bat here. A-Rod had a bad night last night as did almost all of the Yanks’ lineup. If not for Jeter, Lee would have had a three-hitter. We know the guys who have been struggling mightily.

A must-win tonight for the Yankees. We know that in 1996 they lost the first two at home then won three in a row in Atlanta. Don’t count on that happening here. A.J. must come up huge in the biggest game of his career. The Yanks’ bats have to wake up.

Otherwise, they’ll be in deep trouble.  


2 responses to “Game 1. Lee, Utley lead Phils past Yanks, 6-1.

  1. Lee was great, but the offense MUST get it going NOW! Going to Philly and losing the DH isn’t going to help. We definitely should play Matsui in right field, behind Teix and Cano and next to Gardner. Swish and Melky sit. Mats can defend a small area field, and he will do it with honor. LETS GO YANKEES!

  2. Can’t see Matsui in the OF, esp. after he hasn’t played there all year. You know what they say, the ball will find you (right, Mr. Buckner?) Anyway, see the next post. Hmmm….interesting changes, but does it leave the Yankees lineup too weak?

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