Game 4. Yanks at Phils. CC vs. Blanton

I’ll be at work until 10 and will miss half the game.   😦

The Yanks hope to ride CC to a three games to one lead in the Series. Joe Blanton, 0-3, 8.18 vs. the Yanks in his career, has his work cut out for him.

Nice to see Swisher wake up last night. Now for Cano (1-11 in the series) to do the same. Not only that, Teixeira is 1 for 10. Big one, though.

A local paper ran a story I find embarrassing. The writer should not have interviewed such imbeciles, and the paper should not have given those imbeciles a forum for their rude, crude, uncivil and borderline criminal behavior. Click the link to read. 

Fans like that are why David Wells wrote this.  

Update: The Yanks jumped on top in the 1st. Jeter infield single, Damon double, Teix RBI grounder, Alex HBP (for the 3rd time in the two games in Philly) and a SF by Posada. The Phils came right back with one via doubles by Victorino and Utley.

Benches were warned after the A-Rod plunking.

The Phils tied it in the 4th on a single and SB (?!) by Howard, who scored on a single by Feliz.

The Yanks got two in the 5th. Swisher walked and Melky singled. After CC struck out, Jeter singled in one run and Damon singled in another. 4-2 Yanks.

Melky may have tweaked a hammy. He leaves. Gardner in CF for the bottom of the sixth.

AJ will go on 3 days rest in Game 5 vs. Lee.

Before the game, Pujols and Jeter were awarded the Henry Aaron awards.


Jeter and Damon have four of the Yanks five hits after 5 1/2. The middle of the lineup is doing nothing.

Blanton has been better than I thought he’d be. 4 R in 6 IP, but 7 Ks.

CC gutting it out…just like Pettitte did. He’s given six. How much more? 4-2 Yanks after six.    

Park replaces Blanton for the 7th. Jeter gets a one-out walk. That’s it. 4-2, seventh inning stretch. Recap tomorrow.


One response to “Game 4. Yanks at Phils. CC vs. Blanton

  1. Note how many of those chuckleheads were young, stupid drunks. What a bunch of losers, sitting around, drinking cruddy beer, and harassing people.

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