A prospect list.

Top Prospect Alert has their top 10 prospects for the Yanks in 2010.  

No surprise at #1 or #2.

Update: I see more people on various blogs talking about Mike Cameron again. Lord knows, Cameron will be 37 in January and whiffs as often as Granderson. I have no desire for a 37 year old CF and feel no need to trade one of the top two prospects in the system who will be just 23 next year (Austin Jackson).

But then, some of these same people probably wanted Joba AND Hughes and more (Cano? Melky?) gone for Johan Santana a few years ago….which would have meant NO CC.

Granted Santana is great. But the Yanks won the WS with Joba, Hughes, Melky, and Cano on the team. I don’t get rid of A-Jax.  The power needs to develop from him, but you don’t give up on the kid…especially for a 37 year old Cameron. For Granderson, who is 29, hmm….but there is no way I give up on an A-Jax for someone 14 years older. Some may say it’s “buying time for A-Jax” but what if A-Jax proves early next year that he is ready NOW. What do you do with Cameron then?

Lord knows that the Yanks have age issues with Damon and Matsui. Has anyone looked at Cameron’s birth certificate to see that he is older than both of them? How many over 35 players do you want?           

It’s an old story, though. People don’t want to give youngsters chances but will rely on a “name”—even if that name is past its prime and won’t recapture old and lost glories.

Patience IS a virtue….especially with young ballplayers.

Update II: I do see a lot who are down on Gardner. I don’t have time to get into that now, but BG, while not providing power, does provide speed and defense…things sorely lacking in previous years. There is concern about his ability to hit in the majors, but he did hit .270. His postseason wasn’t so good. Maybe not an everyday CF, but for the D and speed, still worthy. More at another time. 


One response to “A prospect list.

  1. Thank you! Finally! I love Gardner. I think the Yanks could use one or two speed guys on the team.

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