Goodbye Charlie? Steelers in trouble?

Once again, ND’s defense let them down and they lost another close one. You can’t say their games this year haven’t been thrillers. But from 6-2 to 6-6 (and you know what I think about 6-6 teams going to bowl games…they shouldn’t). It looks like ND is now searching for a new coach…with a LOT of money still to be paid out to the one being exiled.

…and after getting whupped by Tim Tebow and Florida, you wonder if Bobby Bowden at Fla. St (6-6) is on his way out.

My favorite NFL team, the Steelers go against the Ravens tonight in a “must-win” game. Should they lose, they’ll drop to 6-5. Only thing is, Big Ben is out with post-concussive syndromes. Backup QB Charlie Batch is out. It falls to 3rd-stringer Dennis Dixon—making his first NFL start. Ouch.  

…and you still wonder what’s up with the Tiger accident…

Wait, someone in the Post wants Shelley Duncan in the OF for the Mets? Don’t they know that Citi Field has a huge OF? Have they seen Shelley play the OF? Sheesh.

Update: The Steelers lost in OT, 20-17, falling to 6-5. They are still in the hunt for the WC, but in a scramble. They’ve lost a bunch of close ones this year (KC, Chicago, Cincy, now the Ravens). They should beat Oakland at home next week. But then, they should have beaten KC in KC. It doesn’t look like their year.

Indy stays undefeated. Great game tonight (Monday) as the Patriots take on undefeated New Orleans.


2 responses to “Goodbye Charlie? Steelers in trouble?

  1. No six-win team should go to a bowl. Nor should seven-win teams, especially with 12-game schedules for most college football programs the norm. The problem is that more bowls have been created recently with corporate sponsorships than there should be, for it has become even more a racket than before for big businesses to use bowl games as vehicles for advertisements rather than a display of athletic excellence. Instead, we get boring bowl games to advertise some corporate bigwigs sponsoring televised mediocrity between teams whose athletes would be better served finishing their classes on strong notes rather than their seasons on weak ones.

    The bowl system has become a bastardized joke.

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