Halladay news.

That’s Halladay, not Holiday (season’s greetings).

Heard on the Mike and Mike show that apparently Roy Halladay is trying to force the issue. Says he’ll exercise his no-trade once S.T. starts.

Of course, being that Doc is a free agent after 2010, whoever he would go to would want to lock him into an extension.

…and here we go. Let the rumors begin (if they haven’t already…)   


Update, 12-1, pm: As Joe P. points out in the comments, the Phils signed Brian Schneider to a contract to backup Carlos Ruiz. Schneider graduated from the same high school I attended. I’ve known his uncle Mike for quite some time. Brian, or “Hoops” as he’s known by, started his career with Montreal and moved with the franchise to Washington before being dealt to the Mets. A fine defensive catcher, Schneider is a .251 career hitter, OPS+ 82. Being in Philly means a lot of his family and friends will be able to see him—a homecoming if you will, since his hometown high school is about 60 miles from Philadelphia. Granted NY wasn’t that far away either. Schneider had a very tough 2009 with the Mets, hitting just .218, and I’ve heard some things about the Mets chemistry and clubhouse dysfunctionality through the grapevine that aren’t too flattering. In other words, spell that team M-E-S-S. The Phils might be glad they don’t have to face him anymore. “Hoops” drove in more runs against the Phils than any other opponent he has faced.


One response to “Halladay news.

  1. Halliday will probably sign with Boston or Yanks. The Phillies were interested during the past season but will not part with Happ or Hamels this time either, so they’re probably out of the running.

    Just found out hours ago that as we predicted in October, Brian Schneider signed a two-year contract with the Phillies to back up Carlos Ruiz. The Phillies have little depth at catcher, having traded Lou Marson in the Cliff Lee deal and dealing Chris Coste to Houston last season.

    Joe P.

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