Cubs/Marlins deal

The Cubs traded talented but troubled OF Milton Bradley to Seattle for Carlos Silva. Bradley had one year with the Cubs, .257-12-40 ops+ 99. This after a superb 2008 with the Rangers, .321-22-77, OPS+ 161. Bradley’s attitude made him unacceptable to the Cubs and once again he has to find a new team. Silva missed most of 2009, going 1-3, 8.60 for Seattle in 8 games after a disastrous 2008 when he went 4-15, 6.46. Silva is 60-64, 4.72 in his career (ERA+ 92) while Bradley is a .277 career hitter with a career 115 OPS+.

I’m looking at various rumors. There’s one where the Yanks were interested in Mark DeRosa, but that DeRosa’s asking price was too much. I’m wondering…would the Yanks have used him in LF or as a super-utility guy (which they really don’t need). DeRosa is 34 and the Yanks were smart if, as reported, DeRosa wanted a three-year deal.

According to the Post, even though the Yanks save some $12M (Granderson/Johnson 2010 contracts vs. Damon/Matsui’s 2009) the Yanks may not be able to allocate the money. Apparently there is a budget and it’s less than 2009’s.

It’s interesting to see where the other starter the Yanks would like is coming from. For all the talk of Marquis or Piniero, it just may be that someone like Ben Sheets would be the person. There is rumors of the Yanks being interested in Sheets, but the talented but oft-injured (missed all of 2009) pitcher may have to be brought in on a low-base, high-incentive pact. He’s a talent, but one not seen on the mound often enough.

Sheets is just 86-83 in his career, but struggled for years with a then-poor Brewers club. Career ERA 3.72, ERA+ 115. He K’d 264 in 2004. The guy is a 4x all-star, but has topped 160 IP only once since 2004. Sheets is just 31.

Another pitcher the Yanks are said to be looking at is Kelvim Escobar. The 33 year old missed all of 2008 and pitched in only one MLB game in 2009. 101-91 4.15 (ERA+ 112) in his career, and some indications are that teams (Yanks?) are looking at him solely for relief. I would think that he would be on that low base/high incentive (or a minor league deal) like Sheets. 

It’s not official, but apparently the only thing keeping Johnson’s signing from being so is the physical. The agreement has been reached. See the previous post and the comments for my thoughts of Johnson and where he should be in the order (as opposed to where others think he should be).

There is a blog with an all-decade Yankees team. I think it’s pretty straight-forward, especially since some positions have had only one guy there the whole decade. Personally, I probably would break it down to quarter-centuries. More competition, I would think. If we went back to say, 1984, then who would you take at 1B (Mattingly, Giambi, Tino, Teix). Do you place a restriction on someone like Teixeira, who has only one year with the Yanks? Do you say “at least three years with Yanks”? How about 2B. Now we have Randolph, Knobby, Soriano and Cano. Just saying.

I just hope that for the first qtr. century, that I’m still around in 2025 (when I’d turn 64—cue the song—) at the end of that year.   


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