Game 8. Fans unforgiving of 2004 as Vazquez struggles again in 5-3 loss. Don’t tell them the #3 hitter is hitting .097.

Fans are fickle, and unforgiving. Sometimes though, they need to see more numbers.

Yes, Javy Vazquez disappointed again today, giving up 4 runs in 5 1/3 in falling to 0-2 for the season. ERA 9.82. When he was removed, fans who haven’t forgiven him for giving up JD’s grand slam in Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS booed him.

Yes, he was lousy. I do wonder how many fans remember who STARTED that Game 7, 2004 ALCS game?

Wasn’t Javy.

It was Kevin Brown. Who ranks with Pavano and Ed Whitson in Yankee pitcherdom.

Not to exonerate Javy. But let’s see where he is say, June 1 to 15 or so?

BTW, Boos for Javy. I’m not saying to go boo this next fellow I mention, but the #3 hitter happens to be sitting at .097 right now. But in Mark Teixeira’s case, timing is everything. 3 for 31 in early April, ok. But imagine if that 3 for 31 was in late October?

He’d be getting the “choker” label Winfield got. Or A-Rod. Now, no.

…and for the people mad at Vazquez who want Melky back? Where would he play? Do they know Melky has started 3 for 29?

Taking a look around, Matsui off to a good start (before coming back to NY), but Damon and Ian Kennedy are struggling along with the Melkman.

5-3 loss today for the Yanks. After Vazquez, Aceves went 1 2/3, 1 R, Joba 1 IP, scoreless, Marte 1 scoreless.

Jeter had two hits (2759). A-Rod 0 for 3, 3 strikeouts.

It’s early. If a hitter is under the Mendoza Line on June 1st, boo. If Vazquez is 1-6, 7.50 then, boo.

But Lordy, give the guy a chance. Get over 2004 already. You can’t change the past.     


2 responses to “Game 8. Fans unforgiving of 2004 as Vazquez struggles again in 5-3 loss. Don’t tell them the #3 hitter is hitting .097.

  1. I think the fans who booed Javy should be ashamed of themselves, Mike. Honestly, he wasn’t too bad today, a bit better than the final line. His third inning was the worst–leaving pitches up, not throwing over 89-90. But he was effective if inefficient in the first two and, after allowing the runs, retired 8 of his next 9. Plus, Aceves allowed the hit that scored the 4th run on Javy. He wasn’t efficient, but wasn’t too bad either. If the Yanks had managed anything off Pineiro, it would have looked far different.

    Teixeira looks a bit lost at the plate, and right now is hurting the top of the lineup. I love the guy, but wouldn’t lose sleep if they dropped him to the 6th spot until he picks it up.

  2. Remember a few years ago when even the great Mo got some boos? Those fans should be ashamed.

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