Game 11. AJ tosses 7 scoreless in Yanks 7-3 win. Jeter, Alex (584) HR, Gardner 3 infield hits.

Had a church function this morning and have to grab some dinner and do some laundry. I’ll be updating on here as I can. Feel free to comment.

Infield hit and a SB by Michael Young in the top of the first but AJ has a scoreless inning.

One out in the first and Johnson does what Johnson does. Another walk. The guy’s eye is amazing. Time for Teixeira to wake up, but we’ve been saying that all week. Ouch. Called strike three. 3 for 37. Single for Alex but Cano leaves them stranded.

1-2-3 for AJ in the 2nd. 2 Ks.  

Sorry for the delay. I just went online, ordered and printed out my ticket for next Saturday, April 24. I’m going up to SWB to catch the AAA game and to check out Montero. Besides, sometimes you just need a day away!

Posada singled and with two out, Gardner gets a hit that few can. An infield hit that his speed forced the play. Gardner beats it out. Jeter gets hit #2764 but Posada has to be held at third.

Bases loaded, two out and a guy up who draws a lot of walks. Sure enough, Johnson walks again and this one brings in a run. Now it is the 3 for 37 Teixeira.

Cheap hit but we will take it (Teixeira certainly will). Between 1st and 2nd, infield, no play. RBI. 2-0 Yankees. Alex ends the inning by flying out.

As for Gardner, no extra base hits yet, to his detractors dismay. But would those detractors be fair and give Gardner credit for beating out a dribbler that few would beat out? Fair is fair.   

…and Gardner does it again. Bottom 3rd, with one out, Posada singles, and Granderson doubles. Swisher makes an out, but Gardner hits one into the SS hole, and they can never get him. Posada scores, Granderson to third. Gardner steals second (no double steal) but the throw goes into CF. Granderson scores, Gardner to third. Gardner’s speed forcing the action… 4-0. Gardner didn’t get either ball out of the infield. Still, 2 hits, a SB, an RBI.

Yup, Gardner’s at it today.

…and the Captain blows it open to 6-0. Hit #2764, HR #227. 6-0 Yankees.  

Here’s one way to know IT IS EARLY. The 2 for 2 for Gardner raised his average from .217 to .280.

I’m pretty confident right now. It’s a long way from over, but AJ looks good, 4 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 walk and 4 Ks. … and a six-run lead.

…make that a SEVEN run lead. Alex hits #584*, his first of the year. He is now two behind Frank Robinson.

 Sorry, was busy. That ended the Yankees scoring for the day.

Quickly recapping the fifth inning on… AJ got out of a bases-loaded one out jam in the 5th. The Yanks got three infield hits but no runs in the bottom of the 5th, and yes, one of them was by Gardner. Gardner was 3 for 4 for the day, and all three hits were infield hits.

AJ went 7 shutout innings. 6 hits, 2 walks and 7 K. 2-0, 2.37. A great job.

Pena came in for Jeter (3 for 4) in the 8th. Yanks up 7-0. He even got his first at bat of the year later in the game (flied to RF).  Aceves replaced AJ. Aceves had nothing. Single, forceout, walk and a 3-run HR.

Marte came in and retired the only two batters he faced.

1-2-3 for Joba today, two K’s. And even from that, I get a text complaining about Joba’s fastball? C’mon, buddy (Truth). Now you are getting picky.    



One response to “Game 11. AJ tosses 7 scoreless in Yanks 7-3 win. Jeter, Alex (584) HR, Gardner 3 infield hits.

  1. Aj looked good, much more confident and relaxed in his last two starts. Hopefully he does not revert to the manic up and down pitcher of last year. Aceves looked bad and he registered an 81 era for my fantasy team lol but I think he’ll be ok.

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