Not a no-hitter, but Lincecum is masterful nonetheless.

For those of us on the East Coast who had to go to bed, the Giants won game 1 of their NLDS matchup vs. the Braves. 1-0.

Tim Lincecum, didn’t pitch a no-hitter as Roy Halladay did, but he was masterful nonetheless. A complete-game two-hit shutout with 14 Ks. Just one walk.

Cody Ross drove in the only run of the game on a two-out single in the 4th on a ball that perhaps Omar Infante, who was playing third for Atlanta, should have had. But without Chipper and Prado, the Braves are shorthanded. 

A bad day for the umpires, as a controversial call led to the run on a SB attempt. This after the check-swing call in Tampa helped lead to a three-run HR, and an apparent strike three to Lance Berkman in Minnesota led to a double and two runs there. Meanwhile, on the replay issue, Bud Selig is still back in the Stone Age.



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