Terence Moore seems to think that Bobby Cox will do a Brett Favre and come back.

It looks like Damaso Marte is headed for off-season surgery. Boone Logan has done a nice job this year, but you wonder if the Yankees will make getting a lefty reliever more of a priority this offseason, now.

Personally, I think the Phils will beat the Giants in 6. The Phils lineup is deep, much deeper than the Giants (but the OPS+ number below isn’t that much greater). Can the Giants pull off an upset? Yes, if they get the pitching. They have that pitching with Lincecum, Cain and Sanchez, with Wilson as the closer. They most likely will have to win a lot of close, tight, low-scoring one-run games—just as they did with Atlanta. Lincecum vs. Halladay should be fun to watch.   

The Phils’ home-field advantage could be difficult for SF to overcome.  

Giants. 92-70. OPS+ 95; ERA+ 121 (!)
Phils. 97-65 OPS+ 99; ERA+ 110 (thought both were higher, didn’t you?)

The teams split the 2010 regular season, three wins each. Each team taking two of three at home. Jonathan Sanchez beat the Phils twice.





2 responses to “NLCS.

  1. I hope Marte comes back having him and Logan 2 very good leftys would be a bonus. Also with Aceves returning hopefully will make up for losing Wood.

  2. If Marte needs shoulder surgery (and it appears so) he’ll be out for a while.

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