Girardi to Cubs? Wasn’t going to happen and isn’t happening. Melky released.

LoHud reports:

The Chicago Cubs have hired a manager, and it’s not the guy currently leading the Yankees.

Mike Quade, the Cubs interim manager, has been given the full-time job with a two-year deal. The Cubs were long rumored to be interested in Joe Girardi — a natural fit given his ties to the organization and the area — but they made their decision before Girardi’s season came to an end.

Three other minor notes with some connection to the Yankees.

The Braves have released Melky Cabrera. Given the disappointments of both Cabrera and Javier Vazquez, it might be time to refer to this winter’s deal with Atlanta as The Boone Logan Trade.

The Nationals would like to re-sign Chien-Ming Wang. This story has been out there for a few days. Wang was never healthy enough to pitch for the Nationals this season, but he’s been pitching in instructional ball this fall.

Yu Darvish wants to stay in Japan. Considered one of the top pitchers on the international market, Darvish was linked to various teams with plenty of speculation that he would be come to the States this winter, quite possibly with the Yankees. (thanks to MLBTradeRumors for the heads up).

Thoughts. I told people for weeks that Girardi wasn’t going anywhere. Maybe now they’ll believe me instead of a media that wants to hype a “story” even though that story isn’t true. Did I have personal information on Girardi? No. Just a gut feeling. But the people writing all this Girardi to Cubs stuff. Where were they getting it from? 

Melky is a nice little OF, that’s all. I wouldn’t mind him back with the Yankees, but it would be as a backup OF only. Defensive replacement, can play all three positions, can PR, switch-hits. Familiar with NY. Popular. Backup only and paid that way.

Darvish is something, but you always wonder about pitchers coming over from Japan. See Irabu, Igawa.

You really hope Wang can make it back. From back-to-back 19 game winner to where he is now. Tough.





One response to “Girardi to Cubs? Wasn’t going to happen and isn’t happening. Melky released.

  1. I’d welcome back Melky but hope he would not mess up Cano’s head.

    I would have included Matsuzaka in that under performing Japanese pitcher list. Just not worth all of those Boston dollars.

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