News on Lee / Is Marcum Milw. bound?

MLBTR has rumors on Lee, bold emphasis mine:

  • Lee told teammates that he would return to the Rangers if they offer him a sixth year, sources tell Tim Brown of Yahoo (via Twitter).
  • Jon Heyman of SI (via Twitter) hears that Texas will not offer six years to Lee but expects the Yankees to do so.
  • The Yankees have yet to make a formal proposal to Lee and his agent Darek Braunecker is hoping to get a deal done in Orlando, says Joel Sherman of the New York Post (Twitter links).
  • It still looks like a two-horse race for Cliff Lee, who has been visited in person twice by the Rangers and once by the Yankees, writes Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe. “It appears the Rangers will draw the line at five years for the 32-year-old lefthander,” Cafardo says. “But the Yankees could put it over the top with a sixth year.”
  • MLBTR has more. … but 6 yrs and $140M? has reports of Toronto sending Shawn Marcum to Milwaukee for prospects.


    2 responses to “News on Lee / Is Marcum Milw. bound?

    1. 6yrs 140 mill wow! It would be formidable but damn that is a lot of money. How can the Yanks afford this? There has got to be a cheaper way

    2. Dunno. But if reports of a sixth year are true and $23 or $24M a year are true, ouch. $140 / 6 = $23.3, or basically CC money, which is thought to be what Lee wants. We’ll see.

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