Offer made by Yanks to Lee

Reports are the Yanks made their offer. My guess? As before, 6 Yr. $140. I’m seeing, reading and hearing anywhere between 138 and 150 M. We’ll see.

HOF pitcher Bob Feller, 92, is now in hospice care. Prayers for this legend, who lost 3 2/3 years of his career to serving his country during WWII.

Clemens’ trial moved from April, 2011 to July due to “voluminous evidence.” Hmmm. If it is that voluminous, does Roger really stand a chance? Perjury against Congress is NOT a minor little crime.

Andy Pettitte is pulling for the Yanks to land Lee. No surprise. Could this be what it would take to get Andy back as the #4 starter (behind CC, Lee and Hughes and ahead of A.J.)? Just a hunch, but right now my gut—from all I read, hear and see—says that Andy returning is only 30%. Maybe signing Lee gets it to 70%.      

Lastly, a rumor the Phils could be interested in Greinke? I’d consider it a mistake. First off, it would take a lot. START with Domonic Brown. Then there is Greinke’s social anxiety disorder to deal with. Think that would play in Philly (or NY or Boston)? I think not. 


2 responses to “Offer made by Yanks to Lee

  1. Good news
    Unless Tex comes up big my predictions will be at 75% as I read this morning that Boston got Crawford. Ouch
    Gonzalez and Crawford.

  2. Just woke up to that news. I (and from what I read, two of Crawford’s friends?) had Carl pegged for the Angels.

    Ouch is right. It makes it that much more important for the Yanks to get Lee (esp. since uncertain about Pettitte’s intentions).

    Will Angels now try for Lee since they lost out on Crawford? They do need hitting more than anything else and Beltre is probably in their sights now.

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