Matsui to A’s

The A’s have reached a deal with Godzilla, Hideki Matsui. Presumably one-year. Matsui turns 37 next year.


Hmmm….rumors that the “mystery 3rd team” could be Phils? If so, that could be scary. Doc, Oswalt, Hamels and Lee? With that, less than 100 wins would be unacceptable.   


3 responses to “Matsui to A’s

  1. Cliff Lee signs with the Phillies, unreal. Not sure how Cashman can keep his job after this royal fuck up of an offseason. Walks away from the major signing period with…. a over the hill, overpaid SS. A 41 reliever and wait for it… NOTHING. Absolutely nothing, instead of trying to bring in talent your barting with a SS that had no offers from anyone to leave. Like to be on top off that building and cut that rope and watch that moron splatter on the sidewalk

  2. bartering

  3. I’ve always said that one of the hardest things to do in sports is to let aging icons go. As for Jeter/Mo, I don’t know what else the Yanks could do. Offer them short deals and try to pay-cut them. But the fan base would get outraged.

    So no Lee but two aging legends. Monuments don’t win titles, players do. I love both Mo and Jeter, glad both are back, but need to ask fans who said “give both whatever they want” how long they go on with these guys.

    Now the Yanks have to hope another aging legend comes back, in Andy.

    As for Cashman, I’m not on him. Hey, the offer was a good one for Lee. I just don’t think he wanted to come to NY unless he absolutely had no other choice. Interesting that Lee called Texas to tell them no, but Lee’s agent called the Yankees. Maybe it was because Lee played for the Rangers and not the Yanks, but still…

    If the offseason wasn’t interesting enough, now it really gets interesting.

    Lastly, Who’d have thought Lee to Phils or Werth to Nats?

    But right now, I’d like to see those Vegas odds on a Phils/Boston WS. Ugh. Definitely two teams I don’t root for.

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