Still shopping around

Rumors were that the Yanks are looking to upgrade the bench. Bill Hall was a target, but the INF-OF signed with Houston. The Yanks could be looking at a trade for Jeff Keppinger, who hit .288-6-59 for the Astros (OPS+ 105) this year. He is a .281 career hitter and could be a better alternative than good field/no hit Ramiro Pena. They may also be looking at bringing back Jerry Hairston, Jr.

The deal between Dennis Reyes and the Phils fell through. The lefty reliever is back on the market.

Buster Olney on Twitter yesterday:

Heard this from two sources: With the Jenks signing, BoSox payroll is actually higher than NYY. But the Yankees still have moves to come.



7 responses to “Still shopping around

  1. So thats the big move Jeff Keppinger. Wow thats amazing a bench player. So exactly where are they going to get outs from in this bullpen. I would figure when you have a 41 year old closer you would get a closer type pitcher that can lighten the load for him. Now instead of having a oft injured player coming off his most dominant season you get… A fully healthy below average pitcher in David Robertson last seen getting his ass handed to him in Texas. Joba Chamberlain one the most inconsistant pitchers in the league. Feliciano a lefty only pitcher. Imagine if Rivera starts to show his age this team is screwed. I can see it now Cashman sitting in his box seat watching Sabathia leave a close game in the 8th, seeing Robertson come in throw his 91 meatball fastball to Bautista who hits the ball ten miles to win the game. And He’ll say to himself he may suck but he’s so much better value than Jenks. He only costs me half a million. A closer making 15 million and a bunch of JAGs is pretty top heavy.

  2. Well at least Felicano is used to being on second and third place teams so it won’t be a shock to him when it happens.

  3. Dunno if they shop Joba, but Joba and Robertson are still just 25, 26. Now is the time for them to enter their prime and step it up. I don’t predict all of 2011 based on how someone did in one week of a postseason. You can’t do that. I like Robertson. Always have. Joba needs to get back to his potential (maybe watch the weight a bit?)

    You give up $6MM to a Jenks where is the money going to come from for a starter? And please don’t say “just raise the payroll from $210 to $230”. Closers want to stay closers. I would have liked Jenks, too. But getting him or Fuentes to give up a closer role to setup Mo doesn’t happen. It lowers them a tier. Fuentes asking for Downs money. 3 yr/$15MM. Don’t see it coming from Cash. I would not mind another reliever, but Cashman says no closer $ for a non-closer. I’m all with him on that. Relievers are usually a dime a dozen. No more Farnsworth-deals. He probably learned his lesson over that one.

  4. In other words, I’m not giving Rafael Soriano some $10MM a year to be a setup guy. Soriano wouldn’t come to NY to just be a setup guy anyway, much as I’d love him here.

  5. Although I would have liked Jenks, his ERA regression (2.63 in 2008 to 3.71 to 4.44) does bother me.

  6. From Karl Ravech on Twitter:

    Most closers have a very hard time adjusting to 7th or 8th inning roles unless trying to resurrect career


    Kerry wood to cubs opens door for soriano to Nyy. Don’t underestimate his success against bos. 9 svs…1.38 era in 13 appearances

    (I’d like that!)

    As significant a day a’s any with a run on relievers..what is the message Boston is sending to papelbon

  7. I’d like Soriano but we recall that Olney said a few days ago Yanks not in on him.

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