Thoughts before I retire to bed.

Interesting. We all make mistakes but one from ESPN. I goofed when I thought Feller’s Opening Day no-no was 1946. It was 1940. But I admit it and apologize.

ESPN twice has said that Feller K’d 15 in his MLB debut. Wrong. First MLB start, yes. But not his debut. I think Kurkjian was one who missed this one. He pitched in relief a few times before that start. I apologize. Do they? Are you kidding? Hey, I majored in Radio & TV Broadcasting. That is what scares me a bit. Never, never, never accept what the media gives you on face value. Research. Look it up yourself. Make sure what is right. Otherwise (and especially NOT with sports) you may easily be accepting propaganda, and (not to preach) that is dangerous.

Here is an example. Colin Cowherd (who I’ve often accused of spreading bulls**t) said that AJ’s troubles last year were based on divorce proceedings. AJ and his agent (who happens to be Braunecker, Lee’s agent) deny it. Granted we still don’t know why A.J. tanked or the reason for that black eye, but spreading reports on the Burnett marriage like that? Especially when there are children involved? What does Cowherd know about it? Even if true, I don’t feel that it’s an area Cowherd should delve into. Some privacy please?   

Ok. NFL. I see on ESPN a Bears’ player complaining about the conditions that may be for the game this weekend in Minnesota. Outdoors due to the Metrodome roof collapse. I shed crocodile tears. Worried about your footing? How about studying NFL history? Like the 1934 NFL Championship Game. Wear sneakers. Think this player knows about that game? Most likely not. He probably doesn’t know about the 1967 NFL Championship—the Ice Bowl.

Interesting to see the media battle it out. The Daily News states Yankees contact with Rafael Soriano, last year’s Rays’ closer who is now a free agent. The NY Post says no contact or just a dream since Soriano would want to close and would want closer $$$ to be a setup man. Cashman won’t go there. I believe the Post more than the News on this one. But it’s another example of what I wrote. Research! (Hey, anyone wanting to hire me, I’m available. NOT KIDDING. Check the link to contact me, shoot me an e-mail. Some media outlets really need a proofreading person and HERE I AM!)

Yanks close to Feliciano? See what I wrote earlier. Apparently they also talked to Fuentes. I can’t see them signing both but wouldn’t THAT be nice (apologies to Boone Logan, but…).

Washington trades Willingham to A’s. So A’s get Willingham and Matsui this week. Derrek Lee could be Nats’ bound to team with Werth and Zimmerman, but where is the lefty bat?

Jenks to Boston to setup Papelbon. Ouch. I do wonder now about Papelbon. Red Sox inquire about Rivera, now get Jenks. Could, heaven forbid, Papelbon wind up Mo’s replacement in a couple of years? It’s not like Beantown is showing him any love this offseason.

Yanks looking at Freddy Garcia? Sheesh. I’m hoping it’s as a possible replacement for Vazquez at #5 and not as the #2 or #3. Garcia turns 36 next summer. A mediocre 12-6, 4.64 this year for the White Sox. ERA+ 94. 5-10, 5.02 from 2007-2009.     

So who are the Yanks after for a utility man/righty bat? With Gardner (lefty), Granderson (lefty) and Swisher (switch), the Yanks are after a utility man who has a righty bat. Especially since Thames appears Japan-bound. Pena is a nice utility guy who can’t hit much, and even though I like Nunez’ potential, he is unproven and doesn’t have the pop. Rumors are the Yanks are looking at both Bill Hall and Jerry Hairston, Jr. With Hairston, they know what he’s like. He was there down the stretch in 2009 and throughout the postseason. Both he and Hall provide a person who can play 2B, 3B, SS and the OF. Hall has a bit more pop than Hairston.

Magglio back with the Tigers.  Wood to the Cubs.

As a PSU alum, I’m glad to see a dynasty possibly continue. Nope, not JoePa and PSU football, but PSU women’s volleyball. They had a long undefeated streak end earlier this year, but they will play for the national championship on Saturday night. Should they win, it would be their fourth consecutive title.

That’s it for now! Good night.   


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