Beltre to Texas? Not yet; Pettitte to decide this week?

There were some reports that Adrian Beltre is going to Texas on a five or six year deal worth $90 to $96MM. MLBTR states that Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News offers a “semi-educated guess” that the Rangers will  shift Michael Young to a DH/utility role rather than trade him.

MLBTR and however, report that “nothing is remotely imminent” between the team and the third baseman.

Beltre and Rafael Soriano are the top free agents still available, then Pavano. It is rumored that Pavano may decide between the Twins or Nats soon. 

The Yanks could still be interested in Brian Fuentes, MLBTR reports. Could the Yanks go with Logan, Fuentes and Feliciano? Fuentes would be insurance for Mo, but would have to accept a setup role, and  less money than he may like. Maybe that’s why Cashman is waiting—for the price to drop.

Orioles reliever Alfredo Simon could be in serious trouble.

On Wednesday, we find out if the baseball writers elected anyone to the HOF.

Finally, is this the week we hear from Pettitte whether he is coming back or retiring?       

Update, 1/4/11: Apparently Beltre and the Rangers are closing in on a six-year deal, with Michael Young changing positions yet again.  $90 to $100MM. If Young moves (again) and goes to DH, what then with Vlad? As we saw in the WS last year, OF for Vladdy isn’t a good idea anymore.

WS MVP Edgar Renteria could be Cincy-bound.

The NY Post states that Pettitte may not decide this week, and if he calls the Yanks, it may be only to let them know he is returning. That no call means he is retired. Pettitte has already told the Yankees to carry on as if he wasn’t returning.

It looks like Adam LaRoche will take the Nationals’ two-year offer at $8 to $9 MM per season.


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