Yanks interested in Andruw? Bonderman?

First things first. The Rangers and Beltre are now a match. Young to DH/utility, and where will that leave Vlad?

LaRoche to the Nats. Didn’t get three, but two with an option.

As for the Yanks, could they have interest in Andruw Jones? It seems like Jones has been around forever, but he’ll be 34 in April. He still has pop, 36 HR in the last two years in a platoon role. The BA is alarming, .214 and .230 in the last two years but the 407-career-HR (tied with Duke Snider) Jones is a better defensive ballplayer than Marcus Thames. Granted Jones isn’t what he was defensively (a 10x GG winner) but he should be able to handle the corners and provide pop. He may also come pretty cheaply. He does bring tons of playoff experience from his long tenure with the Braves. So I see some positives (as I try to ignore that injury-riddled and just Coyote-ugly 2008 season from Andruw). Still has pop, decent glove. How old is he, though… is it an OLD 34 that he’ll be? And can the .256 career hitter hit .256? If it’s .250 with pop, it wouldn’t be so bad. The recent .220’s do concern me. Worth a gamble, but only at VERY low cost.

Another the Yanks are rumored to be interested in is Jeremy Bonderman as they pick through the rubbish of what is left pitcher-wise. The list includes Garcia, Millwood, Francis, possibly a Brian Bannister, Colon … and Bonderman. Bonderman is just 28 (Bannister 30), so he has youth on his side, but he’s another risk. Bonderman was just 8-10, 5.53 (ERA+ 76) last year for the Tigers, and is 67-77, 4.89 (ERA+ 90) for his career. His best year was in 2006 when the Tigers won the AL pennant. Bonderman was 14-8, 4.08 (ERA+ 112) that year. It just seems like everyone out there are guys with 5.00 ERA’s and very Sidney Ponson-like.

HOF selections (if any, I expect Blyleven and Alomar, don’t know if any others will make it) announced today at 2 p.m.          

Hmm, what controversy will the Jets come up with next? Now massage therapists suing them/Favre. In the last year, besides Rex’s blowhard bit, they’ve had Rex’s foul language on a reality show, Saenz, Sterger, the knee that was stuck out, Rex’s wife’s feet, now this. What next? Sheesh.   

Quick Update: When Cashman says that there isn’t much out there…he’s right.

Also, we should be hearing about arbitration results with Hughes, Joba and Logan soon.  

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