Another PSU defection?

Already we’ve seen that QBs Rob Bolden and Kevin Newsome are looking to transfer out of Penn State’s program.

Now there may be someone else. Not a player.

After the Pitt debacle, in which Wannstadt’s replacement, Mike Haywood, was let go after just four weeks because of a domestic violence incident, rumors are that Pitt is going to hire Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley.

As a PSU alum, I’m happy for Bradley. I also wonder if it accentuates the need for Joe to go.

I love JoePa. I love what he has done and meant to and for Penn State. But put it this way, I’m worried about succession here. For years, it was thought defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky would take over for Joe. In 1999, Sandusky retired (I thought that is when Joe should have left, but give Joe credit for Orange and Rose Bowl appearances since then). One good assistant and possible replacement gone.

Now another could be gone. So if anything happens, who now replaces Joe when it is time (it’s coming, we don’t know when and many would say it’s past due)?

Some might say instead of taking the Pitt job, Bradley should be taking over the PSU job. Now. 

Much as I respect JoePa, I disagree with those who say Joe should leave whenever he wants. He’s the employee, the university is the employer. Let’s not forget that. I always have maintained that when a coach gets bigger than the university, there are problems. Granted Joe hasn’t embarrassed PSU as some other “bigger than the university” coaches have embarrassed their employer, but still.

So who’s next in line if Bradley goes? Please don’t say Jay Paterno. There are alumni like myself who aren’t happy Jay is there in the first place and definitely don’t want him replacing the old man. Nepotism, anyone? Galen Hall is an assistant coach, as is Dick Anderson. Both were head coaches elsewhere (FLA and Rutgers) but both aren’t that young anymore themselves.

Here is a wish, probably not to come true. Joe hangs on a few more years, (I’m not happy about that, but…) and in a couple of years, Urban Meyer gets the itch to coach again. PSU then goes after Meyer.

Hey, I can dream, can’t I?           

4 responses to “Another PSU defection?

  1. First off Mike I am not a PSU or Florida fan but Urban Meyer reeks completely and everyone will find out very shortly for sure. Just as the great Pete Carroll left USC Urban has left Florida and let me be the first to tell you that the same type of post-coach allegations that trailed wholesome Pete will come Florida’s way. The Cam Newton situation is just the beginning of what will be found once they start uncovering the rocks. Take my word Mike you don’t want Urban in Happy Valley anytime soon.

  2. Could be. You may know more about that than I. I just hope PSU gets a good and CLEAN coach to replace JoePa. I wish it could have been Bradley, not that JoePa outlasts any of his good assistants. He’s outlasted a lot of good assistants so far!

  3. As a Pitt grad, I’d be happy to steal Bradley from you at this point (pick someone, please!). I also respect JoePA, yet him saying in a press conference, “eeeI have never really considered retirement” is either insincere or insane. He is fricken 84 years old!

    Thanks for your posts Mike. I read all the time, even though I don’t post as often I did in the past. Good Smith/Franco post. Your point actually tips me away from Smith, considering Franco was so roundly rejected (even tho i hate the Mets.)

  4. A brother of mine felt the same way I did, Dennis. Of course, we have no clue about any skeletons in Urban’s closet. Bradley to Pitt? Well now, Stanford is looking to replace Harbaugh.

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