Auburn wins title, 22-19.

An SEC team won the national title for the fifth straight time, as a last-second FG won it for Auburn, 22-19. A play that led up to it saw the RB “tackled,” but he wasn’t down. He was on the defender and didn’t hit the ground. He rolled over and encouraged by his team, continued to run. Good call.

The AP top five is Auburn, TCU, Oregon, Stanford and Ohio St. 

Could Les Miles be going from LSU to Michigan?

Tom Bradley isn’t going to Pitt after all, as Pitt instead takes Tulsa’s coach, Todd Graham, as their new coach. Bradley still could be set up to be JoePa’s successor at Penn St. In what, 2030? (J/K).   

Brad Penny is rumored to be going to the Tigers. The Rangers are talking to Jim Thome. Yanks apparently out on Bonderman.

So, anyone taking 111 as their daily number today in the lottery (today is 1/11/11)?

Update: Once again, some Philly fans don’t behave well. Booing Santa, cheering when it appeared Michael Irvin might be paralyzed (I don’t like hot dogs, of which Irvin was one, but I don’t root for devastating injuries), Pukemon, the tasering incident, snowball incident, Judge and a court in the Stadium, now this. It’s sad that the good fans get overshadowed by these jackasses, but …. What has to happen is this. The good fans have to rise up and say, (To quote Twisted Sister) “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” In other words, police themselves. But it seems that the rowdies have intimidated those classy fans too much—that out of fear of being hurt themselves by these hoodlums, they don’t speak up. That shouldn’t be. In order to stop this garbage, the good fans (which you would hope are the MAJORITY) need to make it known that this behavior is uncalled for. I hope these jerks are caught and prosecuted.    

Update II: Miles is staying at LSU.

2 responses to “Auburn wins title, 22-19.

  1. Expect to see a lot of thin copper disks about the size of a quarter. That’s what you get from a pounded Penny!!!

  2. I like that. Good one.

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