No game. Milton Bradley busted on felony charge.

Milton Bradley has talent, when it’s applied correctly. Unfortunately, there is much more that comes with Milton Bradley, and here is another instance of that. Bradley was booked on an unspecified felony charge. As recently as 2008, Bradley led the AL in OBP, OPS and OPS+.

The Twins are finally close to finalizing the Pavano deal.

As far as a righty-hitting alternative to Andruw Jones for backup OF, one alternative, Scott Hairston, signed with the Mets. I think Jerry Hairston may still be available. Barring them, Damon, although a lefty bat, is an option, but those chances of a JD return, I believe, are small. Yes, Vlad is out there but he’ll want to be more than a backup, and besides, the WS showed us that putting Vlad in the OF isn’t a good idea. Vlad is DH or nothing, and the Yanks already have a full-time DH in Posada.





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