The Yanks considered who? As Ripley would state, believe it or not!

Yankees GM Brian Cashman today admitted that he had several talks with the agent for (wait for it)

Carl Pavano. (insert rim shot here)

Pavano just turned 35, and any Yankees’ interest would have been on a one-year deal (see below). Pavano was looking for two years, which he looks to be getting with the Twins. The deal with Minny is all but finalized.

Talk about desperation. I’m all for giving second chances, but after Vazquez’ second chance didn’t work out, could you imagine Pavano? Four years 2005-2008, almost $40 million, 26 starts (yes, that’s combined over four years) 9-8, 5.00 in his (hopefully only) Yankee term. 

Granted since leaving NY, he has gone 31-23, 4.39, not too bad. Hey, that’s an average 16-12, 4.39. Basically what Yankees fans were hoping from him from 2005-2008.

Some guys are NOT made for NY. Vazquez proved to be one, even though I was willing to give him a second chance.

Having learned my lesson, no second chance for Pavano. I guess remarriages in baseball (let’s throw in Nick Johnson as well) sometimes work as well as the second Taylor/Burton marriage.

But I do think if the Yanks would have signed Pavano, besides giving Leno, ESPN and anyone else good comic fodder, the following would have happened:

A revolt bigger than anything the Tea Party could muster, and bigger than anything this country has seen since, say, 1776 or so. Not to mention Yankee fans undergoing a secession not seen since 1861.

Bronx Baseball Daily reports that per Sweeny Murti of WFAN, the Yanks actually offered the American Idle a 1-year, $10 million deal, plus incentives. Could you imagine if he would have taken it?

You think those boos directed at Vazquez last year were loud? They were murmurs compared to what Pavano would have received.

Andy, PLEASE come back. 

As the Temptations would sing,

Ain't oo proud to beg


Update: Jerry Hairston Jr. to the Nats. Another righty hitting OF / utility guy gone. Meaning Yanks target Andruw all the more. 



One response to “The Yanks considered who? As Ripley would state, believe it or not!

  1. If we could figure out how he stayed healthy the last few years, i’m open to Pavano II.
    And I’ll always wonder what Vazquez would have produced in 2005 for the Yankees if George hadn’t been so obsessed on getting Randy Johnson

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