AL East busy with moves today

The AL East was busy with some moves today.

The Toronto Blue Jays traded Vernon Wells to the Angels for Mike Napoli and Juan Rivera. Wells will be in CF, split by Abreu in LF and Torii Hunter in RF. The Angels lost out on Beltre and were looking to add some offense. 

Meanwhile the Rays added both Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez. Frankly, I don’t think it helps the Rays much. Tampa Bay did lose a lot this year. Crawford, Pena, Benoit, Soriano … they traded Bartlett and Garza… but I don’t think the aging Damon (who’ll play LF) or Manny (DH) will help. Damon on Astroturf? I wonder if his legs will hold up. Not to mention that I don’t think he has the arm to play the OF anymore. He is 37. Manny will DH, and he’ll be 39 in May. That attitude, plus the fact he didn’t do much in 2010 (90 games combined Dodgers/White Sox; combined .298-9-42, OPS+ a good 138 but only 2 RBI in 69 AB for the White Sox).          

Rumors are that Vlad could be Baltimore bound. The O’s made some decent moves, and Buck is a good manager. That short LF (364 to LCF) could help Vlad. Vlad, Derrek Lee, Kevin Gregg, Uehara… all help the O’s. You still wonder about their starting staff, but the O’s could finally be on the upswing.

Worries about Teixeira, by Tom Verducci.



3 responses to “AL East busy with moves today

  1. Don’t forget about Reynolds at 3B he strikes out alot but he will feast on that short left porch. It all comes back to the commitment by George Steinbrenner he made baseball what is is today and he forced others in his division to put up to compete. Rays bad move by getting old guys to replace talent lost people will still not come to there games whoever they sign. The Blue Jays though got rid of a bad contract and got a good catcher and Rivera you Mike know all about him. You are dead on about the Orioles they did make good off season moves and Buck is solid on the bench. Should again be the best division in baseball by a landslide.

  2. Good point in mentioning the addition of Reynolds to go along with Lee, possibly Vlad. Wieters and Adam Jones are young and up-and-coming, I’ve always liked Brian Roberts (can he stay healthy for 2011?). Markasis is solid. They look to have a decent everyday lineup. Looking at who they had last year, it looks like a young staff that needs to develop. Could surprise.

  3. Forgot to mention… remember that Buck has Willie Randolph as his bench coach.

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