Red Sox sign Aceves

Aceves to Boston


After missing most of 2010 due to a back injury and then breaking his left (non-throwing) clavicle in a bike accident, the Yanks DFA’d Alfredo Aceves. They did want him back, but on a minor league deal. Guess they were worried about the injuries on the career 14-1, 3.21 pitcher. (ERA+ 142)

Aceves got a deal. A major league deal. With Boston, of all teams. 

Ouch. I always liked Aceves. I liked his versatility, and compared him to what Ramiro Mendoza was like in the late 1990s—a guy who can give a spot start, could give two or three of middle relief, could be a setup guy. Heck, the guy was 10-1 in 2009 with a 3.54 ERA. Another piece of a championship puzzle gone.  

With the Yankees needing more pitching, not less, losing Aceves, who could have eventually stepped into a fifth starter role the way things are right now, isn’t good. I don’t think he would be the answer at the #5 spot, but he was worth as much of a look as Garcia or (especially) Colon, if healthy.

I hate losing Ace. I suspect some Yankees aren’t happy about it either. If I recall, wasn’t it Jeter or Alex (or both) who when talking about Aceves, said “he knows how to pitch” ?   


One response to “Red Sox sign Aceves

  1. Jorge (México)

    You can imagine how I feel, Mike. I think that Ace deserved the opportunity to show his back is OK. I mean, out of Mariano, he was arguably the best reliever of the Yankees during his tenure in pinstripes. 14-1, 3.21. And not even try to have an agreement with him? I think he was underrated by FO. Year in and year out. Even with his excellent numbers, he had to fight for a roster spot each Spring Training.
    This was a huge mistake by Cashman. Alfredo will have a terrific season pitching for, gulp, Boston. A shame.

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