Panic, greed lose games in NCAA tourney.

All too often in watching March Madness, I’m struck by one thing.

Teams lose because they panic and get greedy.

Think about it. If you are losing 50-48 with 15 seconds left, how many points do you need? Two, right?

Too often, teams go for the three and the win. All too often, they put up a three—often way beyond the arc with a bad shot with a good five seconds left on the clock—than go for an easier, closer shot and the tie and overtime.

I saw Kentucky do that last night. Down by two, the youngster puts up a three with six seconds left. Six seconds is more than enough time to swing the ball around twice more and get an easier shot, perhaps a layup (and maybe a foul; a three-point play wins the game, but then again KY WAS 4 for 12 from the charity stripe last night).

But no, and it wasn’t only Kentucky. I’ve seen it throughout the tournament. Maybe next year, instead of looking at talent when filling out my bracket, I should look at character. Try to figure out which teams won’t panic in those last fifteen seconds and throw up a needless three when two will do.

Find out which college kids can COUNT. Who know that they can work that clock down further instead of hoisting up a 35 footer with five seconds left. Who know that settling for the layup to tie the game may be better than trying for a miracle from way out to win it.

Maybe that’ll be the secret for my brackets next year. Also, maybe some teams will learn.

Nah, won’t happen.           


One response to “Panic, greed lose games in NCAA tourney.

  1. Mike, My thoughts exactly, With the 15 secs and trailing by 2. That shot should never have been made. At that point I turned to another channel.
    It looks like the Rangers need to wake up or they’ll miss the Playoffs..
    “Go Yankees!”

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