This tweet yesterday from Joel Sherman is interesting:

Who knows if this matters, but just watched Jeter take, by far, best BP I’ve seen all yr, driving balls out with authority to LF and RCF. He cleared high wall in LF and Progressive bunch, going 3/4s way up on 1 swing.

Jeter being Jeter, you wonder how long that right calf might have been bothering him and how it would have affected his power. He still only has 13 XBH this year. Maybe the rest was good for him and we’ll see a little more of the Old Jeter sometimes rather than an Old Jeter. The slugging average is .324 as opposed to a career .449. That’s 72% of normal. Granted it’s going to go down with age, but it’ll be interesting to see if some pop now comes back after what Sherman reported.

Pennant Races, the All-Star Game, great performances…baseball is wonderful. Unfortunately, the game is going to be dragged through the gutter soon as the Roger Clemens trial will be starting up this week, with all the sordidness that will bring.


2 responses to “Jeter/Clemens

  1. Obviously I can’t wait to see Jeter when the Yankees come home vs. TB but I also hope that Clemens gets nailed for perjury. If Andy says under oath that Clemens cheated, he cheated. Period.

    Joe P.

    • Somehow I think the only ones who win from the Clemens trial are the lawyers. If Clemens wins, what does he win? The right to stay out of jail. Will he get his reputation back? I think not. Will he then get into the HOF? I doubt it. Does anyone really think the voters would now vote for him because of a possible acquittal? Heck, no. He’s on their s**t list and will stay there regardless of the verdict.

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