Game 109. Yanks get early 13-1 lead, win 18-7, but AJ can’t go five for the W.

News in the NY Post today. The Yanks looked into a deal last month that would have sent Cervelli to Pittsburgh for 26 year old RHP Brad Lincoln. Lincoln has 12 games of MLB experience, 1-4, 6.29. His minor league record is 29-32, 4.07.

By hitting HRs from both sides of the plate last night, Teixeira set a major league record by doing that for the twelfth time in his career.

The Yanks will be playing exhibition games at the Marlins new Stadium on April 1st and 2nd of next year.

Tonight’s lineup: Yanks 66-42, 2d, 1 g.b. behind Boston in AL East.
7 up on the wild card. OPS+ 109, ERA+ 124.
Four games worse than their Pythagorean record.

Gardner LF  .275-4-27  32sb/42att OPS+ 101
Jeter SS .270-4-36  11/14  86   3022 hits, one behind Lou Brock
Granderson CF .272-28-79  20/29   145
Teixeira 1B .256-31-82  3/4  132
Cano 2B .295-16-70  8/9  123
Swisher RF .268-14-62  2/4  119
Chavez 3B .275-0-8  0/0  93   14 for 51
Posada DH .236-9-30  0/2  87
Martin C .226-11-41  8/9  87 

Burnett P 8-9, 4.23  ERA+ 100    had no wins in July. 

Sad NFL news today. Just weeks after ex-Colts star John Mackey dies, his teammate from the late ’60’s/early ’70’s, Bubba Smith, was found dead today at the age of 67.

Yanks get four in the first. Gardner and Jeter get bunt singles. (Jeter’s hit ties Brock on the all-time list at 3023, next up, Rickey Henderson at 3053). Granderson bloops a single to load the bases. Teix SF, Cano 3-run HR (HR #17 for the season).

AJ gives up a leadoff double and a bunt single, SF. 4-1, end of 1.

The Yanks add more in the 2nd. Gardner HBP, Jeter singles to pass Brock (3024) and Granderson, the AL leader in triples, does so for two runs. 6-1.

The Yanks break it open with 7 in the 3rd. Swish singles, and Chavez gets his 1st Yankee HR to make it 8-1. Posada doubles, Martin walks and Gardner loads the bases with an infield Hit. Jeter gets his 3rd hit of the game to knock in two. 10-1. A misplayed ball leads to Teix getting a two-run triple, 12-1. Cano singles. 13-1. End three.

AJ can’t hold it. He can’t get his first win since June. He can’t go five. Pretty pathetic when you have a 13-1 lead after three. He gives up five in the fourth. A double and three singles bring in two runs,  and Carlos Quentin hits a 3-run HR. 13-6.

He gives up another run in the fifth and is pulled with it being 13-7, 2nd and 3rd, one out. Wade gets out of it, stranding the runners.

Pathetic, A.J., pathetic. Maybe the choice of who to pull from the rotation shouldn’t be between Hughes and Nova but should be A.J.?

A.J.’s line: 4 1/3, 7 R, 13 H, 0 walks, 3 K. ERA to 4.54. Given a 13-1 lead after three, he can’t get the win. Have I mentioned pathetic?

Just saying. I hated it when the Yankees let Aceves go…and he goes to Boston. Aceves is 7-1, 3.19 for Boston.

Do you know what Aceves major league career record is right now? It’s 21-2. TWENTY-ONE AND TWO! 3.21 ERA. 2008, 1-0; 2009, 10-1; Last year 3-0; This year 7-1.

The Yanks get some insurance in the seventh. Double by Martin, infield hit by Gardner, SB #33 Gardner, two-run single by Granderson. 15-7. Cano singles, Swisher walks. Bases loaded. Chavez singles in two to make it 17-7 after 6 1/2.

So for the second time in less than two weeks, the Yanks score at least 17 in a game and in NEITHER GAME DOES THE YANKEES’ STARTER GET THE WIN. Odd.

Ayala in.

Wade 1 2/3, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks, 0 K. ERA to 1.89. He gets the win, going to 2-0.

5 hit game for Jeter tonight, after he doubles in the 8th. Granderson doubles him in for a 4-hit, 5-rbi night. 18-7. Cano 3 h, 4 rbi, Chavez with the same.

The way this game has been, go on Gameday, click on away and home hits, and watch all the dots come up (35 as I write this).

Soriano to finish the game. Ayala 2 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 0 walks, 0 K. ERA 1.56. He and Wade have been bullpen surprises.

Soriano has a 1-2-3 and his ERA goes to 4.76. The Yanks win 18-7.

The Red Sox got another Ellsbury walkoff. The Yanks stay 1 game back.

One response to “Game 109. Yanks get early 13-1 lead, win 18-7, but AJ can’t go five for the W.

  1. Although I totally agree with it but who thought that Posada our DH would be penciled in at the 8 spot? What do you do with Nunez? I was starting to trust him more in the field and his stick and speed is sweet. When A-Rod comes back Girardi has so many options it is scary.

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